This 1975 Super Sport Is the Real deal, look How cool she turned out.

                                                    This 1975 CB750F was a boring looking ride, but had loads of potencial.

The bloke that owned it had fitted a few hop up parts, but, with a stock Motor, they were about as much use as an upside down cross in a church.

So, I took this puppy apart,  and now plan on building a radical Cobalt electric Candy Blue Cafe Racer, that will really turn heads when this blaps down the tarmac.

The 75 will be a cool ride for sure and follow the pics on this build to see the transformation from a boring semi snotter to a Cor Blimey Guv !  Motorcycle.

This will have one of my Custom tanks and seat units and also a unusual touch to the rims, which I will let you discover later on, so check back regularly for any updates.

I took the old girl completely apart, throwing the old rusty and stock bolts away.

I only use stainless allen head bolts and washers etc and this will also show up nicely in detailing, against the CANDY BLUE paint work that will appear on this Cafe Racer.

The bike came apart easier than a Chinese built truck, but, I got to the rear swing arm bolt and it was tighter than a ducks arse.

I wacked it, I banged it, I swore at it, I clubbed it, I threw it, I gave up on it for a while.

I heated it and beat the living crap out of it.

The only way that this bloody thing would budge, was to put it in a 20 ton press.

I was suprised how seized it was, but when it came out, there was more rust on it than a Antartic Metal Dog Kennel.

I think that who ever fitted this bolt, did not use any grease at all.

So now I have to locate a Super Sport swing arm bolt from a 75 and other years are different, bloody great start eh?

Well I looked around and managed to get a good bolt and then went about changing the rusty, oily and chipped paint on the frame.

This was bead blasted and then baked for 3 days, just to get all the oil residue out of the welds etc.

After that was done, the frame was powdercoated Silver, then it was powder coated Candy Cobalt Blue, and then it was clearcoated.

So, a big set up but boy has it paid off, this deep Blue looks stunning.

Photo's cannot do it justice, everyone who has seen it at the shop, love the color and all comment on it.

Be a shame when this Cafe Racer hits the road.

I took the wheels apart and cut all the spokes off with a set of bolt cutters.

Then the hubs were cleaned with thinners, to get all them years of grime etc out of the fins.

The bearings were removed and then I set about cleaning the hubs and then getting into polishing them.

This takes such a long time, there is no easy way to do this and, I get many emails and comments on what I have learnt as a kid, working for Rolls Royce.

My brother and I spent many hours polishing Gold, Silver and Brass for those prestigeous cars back in the 1970's, it was a craft I am glad we learned.

So, the hubs now are polished and I thought I will go ahead and powder coat both rims the same color as the frame and, I really like the way they turned out, I may add some extra designs on the rims later, but time will tell.

The bike is coming together and I hope you like what you see, as, what you see is many hours of work.

This aint no $200 Ebay bike.

OK, things have gone quite a ways now and I had done bucket loads to this Cool Deep Blue Cafe.

There has been no expense spared and I am going to make sure that this ride gets every nut and bolt in stainless and all the cool parts to let this CAFE RACER stand out in the crowd.

Everything will be replaced on here and as you can see by the photo's that are attached to the right of this build up, there are plenty of NOS parts and once you price this stuff up, only then will you truley understand the time and money put into it.

Anyone can throw something together, but, the trick is not only to make it look cool, but, to make it last.

The Motor was out and on the floor, it lresembled a big snotty piece of old Coal.

So, I thought that this needs to have a good strong 836 kit in it with a good street cam.

The Motor got all the treat ment and it should run like a Swiss stop watch.

The motor still looked crao Black, so i took all the paint off and detail it to a nice retro aluminum color, now, the motor really does look good in the frame.

I polished the valve cover and breather, as well as all the outer covers.

Replaced the snotty soft headed Japanese phillips screws with stainless allen head bolts.

This will look like a really cool Jewel and will pull hard.

Many of you have been commiting on this particular build and you should see a transformation very soon, as iIplan on the gas tank being sorted in the next couple of weeks.

I removed the stock gas tank and hammered the sides in, then, with my faithful grinder I removed the top.

But this time I had help, the infamous Chica, of chica Custon cycles gave me a hand, and now this cool tank has a Harley gas neck in it, very cool and unique.

I then removed the stock petcock threaded tube and welded a Pingel bung in it's place, soon as the gas tank is painted Candy blue and Silver, a new high velocity Pingel petcock will be added.

Next up is the seat, I am going to have my Rocket Four style seat on this puppy and it will cry out Nostalgia, this will be a very cool Motorcycle.

OK, the COBOLT is really taking shape and I am stoked the way that the lines are looking.

The Motor is now in and I have polished the Valve cover and the engine covers, this is starting to really make some headway and I am sure the Owner of this will be more stoked than a steam trains boiler.

I have just fitted my finned dress up covers and painted them to match, sure looking like a Cafe bike now and a long way from the black bike it was first resembling earlier.

I added my cool Finned parts, to give it that race look and to help disipate heat and I think I shall add a oil pressure guage too, just to keep things in check etc.

The Motor looks really good now with all the touches, it also has the dyna Coils to give it the best Spark too and irridium Spark plugs for extended life and power..

The Custom Oil Filter Cover looked really cool and of course, I had to fit a Yoshimura 4 into 1 system.


e are Many details that I have simply forgotten on this venture, but the people who like reading my builds will know what has changed.

The Starter Cover is quite rare and an original 1970's aftermarket piece.

I have still to make a set of trick Gauges as well as a gauge holder, so more to look for in this build.

The Gas tank is really going to make this bike too.

I sealed up the ugly Arch that is in the rear of the tank and this smooths things out.

The Rocket seat will have a 48 GM tail light that is L.E.D. to make sure People can see you are stopping.

I have changed many things on the Cafe racer and I wish I could keep it for myself, as I really have enjoyed this build.

The Motor is just a pleasure to look at the lines flow like a river, this has to be one of the coolest ones to date and I know the new owner will not stop looking at it for a long time, it will be going up to Mount Shasta in Oregon soon and will be on Display for all to see if you are in that area?

I am still a few weeks away from this but there are many things I wanted to show but the bandwidth is getting smaller, and I need to show other stuff, so have to restrict the amount of pics that I put on here.

But I have Just made the Gauges bracket, as the Original one to me is dead Ugly.

I simply ground the bolts off and then I made a template on card and changed the outlook to how I wanted it, ie, losing some of the location holes, as I am Not using the Idiot light cluster that is usually in the middle of this.

All I used was a Dremel, A File, and buffed it up.

Now this looks like a real Custom part, not that water jet B/S that is just pressing a button, Cafe Racers are hand built and personalised to each creator.

I drilled the holes and changed the shape a little bit and I am happy with how this came out.

This is going to look Great on the top of the triple tree's and I am sure you will agree too?

The Gauges took me some time, but I wanted a cool set that reflect the bike, so this time I thought I would go with Metalflake Silver, and one the Speedometer put the word SUPER and on the Tach I would put  SPORT, and I am glad the way these turned out to be honest, very cool and unique.

Once this is all buttoned up, this will be more photogenic than a super Model and will get more attention than a join the dots painting in the Tate Gallery in LONDON.

This really is a stunning cafe and something Any of you lot can do, I receive so many emails about the bikes I build and am so glad that you have all gone in the garage, shed and even kitchen and started to wrench on your own creations.



OK, now have a look to the right of the screen, yep, she looks unreal and the Gas tank, the seat and the side covers all are looking like a Nostalgic ride, I have yet to color match and this will be a Darker Blue when i have finally completed this, and then, I shall add the pin lines and clear coat the whole thing, to make it really stand out in the crowd, this truely is an exciting motorcycle and once all the work is completed, you will see how Classic this Super Sport has turned out to be.

I shall Cover the seat in Black Leather and I already had this look in my mind from the start.

OK, back into more work on this infamous Cobalt special.

She really is almost complete and I keep adding detail for the guy so she will get more looks than a free telescope if there was a picture of a Naked Woman on the Moon.

The seat is now upholstered in Rich Black Cow hide, and really looks the part and is comfy too.

The Other thing I had to do was to change the RED Plug Cables, as they just did not do the Cafe racer any justice at all, and it took me a while to find the ones I needed and then I fitted the set last night, and I am sure Glad I did, this really trick the Motor out now and I am sure the owner will be smiling like he has 3 sets of teeth.

I then turned my attention to the wire harness, as the Super Sports have way too much on it and I had already removed about a foot of the stuff, only to find I needed to relocate the bloody thing so the fuel tank fits nice and snug.

There is more wiring in that thing than up the arse of a transformer Robot I swear.

But I managed to sort that out and test everything and then went about and fitted the tank, it looks great, the velocity stacks look really good on the carbs and also the New Blue fuel line hooked to a high Velocity Petcock makes the transformation.

Still more to go but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Bike now is ready to hit the road, and boy sodes this thing look great.

I wanted to make the European look jump out and grab you and, this certainly does, the Cobalt blue is stunning out in the U/V and this will be hard not to get stares from.

Infact, he may have to have some sort of ready made answers for all the questions he will receive when he stops places.

I have added many tricks to this and non are illusions I promise you, the trick Air breather, the cool rear sets, the custom tank and seat, then hand made brackets, the polishing, the molding, the leather upholstery, all this stuff was worth the hard work, as I am supr happy with this.

And, going by all the emails I receive, today i had over 595 emails, I am glad to hear you all dig my work too.

The rest of the work that you can see to your right , is what I did over the last week or so , and boy was some of  it a challenge,  I had to alter the wiring harness 4 times . A ll sorts of hidden little things I was not sure that were going to bite me in the Arse.

Next time!!!!

I'd be better off setting light to myself for a few seconds,  than do all that again.

Click on the HIGHLIGHTED area to see vids of the COBALT.


Here is another I JUST recorded.


Thanks again for following this build, I know it has helped many of you out with your problems on your particular Cafe build and this is what it is all about.

Thanks once again for all the emails and phone calls and I shall continmue to build these as i have as a kid since 1978 in the UK.


Here I am riding the Cobalt for the first time.


This already had BIG carbs on, but on a STOCK motor, so these need to come off.
This was a stock bike, other than the Kerker and some leaky race carbs.
Naughty Naughty, looks like we have a problem here.
Bloody Hell, these seem to get heavier each time I yank one of these out.
In the box you Jolly well go, you Bugger!! Now she is ready to be transformed.
WOW ! Here is the frame, a really Deep Candy Cobolt Blue.
This is a superb color and I am happy with what I chose to go with.
Lower triple tree is the same color too, New bearings installed and smooth as silk.
Top tree I took the old Black paint off, and buffed to a Chrome finish and boy does it look cool and fresh.
Swing arm in place with new bushes and dust caps etc and loadsa Grease on the input shaft.
Proggresive Black shocks hold the rear end together. Now for some Cool wheels.
Rear wheel looks like a GEM.
Candy Cobolt Blue, with Polished stainless spokes, hits the spot eh?
Look at that Hub, the aluminum is now as polished as chrome, this took bloody ages.
This now looks like a show piece and there are many hours in this hub alone.
The gas tank is almost ready for paint and my special touches, and she is looking like a Cafe Racer for sure.
Not sure on the seat, I have mocked this up with one of my Dunstall seats, but think I shall go with a CR curved rear seat for this set up.
I used Brand New fork tubes, as the old ones looked ok until I pulled the fork ears off.
NEW Fork caps and seals too.
Cleaner than my cats arse !!!!!!
I polished the forks up and inserted new seals, this looks really sweet now.
Added my Headlight brackets.
Polished top tree to a chrome finish.
Motor is now BUILT and it is always a struggle getting her in and not getting any paint chipped off.
Now the fun begins, putting this Cool Blue Candy Cafe Racer back to how it SHOULD look.
Now she is up in the air, so I can now start to get this looking like a real head turner.
Here we go with my tank and seat construction, this will really look Great with the New Candy color scheme I have planned.
I changed the oil filter cover into my style and really like the way it turned out.
Added My braided Hoses to the oil lines and this really enhances the look of this side, quite often this area always looks crappy with frayed stock hoses.
Yoshimura 4 into Exhaust is a real deal and worth the $1000 to me.
Check out the detailing in this ride, really is a great shade of Blue.
Stator Cover and Rare Starter cover gets the Candy Blue treatment too.
Now look at these cool Velocity stacks that i shall be powder coating this week and fitting for the last time.
These will really finish the ride off once I have powder coated them.
Check out the rear shock set up, now this is a tatsy looking rear end.
The sprocket cover is now detailed and looks the part sat in its rightful place.
Here is the Speedometer all dressed up.
And now the Rev counter and this gets the same treatment.
The speedo and tach set up with the Aluminum bracket I made, looks great.
WOW ! What ya think of this then????
Almost there, just need to color match and then add the pinstripes and loads of clear and this will be a totally different Ride to how it was when I first got it.
Wow!!! I added Blue Silcon Plug leads, they really are better then the old Red ones.
Look at the Motor, Blue Plug leads and Blue fuel line, as well as Blue Ground cable, all dress this right up.
Velocity stacks look Period now too.
Handlebar Clamps got the same treatment.
Now she is taking shape and it is time to fit her all up.
This is gonna be a real head Turner, even against the Ducati's.
Almost Complete and will soon be off to Oregon, to it's New stable.
Here she is in all her Glory, what a Cool Machine.
This Race Horse is now ready and I shall be riding her on the Tarmac any minute now.
Sits well and the motor purrs like a Kitten until you get into it.
The rear sets are very trick and work really well, better than a lot of shit boxes I have seen on the market.
This Rotor has more holes in it than a homeless guys socks.
I am gonna miss looking at this steed in mt stable, but good that the guy will be riding it up in Oregon, a very cool area to ride too.
I hope you have enjoyed the build of this cafe racer, alot of people have commented on it and it has been a long journey but a very cool one though.
I chromed a Con rod from a 750 and made the licence plate Holder, sweet eh?
The cool Gas cap looks like it should of been there from the start at HONDA eh?
So here she is, ready for the NEW owner to come and pick the bike up, been in the family since the 70's so great to see that it will stay in his stable. Glad ya like it mate, I certainly do Guv'nor.
Cheers for sticking with me on this build, check out the vids on You Tube that I put up of this.
I live and Breathe these machines and I am always stoked to hear you lot to. PEACE AND GREASE. As Always CARPY