This is a 1971 CB750 FOUR that I purchesed from a buddy of mine in Costa mesa as he was moving.

I wanted to make this bike stand out in the crowd, and man, even i was stoked as to how these turned out.

For all you Purists out there, you cannot tell me that this color did not exsist, it DID.

Back in 1968, that's right 1968 not 1969, this was the prototype color in 1968 and Hinda painted their 750 this color for the Tokyo Motorcycle show, so, what better way to make this stand out then to make this like the Proto type ride I saw in a magazine in the 1970's.

I took all the Green paint off and prepped the whole thing with high fill primer, Bloack sanded it and then bought some House Of Kolor flake, as well as a unique pack of old 1970's metalflake chips.

This had 12 coats of silver flake on it, then masked the stripe out and added 10 coats of cand ruby red.

Once that was completed, I clear coated the whole tank with 10 coats of clear laquer and buffed as shiney as Grandad's noggin.

The side panels had the same amount of work and i always add fiberglass resin behind the panel to strengthen these, as they are always brittle over the years of being abused and yanked off quickly, this way it stays strong yet still pliable.

I removed the snotty old 4 into one drag pipe and fitted a new set of 300 series exhausts, this changed the look of this classic steed and now it was starting to resemble something cool enough to take to a show.

I polished the rims, caliper and anything that was going to shine.

The Motor needed some work and made sure the carbs were all sincronised and this ran like a top.

The Aluminum covers I hand sanded then buffed and this really kicked some serious arse by the time I had put the K1 all back together.

The Silver ghost was up for sale and I put it on Ebay, where a Texas guy won the auction and jumped in the truck with his brother and drove for 15 hours to get to me and stayed 5 minutes and loaded the bike, and headed straight back, man, he really wanted that bike.

I do not do many restoration work these days as my passion as you know by now is cafe racers, but I wanted to show some of the purists that I can make these look as cool as any restored one out there and all myself too.

Hope ya dug the pics, I didnt have too many at the time, but at least ya got to see these ones.

I wouldn't mind doing another and may at some oint have an interesting color schem, but this one came to me as I read my old Magazines that i had originally read as a teenager in the mid 1970's and I am glad that this Silver ghost came out so well.

Stay tuned on my website for other builds as you may like the things I have done, I love what I do and love pushing the bar a wee bit more each time.

There is a saying that "all that glitters may not be Gold", and how right they are, SILVER kicks Arse too.

Here it is almost stock as rock, other than the 4 into1 exhaust system.
rear end of this 71 shows she needs some help and that stock Army green is about as appealing as washing your face with grandma's Leg flannel cloth.
I polished the front forks up to look like chrome. HMMM! Not Bad.
Caliper was taken apart, cleaned up and worked as good as new, I polished bracket too.
12 coats of House of kolor Silver flake went on and 10 coates of candy red on the stripe, then 10 coats of clear coat and boy, did she sparkle.
More Flakes than on the shoulders of an allapecia patient.
Ya have to wear a pair of welding glasses to look at the reflection on this puppy.
I should of called this color the milky way as it sparkles like one.
Rear end shot still sparkles.
Side panels got the same treatment too.
Polished the Motor up to look as clean as the gas tank.
New 4 into 4 exhausts bark like a hungry dog.
So, here she is all done and ready to go.
Now the Silver Ghost resides in Sunny Texas.