This list should compile something like:

Take one piece of snot, mix it with some wonder powder and bung it in a couldren for an hour, cover it with Witches pee and say Izzy Wizzy lets get busy.

And there you go, a Fully finished Cafe Racer.

But, we all know thats a load of old Codswallop.

So, what in reality is, an old 1976 Arse Biscuit, that has been more abused than a child like manaquinn in a Paedophile Prison.

Will soon be torn down to its naked Chassis and then, as all my Cafe bikes, put back together with all the cool parts to turn so many heads, you'd lose count in an hour.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, as I tear this baby Elephant apart and reasemble into the BLACK FALCON.

This will be a Stealthy Motorcycle, and more fun than watching a Thumbless Hitchiker.

OK here we are again, this time I have done a few things.

I have moved into another shop, but my garage is where my stuff is and will remain, but I continued on this puppy and she is taking shape now.

I pulled this girl apart and went ahead and bead blasted and powdercoated the frame, the swing arm and all the rest of the little bits and bobs like battery box etc.

I fitted new bushes in the rear swing arm and greased her all up inside.

This went together easily, like a Veteranarians arm up a Cows arse.

So, Once that was together I fitted new ball bearings to the triple tree.

Why do I not go with roller tapered bearings?

well, I like to keep some of the old school feel to a bike and I like ball bearings, plus I do not have to get the races out as they can be a right pain to remove sometimes.

Anyway, I bunged in new bearings and fitted the triple tree's, I am now ready for the forks, so took them apart and buffed and sanded the lowers so they are like Chrome.

Came out well really as I do most of this by hand and, it gets hotter than Chilly toothpaste doing this, but worth it.

This is the style I am going for and should achieve this no worries, although, I never build the same bike twice, always has to be different and, that gives it character I feel.

I fitted a used 16 inch rear wheel, just to get the ride height, and also to be able to move the bike around.

The front and rear rim I have are now beadblasted and powder coated a high gloss Black, and they shall get polished hubs, with new bearings etc and then polished stainless spokes.

Sets it all off nicely I think.

I am now getting some electrical together and have pretty much completed building the gas tank.

The owner loves the build so far and thats always encouraging to hear and is a great guy, he will enjoy this ride for sure.

OK, I have done alot to this bike and you can see by the photo's over on the Right handside, that this is taking shape really quickly now.

I have a back log of machines to build and just need to step it up.

There are other builders out there now, but I hear one guy is having stuff made in the Philipines?

Bugger that crap, this is all made here in the USA,  and that's how I work, every bike I spend time on and I do not want to cut corners, I don't care if it costs me money to look right, it has my name on it.

This Falcon is going to look very stealthy and It needs a heap of work.

All the electrical was about as much use as a compass on the North pole.

I have ordered Brand new ones from suppliers of mine and want these to be great, not patched up and bodged, this has to be nice.

The Motor was ad and 2nd gear has had alot of wear in it, 3rd had a chipped tooth, so all were replaced and now a strong motor.


it is not fun trying to get the Engine back in a powder coated frame, without scratching anything, and sometimes I amaze my self at the way i get by like this.

I always take the motors out on my own, and I used to put them back in on my own, but now I get my neighbor or my buddy down the road to help me, as these frames are too sweet to get scratched.

The rims were taken apart, I threw away the old rusty spokes and then set about removing the bearings from the hubs etc.

I then cleaned all the snot off the hubs by hand and buffed and polished the hubs, to look like chrome.

These take me bloody ages, but the look is exactly what i want and you can be sure you will get the same treatment.

The rims have the old chrome removed, them media blasted and inspected, and, if they seem sturdy enough, they get my powder coating treatment and then get polished stainless spokes attached.

I fit new Heavy Duty tubes to the rims and shoe in a new set of tires.

I polished the fork lowers and put all that back together too.

The gas tank takes a while to do and again, not shipped to the Phillipines and filled with heaps of Bondo.

This is my cool style of gas tank that works for me, and I am sure you will agree, that my style looks very cool and not like some Whale.

The seat was made and I have a Glass mould I put together and she looks great once cleaned up, painted and upholstered.

I am now selling seats on my website so you too can just plonk them on and off you go.

The side covers I buy NEW and fill the badge recess with ABS filler and then do my trick to them.

Me and the new owner designed his logo and it came out well.

My 4 into 1 exhaust is something I like to toy with and this one has a deep tone that is simular to the old Yoshimura exhausts I used in thew1970s in the UK.

I can still buy Yoshi's New but not cheap, but I love the sound and the way they breath.

This bike has my 4 into one set up and the carbs gone through, cleaned, synced and dialed in once the engine is running.

The swing arm has new bushes and is powder coated too.

Nos ignition switch too, and  not cheap but early ones are hard to come by. As I use Genuine HONDA ones, I find the other brand just falls apart very quickly.

The gas tank was done by me and came out really nice, and it flows quite well with my seat, I made the seat cover and is comfortable.

The rear taillight is a chrome piece that I customed from an earlier type from the UK and I like the way they look.

I have fitted an oil pressure switch to this puppy and am offering these kits on the website too, as these are a must for you builders out there, you can physically see that your motor has plenty of oil pressure by simply glancing at the Gauge.

The switches on the falcon are also NOS and not cheap, but, the original ones were torn up like a cheap hooker in Barstow.

So new ones added and this Cafe is really looking the part,.

I used the old style shocks, just for the Vintage look and I polished the front fork lowers.

With new Rubber on the rims, this Rocket is almost ready for lift off.

The Motor has been gone through, cleaned, inspected and polished, the Cafe Racer is now at the end of the build and just needs to breath life into the Motor.

She fired up no problem and now just a few mioes to run everything in, check for any seeps of oil or loose clamps that can come apart at the start of the build and a check of everything, then this baby is ready for the road.

This Rusty Relic will be getting a new life and boy does it need it?
I raped the hell out of this as quick as I could.
Powdercoated the frame a high Gloss black.
Polished upper tree to a chrome like appearence.
Gauge bracket got the same treatment.
Powder coatedf front rim.
Fitted the tree's.
Fitted the Powder coated rear swing arm and new bushings and bunged in a mock up 16 inch rear wheel.
Motor is now rebuilt with new cam chains and inner parts, just needs painting and detailing.
I took the rusty forks apart and I spent a few hours polishing the lowers, until they were gleaming again.
The Motor is out and will need to be torn down all the way to the Crank.
NOS RECTIFIER Price this up at HONDA, you will shit your boxers.
Mocked up so I can see how she sits.
The rear end is Blacker than a Coal Miners Armpit.
Decal was designed by me and the Owner.
Brand New Wire Harness was required too.
One of my Cafe seats is ready to paint and cut to fit this Cafe bike.
Gas tank I made to order, this is a sweet looking smooth beast, that is made by me ,and not sent to another country to be made on the cheap.
My Special personal Gauges for the Falcon are now in place and look like they came from the factory, I really like the way these look on the Motorcycle.
My Cheesecutter front brake rotor that I drill my self and takes me ages, but, looks the part and is a very functional part, to add in cooling, and, water dispersing.
The Gas tank has it created title emblazed on the side of it, and looks the part.
Motor is clean and looks like she has been sat in a time capsule for 3 decades, hope ya dig the way this Black Falcon looks?
My Signature "Barking, Yoshimura" Style exhaust system, is a added enhancement, and the tone is like a low Bass growl.
More drilling than a Dentist on a Choclate eating Pigmy.
Almost complete and soon to be with it's new Master.
New tires and a bobbed fender, makes this Race horse a certainty to win.
There she is, almost complete and looking like a Winner!!!!!!!!
Very Stealthy and a real pleasure to look at, I am sure the new owner will be as stoked as a steam trains fire.
Nice lines and balanced very well.
The Black Falcon on the street.
Another Steed, is about to leave the stable and begin it's new life , from a Snotty old Boat anchor, to a cool, fast, and fun CAFE RACER MOTORCYCLE.
A great looking ride and sure to bring a smile to most faces.
Thanks for watching this build, and I hope I have at least inspired you to get off your arse, and get wrenching in the garage, always cool to meet other builders and owners, who share the passion I do.