My trusty old Thruxton is a Blast to ride.

OK  Here we are with my daily Rider

Here is a video or two for you.

One of it running.

And it is now up for sale, this is an 04 Thruxton and has been an absalute blast to ride aroun on and also have let many people ride to shows etc.

The bike is still used daily and it is at my shop, I used it today to run around and beat some of the traffic etc and it will be missed.

But I have a lot of stuff on my plate and need to move some bikes and this has to go.

So, if you want a cool retro bike that runs and stops great and is good fun to ride in all weathers, this may be right up your alley.

I have been featured in magazines with this as well in a few TV shows etc and everyone loves the sound of the thumpy motor.

I have predator pipes on this so she barks nicely.

Also I have a X ring chain and of course I have the alloy front fender and Chain guard, as well as a set of my CLUBMAN bars with GT grips.

I have a Tri-Bar headlight and chrome visor on the front and this is a cool set up, I have an old Rockers plate across the front of the bike like the old days back home in my Hometown.

The other thing on this is a set of Works performance shocks to ease your back on any bumps.

Electric start and dead easy to ride.

This is a great bike for anyone, and I just did a show on Speed channel with it as Asha Blake from KTLA rode it whilst i followed on my Honda cafe racer.

So a great bike, all tagged until June 2011.

Ride away right now.

It does need new rear tire at some point and its not a gleaming show piece, the side casings have some oxidization from being in all weather and this bike is priced accordingly.

If this turns your dial, then check it out, a great bike to use for work or for pleasure.

I will miss this machine for sure.

714-598-8392 and it could be yours.


Me and the Red Devil rode up to Big Bear and what a laugh we had.
I have ridden this all over the place and always have fun on the Freeway.
Added one of my Cool retro tail lights too.
A fun bike for anyone and easy to ride, fast too.
Changed the logo to my design.
The Predators Bark like a hungry Rottwieler for sure.
I have been many places on this bike, even to Sturgis, what a fun ride.
A great Cafe Racer to get your teeth into, Linear power and easy to start.
Predator pipes bark like a Mad dog, this is always a head clearer when you fire it up.
If you want a cool ride for not too many dollars, then have a go with this one, its fun.
Ready to ride and have some fun in the twisties this weekend.