The GOLDEN ARROW is right on target.


                                OK, I am going to be building a Golden framed Cafe Racer that will really look as trick as a magicians bible.

This will be up for sale as soon as it is completed soon.

For more information, drop me a line.

This will have CHROME rear rim with stainless spokes, and an aluminum deep shouldered Akront styled rim at the front.

Stretched 5 inch gas tank with knee inserts and a beefy motor that will turn heads.

Also a $1000 Yoshimura 4 into 1 exhaust system.

Stay tuned.....................................

Allright Guv'nor !

Here we go then.

Here is a K4 that I am building into a rip roaring Golden Cafe.

This bike will really have a great style and look and of course, something a little out of the ordinary of others out there.

As you will know, i have started quite a interest in the Cafe Racer scene again.

I never knew I would get so many people all lit up about it and others too have helped promote the fun you can have on an older bike, compared to a new one.

But hey, I love it and I only hope it gets stronger.

So, here we go, back to this build.

This will be a cool ride as you already know.

My stuff is not thrown together.

All the Motors are torn down and rebuild using HONDA parts.

None of this wipe it and the bloke wont notice lark, the real deal, a great finished package that I have my Signature on.

Ok, the old K4 was a stsock as they come, infact a really good one to be honest, and it belonged to a cool mate of mine Doug, up in Arizona.

I bought it back and tore the balls off it and stripped all the parts off het I did not need.

The luggage top box I gace to an old fella down the road who had a K5 and wanted to carry his radio to work, so He was stoked to have that.

The Motor ran pretty good, but on tear down, the cam chain tensioner was a chewed up as old Wrogleys you see under a table in Norms.

The frame had all the tabs I didnt want grinded off, and i smoothed anything else I thought needing some surgery.

The chassis then had the paint removed at the bead blasters and I then made sure all the oil and grease depositis were out by cooking the f rame 3 times over as many days, this dissapated, andy crap that was in behind the welds or engine mounts.

Then I powder coated the frame Silver, then Gold, then clear coat too, and now a depth of shine is as deep as a Scotmans pocket.

It came out really well and I then went about assembly.

A really expensive part was the rear swing arm.

I pulled it apart, took the guts out and then bead blasted it, after that it was hand sanded, then coppered and then coated 3 times with Chrome, and then buffed.

New seals and parts were fitted in my garage and she began the begginings of a Cafe Racer.

The rims are gonna be different this time.

I have to cut all the spokes off and then I shall take all the bearings and retainers out and media blast the aluminum, then I shall powder coat it and rebuild and then add stainless spokes to a 16 Inch Chrome rim rear, and I am going to have a deep shouldered Akront style front wheel with stainless spokes and a polished hub and this will really make the stance of the Cafe..

This will be a really eye catching ride for sure, so have a good old look at the pics and see what ya think.

This should turn more heads than the girlly in leather, riding a cool Rockers Cafe.

Right, things are now starting to move and soon this golden Arrow will be ready for the road, and, boy is it gonna be a killer diller.

I have stretched the gas tank 5 inches and added knee inserts, I want this Cafe to be able to make a long distance and not worry about filling up with Gas.

To do this was not easy but it is worth all the hard work.

I have just painted it Black and this weekend, i added the Gold checlers and a New logo on the tank.

I have still to pin line the gas tank in Gold and then clear over the top.

But just by looking at it, you can see this will be an awesome machine and plenty of detail to have a look at.

You may of noticed on this ride that I have now added the rear wheel into the Newly chromes swing arm.

This 16 incher is as clean as my cats sausage arse, and it is fatter than my bank manager.

The stainless spokes are great and adorn the polished hub i have done, along with new guts like bearings and Cushman drives etc.

If you have sloppy cushmans, it will be like a cock in a sock and slap around like a cheap trailer wife.

Any horsepower and the gearbox will tell you that it has had enough and grenade iteslf, as when you snap the throttle and the chain tightens, if the cushman rubbers are worn, this will JOLT the whole thing and it will bugger the Motor up.

I know !!!!!!!!!! it has happened.

All my Cafe's have New cushmans drives, I dont give a monkeys how much they cost, they are cheaper than rebuilding a motor that's for sure.

OK, back to the ride.

The rear end is almost complete now, New sprocket and acarrier, drilled hub and allsorts of goodies, too long to mention.

The Motor is as strong as an Ox and this is going to be a really fun ride with a good power output.

The Carbs are now gone through and when the bike is running, I shall sinc them to make sure all is well and smooth, alot of people don't do that and they spit like a Snake that's swallowed a Cactus.

I have added a really nice NOS Custom ABS chrome Headlight Bucket and that will give that classic look at the front.

This will have a full front fender and I am sure I will add my signature Pedastrian slicer licence plate.

The gas tank sits well and now I am working on an old seat base I had and this really will be a cool style.

Have a look and see what you think.

I have just laced the aluminum shouldered front wheel but, it wont go on until I drill the front disc, that way I only need to replace once.

I still need to strip the caliper and then powder coat it black, remembering to add new piston and O ring etc as I do with all my rides.

Why cheat on brakes?

OK, I wanted to try something else this time, so, i made my own oil filter cover and she came out pretty cool.

Kinda adds to the Speed Equipment I have on all my rides.

This will really stand out with the rest of the Cafe, and, I want this to have all sorts of cool add ons and polished parts.

Well, it must of been triple digits all week here in california and boy is it getting tough in the garage.

No windows etc and about as much cool air in a Turkish Bath, I was sweating my plums off.

I turned my attention to the gas tank, where it received quite a few coats of wonder -prep clearcoat.

This was then buffed and boy does it look cool.

There is a nice depth to the color that looks like the Old British style Enameld tanks and cries out Nostalgia.

The Cafe really is going to be a head turner and I am more than happy at the way this ride is turning out.

Someone is going to be more than happy with this creation, thats for sure.

I am still a little way off completion, I have no time limit, I was going to complete this last week, but I had other customers bikes to get sorted.

But this will be cool when done and, already have some interest in the media with it, and that's always a cool,thing.

I added a NOS gas cap, for that Vintage look and it works well against my New Gold and Black Checkers.

My logo on the tank came out really well and this is probably my best one so far, although, I do say that with every Cafe Racer I build.

This morning I was into getting some of the front end of the Cafe sorted out.

So, I got the old front brake rotor and checked that for any defects etc, cracks, dings etc.

Then I marked a bung of measurments on her, then center punched all the drill holes and then spot drilled the rotor on my drill press.

Once I was happy with that,  I used a carbide tip and a can of WD40 as a coolant,  and slowly drilled all the holes out to the size I wanted, then, countersank all of the holes and there you go, one cool looking rotor that will now add to the cooling,  but also look Classic too.

I took the disc and cleaned her up, then painted where I wanted and now she is ready to go on the polished hub.

I also powder coated the Speedometer holding ring in a Gloss Black as I know that it will make a nice contrast once all the parts were mated together.

The Bolts I had, - I polished and have them ready to go onto the hub, I painted the spindle and made sure all the threads were gone through with a tap.

The Spacer in the Hub I chromed and now the front end is almost ready to go together.

I can put all this on the bike and then take the old caliper apart and rebuild that, as it was stuck and needs to be gone through.

That will get powder coated Black and I shall add new O-Ring and a stainless piston, as the stock one can corrode over time and gets stuck in the bore when braking.

Right, I have got on with this ride, as I have many to create for Customers.

But this Cafe is now commision by SCOTT, up in  Saint Louis 


I have drilled the front rotor and tricked it out.

The complete front end is now looking unreal.

I polished the front hub to a mirror finish and replaced the bearing etc inside.

Then a new shouldered Racing rim was the order of the day and have fitted polished Stainless spokes to her, bunged on new rubber and plopped her in the forks.

This front end looks super cool.

I am not finished yet as I am going to be fitting a fender on her and put some cool stuff on it, so keep scrolling down later as I may have it on this site any day now.

The gas tank looks great on the bike, so I then turned my hand to the side covers.

This time I wanted to try a race number style of decal.

I made the decals with a graphite base and gold accents and then once I had painted the covers high Gloss Black, I bunged these on and then pinstripped around it, then a few coats of clear and buffed up.

This really does stand the bike out and I really do think this is even more of a head turner of a Cafe.

Scott is going to get annoyed at people asking what the bike is.

Check out my new decal design on the gas tank, great isn't it?

These and the 750 decals will be on my parts list during the week, so you lot can save some time and sling em on your rides.

I now have to make the seat into the shape I want and I have the rough Idea, but I need to really think hard about it and this weekend, I shall start to cut and shape the old seat base I had and see if it will be able to rest on this steed and look cooler than penguin in winter.

So, stay tuned and keep scrolling for more information on this Golden Arrow and see if you will like the completed Ride.

Back   again.

This time I have completed a few things.

The front brake caliper was completed bunged up with snotty old brake fluid and the piston cap had rusted and seized inside.

This took quite abit of removing.

I am sure you have come across this very same problem as I do.

the best way to remove a seized caliper is to hook it up to a good master cylinder, bleed the line then pump the thing until the piston pops out.

Make sure you put some cloth over it as there will be brake fluid every where and would more than luckly bugger ya paint up and make the whole garage area look like a cheap porn movie.

With a cleaned up piston, honed the channel area and a NOS piston cap with New fittings etc, this Caliper is now a good working one.

But it took me some time to get it right.

Always replace the o-ring too.

$6.00 is cheap when it saves your ass in an emergency stop mate.

The Gauges were shot to bits, I opened them up and there were nests of dead creatures hiding in there.

So, a major go through on these and then, onto making my Custom Cafe Gauges and boy do they make a change when they are all buttoned back up and on the bike.

I went a different route this time on the design and added Gold inlay for Cafe racer etc but also at 150 MPH, changed the numbers to BANG!

Ya gotta make some of your build fun ya know and I liked the way these gauges turned out, I think you will agree with me?

Ok, back to building a Classic Cafe, you will see the old style headlight that I bought at a swap meet a little while ago.

This looks great with the guages and the visor.

I plan on adding a tri-bar Halogen headlight, as for me, that see at night thing is a must on the crazy roads of California.

This Cafe is taking shape now and have made many modifications that will take way too much time to type on here, but I will bung some pics on here for you to have a look at and see if you like what I have done to this Golden Arrow.

I sorted out the front fender and made up the front licence plate, this is now looking like an old british bike.

I shall be offering these licence plates on my parts list soon, so keep checking the website now and again.

OK, here she is almost completed now and plenty of photo's for you to have a gawp at.

yep, she looks great, the headlight lenses I use are more expensive than a night out with the Royal family, but this light is brighter than any Scientist you will come across and you can even feel the heat burn ya hand if ya hold it in front of the lense.

So, be seen and if this is more intence than a Nasa test, so be it, ya gotta make sure the 4 wheelrs see ya coming.

The frame looks great with the Gold and I am happy with the stance of the bike.

I then went about and made a seat up for this ride, the original one was just not working for me and had more problems than a hypocondriact.

So, I shit canned that idea and went onto the Dunstall style seat i like to use, simple, practicale and easier to remove than a loose girlies panties.

Ok, now the bike is almost together, I have yet to do a few minor things like add velocity stacks again but shall do by the end of the week.

I have bunged in a new battery that has more charge in it than a new credit card.

The rear light is an L.E.D. 1948 repop cheverloet light and is remarkably bright, even in the day.

Gotta tell everyone behind you that you are grabbing a handfull of anchor eh?

Noe thats sorted, you will see that the Disc on the front is more drilled than an old oil well, but this certainly helps with cooling and have never had any problems with these set ups I do.

I also have made a cool licence plate that says it all and represents the olden days of the UK when all the old cafe used these Pedestrian slicers and ran the Streets of the MotherLand with speed amd Elegance.

Have a look at that great looking inline four Motor, it is just a cool factor on these machines, that I will never tire of.

The 4 into 1 black Yoshimura is such a cool deal and breathes like a new set of lungs.

I cannot wait to take this for a burn up and see how quick I will get to the TON.

These Cafe bikes have alot of my idea's poured into them and I thank all of you for emailing me to say how much you lie the detailed shots, as I could just bung a load of comments on here, and  be like many other sites.

But you lot know me, I am the real deal, not some fake arse knob Jockey that just wants ya greenbacks.

OK, have a look to the right, and ya gotta dig what ya see?

I am almost completed on this ride and the new seat is softer than a computer nerd, this is one cool Cafe and I am gonna be sad to see this bike go, although I do need to make some more space in the stable right now.

The Stance is so right and to sit on it feels like she is balanced really well, I hope to take her for a burn up later next week and then we shall see how all this hard work panned out.

The timing is set and this may need to be jetted, hard to do with a mercury guage, as that sets the carbs up to about 1500 revs, but these really need to be run up to about 6000 and you will soon know if she needs to run fatter, as she will fall on her arse when you give it the biggy with the loud button.

Usually , I jump 2 sizes on the main, the slow jest are usually set at #40 and don't often need any more advancement.

Well I am sure you will like my Custom made licence plate holder, this was something i thought about making and it came out really well.

I used one of my CB750 CON ROD'S and bent it with the rod in the vice and some heat from a gas torch.

I bent the angle and then machined some steel for the insert and fitted in the big end and welded.

Painted her Black,  and there ya go, a neat custom touch and also a real part of the 750.

Well, finally, things have come good and she is all taken care of, this has been an interesting trip on this particular build.

The Cafe has turned out really well and better than I had hoped for.

The sound of the Yoshimura is a deep tone that barks like a dog at a mailman and I am gonna be sad to see this Cafe Racer go.

Although, it has been in the stable long enough and needs to stretch its legs.

I rode it for the first time today and needed to upjet her, I think one more jetting change and she will be dialled in.

When you add a high performance exhaust and pod filters, usually you will need to run fatter on the main by approx 2 jet sizes, or until she runs smooth through the gears.

I hope you enjoyed the build up?

It sure is a transformation from a pretty much stocker.

Thank's for all the cool email's I have received over this particular build.

Peace and Grease as always.


Just a taster of things to come.
Pulled apart like a dead cow by Buzzards.
Motor will need some cleaning up.
Got it all to fit in a RubberMaid.
Bead Blasted to get all old Paint off.
Loads better with a new coat of color.
Made some cool Shocks up for her.
Stretched a stock tank 5 inches, ready to add knee inserts now.
Cool Chrome Headlight to sort the front end out.
Built Motor and added some color. Lovely Jubbely.
Bunged the 240 pounder in her cradle.
Sits nice and tight under the frame.
Look at that Motor, already started the detailing.
Adding my graphics for major appeal.
GOLD, yep, the Midas touch alright.
Here is the Cool oil filter cover I changed about a little bit.
Tasty Little number mate, aint she?
Smooth as glass.
This is now starting to look like it was from mid 1950's.
Gas cap finishes the Classic lines.
A Big tank and should carry you many more miles than any stocker.
Now working on getting the seat to look right.
Top end has had alot of work by Me.
Look at that rear end, and, the Yoshimura ready to bark.
Drilled the Front Rotorand added some color.
Fitted to Wheel with Stainless Shouldered Nuts.
Polished Speedomoter gear drive too.
Now thats a Sexy rim and tire set up.
Polished hub, new bearings, Polished stainless spokes and new tire, as well as the rotor I drilled etc, makes this stand out.
Oh yes! What a looker, Now this is looking Bad Ass. !!!!
Here is my new side cover design. WICKED !!!!
Graphite Gray with gold accents, set the side covers right off.
Great contrast on the gas tank too.
This is ready to have the seat fabbed now, just got to get the dimensions sorted out.
I have sat on this Cafe Racer and she feels well balanced and low.
Front Caliper was a real mess, this is not unusual in every Caliper I have taken apart.
Polished Brake junction to a buffed finish.
Made new stainless braided hose for master cylinder.
New bolts for Brake lever.
Gauges were in rough condition with Spiders nests everywhere.
Looking like a Cafe.
Tach get a good sorting too.
A cool looking pair of Cafe Gauges, check out the end of the Speedometer limit.
Plenty of Classic Chrome now too.
This headlight is brighter than a Harvard Graduate.
Here are the licence plates all embossed.
Oh yes, this say's it all !!!! A cool addition to your fender.
So, here we are, and a Very Cool and classic cafe she is looking.
My oh My, Now ya gotta Love this baby now????
The 5 inch stretched tank now looks perfect.
The best looking Cyclops out there.
From the otherside, nearly done, just a few small bits and bobs to add on her.
Drilled front disc helps this baby cool when hard braking .
Closer look at the disc I drill , and really does help cooling.
I polished the front hub like a Marines drill Boots.
Man! Take a look at that lovely Yoshimura 4 into 1, all set to bark.
OUCH! Check that rear end out girl, she's slicker than a Greasers Hair.
This Race horse is almost ready to take for a run. Woooah Girl !!!
Check out my Custom made Licence Plate Holder, cool eh? Yep! it's a 750 Con Rod !!!!
WOW !!! This thing is tougher than 3 week old fried Bacon.
This is a Sleek looking Cafe Racer and I am sure you will dig some of the tricks I have done on this particular ride?
At last, this Cafe Racer is ready to rock.
I shall miss this Motorcycle as it was fun to create and looks really period.
headlight shot looks great with my Visor and Gauges all dressed up on top.
I am happy at the way the Gauges turned out and these really do look the part.
Rear light needed to be bright, so this time used my L.E.D. set up.
Brand new left side handlbar control switch too.
Handle bar area needed cleaning up, so made my own display area.
Rear cowl is a good look and the checkers sets the scene for this Cafe Racer.
The Gas tank was stretched like a Clown's pocket, More gas, more miles Right?