78K is stealthier than a Ninja and hard as nails.

            Well, here we are with a quick build I put together in a few weeks.

I had this 78K in the yard and it had a motor that was sicker than an upset stomach.

So, I thought I had better this together and try and build something a bit more unusual, although keep some of my signature lines that are now getting recognised.

This Stock 750K was in need of help and I was in the right frame of moind to get this bike looking more sharper than a new pencil.

The tank was ugly and made a pimple look good.

I made a Nostalgic looking cafe tank out of a 78 tank and sealed the inside to make sure the knee inserts did not leak like a badly fitting babies diaper.

I removed the seat as that was way too big and had more lumps in it than old porridge.

Then it was out with the grinder, and removed the hinges, as they stuck out like a Klansman at a jamaican street festival.

I then made a glass seat that would suit this Classic cafe and make it flow like a stream down a mountain.

I like the way it sat and made the holes in the frame and threaded them to allow for M6 stainless bolts.

The seat fitted like a glove and makes the rear a solid piece.

I bought some generic rear turn signals and added them to the rear and this will allow the seat to swing upwards to be able to have access to the battery etc.

Once the wireing was all sorted out, I checked everything and it works great.

Next, a quick brake light and licence plate mount.

Something fast and handy.

This was on an old Cafe of my mates and as I am building a Cafe racer for MIKE DIRNT of GREENDAY next, I took the old light of the Donor bike and fitted it to this ride.

The plate holder will do until a new one can be made and right now is functional.

Next up was to clean up the forks and get the brakes working as they were sticking like duct tape to paper.

Easy, cleaned up and bled and now stops with no worries.

Next up was to remove the stock handlebars and fit my clubmans.

Now this looks like it was getting some where.

I then added GT grips and also fitted a new ignition switch too.

Between me and my neighbour John, we sorted the carbs out, as they had the crappy brass floats in the bowls and they get bent up and stick.

After an hour or so, the motor ran like a scared cat.

So, a quick build, a new look and the Black Scorpion is born.

This is going to be for Sale soon, but I will actually change a few things.

I am going to ditch the rear light system, and then I shall add a cool retro style light to the rear Cowl.

The seat will get upholstered with snaps.

I am going to remove the engine cases and buff them up.

This will be ready for sale very soon, dont want a million bucks for it.

This will pull quite hard.

I am going to make sure the Carbs are good and new cables through out.


Keep ya eyes out for it.

The Cafe handles quite well, as I took it for a blast this afternoon, mind you, my old arse grapes were giving me abit of stick, as I have non foam on the base at all.

But it handled well and was a hoot having a blap around Orange county.

There is plenty of power in the motor for sure.

If anyone is interested in this Little Cafe build drop me a line. or sling some inkage my way at [email protected]

Failing that, shell out and throw some coinage in the ear trumpet and bell me at 714-283-5725.

I want $3500 for this ride, you just need to add your finishing touches and buffing up the aluminum is no real trick and that way you can save loot, but then personalise your ride.

Remnember, this Motor was only built 2 weeks ago, so a fresh internal motor is a huge bonus.

Some places are chariging $2500 for a rebuild now, so take advantage of my  ride whilst you can.

I think if you go to www.j.c.motors.com they will be the cheapest and deliver from door to door and, you can leave abit of squirt in ya tank.

Try other frieght shipping companys etc like forward air etc and see what rate ya gate.

the bike weighs 550 pounds and is about 7 feet in lenght.

my zip is Ca 92865 so you can get a logistal quote if needed.

Thanks for looking again and have a great day.

Boring, ugly and about as much fun as filing your taxes.
The rear end is about as stylish as a mohair sweater ya Nan made.
Made the gas tank, ready for clearcoat.
Now looking cool and ready for its new home.
Mocking the seat up.
OK, seat is where I want it, but gotta loose the lowering blocks on the rear shocks.
New front fender and frok treatment.
Set the rear end to a good height and made seat fit for the last time.
Checkers are the way to go and then Added rear light assembly.
Now we are getting there.
Finish the rear end.
Classic visor completed front end.
All done.
Classic steed, awaits it's new owner.
Another Classic Cafe completed.
Corners well for a 30 year old Bike.
Sits pretty well.
Can even ride like Superman.
Lights em up with no worries.
For that Smokey taste, try the new flavour, CB750 style.
Ya gonna love this ride my friend.
Summer is coming so maybe this will be right up your Street?
More fun than you can muster on a sunday at a clowns re-union.