The D. O. H. C. TOR 1979 CAFE SOLD !!!!!!



OK Cafe fans

Here is a different Cafe Racer for you than the norm.

How about this 1979 DOHC CB750 CAFE RACER.

This is a fun BIG Motorcycle.

You need to be at least 5"10 to ride this as it has some cool features.

The stock pegs are gone, and now in it's place is a set of pegs further back and the brake has been reveresed and shortened.

The gear shifter has been reversed and the pattern is now the other way, 1 up, the rest down.

I have a nice sounding Cafe exhaust on this and it barks deeply.

A real fun Cafe and turns loads of heads.

no show bike by any standards and will need some tlc to do that.

But this has all the attributes for a Cafe.

It is fitted with my handlebars, a CRG bar end mirror.

New Classic Turn signals.

My Custom Rocket four seat with the classic round tail-light.

The seat foam is covered with new leather too.

Knee inserts by me and I had to make some side covers as the originals were missing.

New  non maintenenace battery and a new $100 solinoid gets it started on the button.

It is registered and a clean title in my name.

lights work, horn works, starts, stops and is a real handful when you want it to be.

Have a look.

You decide if this is for you or not.

I am asking $2500 as is.

The motor is not built, and will need a new clutch later on but still rideable now and only cork plates needed ,-a cheap issue, use for that.

I Have JUST ordered a New clutch and I shall fit it this week, so now you will have a good motor with a strong clutch again, thats $240 worth of parts included in the price, now there's a cool deal.

This bike starts right up and is a blast, I like the Mad Max styling and hope that you do too?

I polished and drilled the front right side sprocket cover too, for that Racey look.

$2500 and it is yours.


Here is a little video you can now watch.

OK! I have reduced the price to $2500 as I have alot of builds to complete for customers, my loss and all your gain.

I have now FITTED a brand new Clutch to this thing and now she roars into life with no slipping at all, so, yet another Bonus for anyone who buys this.

Here she is, the big Cafe racer with heaps of energy.
Great stance and needs a new owner to have fun with.
Rocket style Cafe seat. And retro Tail light sets this off.
Recessed Gas tank, for that race period look of Yesteryear.
Mad Max styled Cafe Racer is a unique looking Ride in these parets and would be in yours yoo.
Leather seat that is actually comfortable.
Home made rear sets, like I did in the 1970's.
Very cool Cafe Racer and could be yours for a few $$$$$.
Fun to ride, drop me a line if ya interested.