The F-Bomb is a Cafe Racer thats gonna be a.... B-L-A-S-T !

Here we are with a later bike, this time we have the last of the S.O.H.C. series, the CB750F Super Sport.

Not a popular bike these days, as they tended to be too rectangle looking and, I too was never a fan of the Comstar rims etc.

But this is a little challenge for me and I have had this sat in my garage at home for about 6 years now and thought it was about time to make a little transformation to this motorcycle, and see what I can do to it and hopefully , one of you lot will be intrigued at what i have done and my purchase it to have a blast on in your town?

This bike was in a sorry state, the brakes were all seized on the back, the front calipers are still missing and will have to scour Ebay and junk yards to find these parts, most will be snot and many will also be siezed, so it may take 3 or 4 pairs, until I can rebuild a set that will work well on this bike.

I have named this Bike the F-Bomb, as I did drop a few when I first tried to load it on my truck up in San Francisco one weekend.

But this will turn out to be a cool ride and I hope you follow its progress as I change the look of this machine and hopefully make it into a stealthy Cafe Racer.

Ok, so I took the bike from my Garage at home and too the workshop.

it was quite a state and after all the cobwebs, widows and snot was taken off, I stood back and had a few thoughts as to how to tackle this issue with the F-Bomb.

First off was the handle bars had to go, way too high for me and I thought whilst I am there, the triple tree bracket  and ignition set up needs to be drop kicked and my new parts fitted.

I chose to go with my ignition relocation bracket, as it fits well but- never fitted one to a F series as the ignition is different, so, I thought I would fit that and then re-wire the ignition to take a K series set up, then no more issues and good to go.

This time the bracket had instrument lights in them and wired up correctly, and then after that was sorted, I wanted to get rid of the old Chrome for ears, as they were as beaten as an egg in an ommlette.

I then cleaned the fork tubes up and fitted some of my Chrome Head light ears and shall actually get rid of the Stock headlight and fit some other cooler one, and this wil set the front end off.

I also also fitted one of my polished Aluminum Gauge brackets as this was a must for the top of the bike.

New polished Handle bar clamps of mine were fitted, as well as a New set of throttle cables on the Clubman bars.

The old carbs were pulled off, and I fitted a rebuilt set I had as a stand by, as these were as gummed up as the underside of a table in a local university canteen.

I fitted new 48mm pod filters and now this is looking good again, but I also cleaned the Motor up and painted it with high temp Black and then i removed all the old phillips screws and garnished the Motor with Stainless Allen head bolts, this really makes ther difference in apearance I feel.

Next up was to fit a New Clutch cable, and new adjuster and lever for that matter, then the old clutch cover was simply cut, crinded and filed and then turned into this cool little set up.

Fitted of course with stainless bolts, it now looks to be as it should of originally if they had a custom shop.

I wanted to change the look of the motor so I changed the points cover and I am happy at the look as it makes the motor look the same both sides.

I also added one of my oil pressure Guages, as I believe this is a Must on any of the 750 honda's as the oil pressure light switch can get faulty over the years and not work or-never go off.

Next up of course, was people always ask me if the 4 into 1 Exhaust was a good fit for the 77 and 78 model and I wanted to show that this can fit with just ONE bracket added.

if you look at the photo, you can see it is attached to the Aluminum support bracket that the master cylinder fits too and very cool too don't ya think?

The starter cover was removed and transformed into this cool custom one and I also went to town on the front sprocket cover, whilst i was soaking the thing in laquer thinner to get all the gunk and oil off, I then fitted new chain and sprockets.

I am not a fan of the 630 set up at all to be honest, so I fitted the K series 530 chain and sprockets and this will work well.

The front sprocket cover then was laid on my bench and I drilled it, then polished the thing and fitted with Stainless allen bolts, looks cool eh?

The rims are a different story and have never been a fan of these, so I have a spar set in the garage, I am going to take them apart and paint the spokes, then I am going to fit New tires and tubes and refit into the F-Bomb, this will then look a lot better with paint on them and new rubber.

I had to buy a Brand New OEM fuse Box and that was not cheap at all, I could not believe how exoensive it was, but these units were known to corrode over time, if left for years and thats what happened to this one, so a new one is now in place and will last bloody years.

This bike is also going to have a Custm gas tank and seat as well as a steel bobbed fender and an original Race Fender that was a Russ Collins Piece.

OK, here we go with an old snotter, but this is now gonna start a Big change.
This 1978 Super Sport is having one of my New 4 into 1 exhaust systems attached.
As you can see, this fits tight to this model, most 4 into 1's wont fit a SS model.
Now my Ton up performance Pipe fits tight and snug to the 78F with this bracket.
Just fitted one of my oil pressure Gauges and painted Motor High temp Black.
Rebuilt Carbs and of course, New Pod filters and New throttle Cables too.
One of my Custom ignition relocation brackets, to make it easier to fire this puppy up.
One of my Custom Clutch covers, this also now has a new clutch cable added too.
I drilled and polished the sprocket cover, and also made sure of New chain and sprockets as well.
New chain and rear sprocket, I will also be painted wheels and fit new tires as well.
I also have taken off the old display set up and fitted one of my polished brackets.
Changed up the look of the Motor a wee bit and is looking pretty good right now.
Chenged the stock starter cover, for one of my Custom ones too.
This time I thought I would revamp the gauges and thought this would look sweet.
Now for the Speedometer to have the same treatment and it came out really well.
This is now all coming together and I am happy at the build right now.
Valve cover now has Chrome tappet covers and stainless Allen Bolts through out.
I have fitted Stainless allens to all the Motor now and is looking really good now.
The Gauges are all back together and have New old stock 1970's chrome covers too.
Drilled kick starter and will powder coat it Black this week.
Rear brake lever gets the same treatment and wil be powder coated Black this week.
Old master cylinder needing some cleaning and then some polishing to make like new.
Now this looks way better, this will now be treated to braided lines as well.
This is another front wheel I have and now it has new tires and new paint, I am also going to drill the front discs as well as the rear too.
The REAR wheel has a new tire too and will look great on the bike now.