CB350 CAFE RACER - Sold and going to NY.

This "lil "350 will be a killer looking Cafe Racer.

                                        OK here we are, I am just getting this little CB350 to how I want it and shall paint it later this week.

I fitted one of my cool seats, I have inserted the tank, just have to smooth everything out, and paint the tank and seat a Classic Cafe Color and then upholster the seat.

This will be a fun ride and real fast too.

This has Dunstall twin pipes and Barks like a dog at a mail carrier.

I have not finished her yet, but by next week this will be ready for a new owner.

If  you want a fun bike that is almost 100 MPH when ever you want it, then this is the bike for you.

Cheap to run, cheap to insure too.

Stay tuned on this bike.

I have My Clubman bars on it and shall add some cool bar end mirrors and polish the Motor up, as well as a few other things.

If you think you are up for this, then I suggest you grab it from me whilst you can.

This is Perfect for someone that is shorter than 5"8 as this would suit a shorter person, and you will be suprised at this little bulldog, it does fly and i love riding it.

I shall try and get some video footage for you when I have completed the transformation.

The paint job will be Black, with silver insertts and racing stripes, I shall be painting it this weekend, the seat I shall recover and then this will be ready to ship anywhere in the GLOBE.

OK, as you can see, I have done quite alot to this Cafe and she is really starting to look how I want it.

I am happy the way th4e seat now looks and I used Leather to cover the New foam, so that adds to the Nostalgic look too.

Also, if you look at the tank, it sure is a nice piece to gawp your eyes upon, all I need to do on this gas tank, is to add some cool pin lines and that will finish the tank off.

I also shall be fitiing brand New bar end mirrors and buy some New Rear shocks too.

I just changed the Battery to a $100 GEL one, so that's a bonus for you.

I still have to add rear turn signals and wire up the tail light etc and straighten a couple of other things out, I have a Brand new set of tubes and tires to go on this as well and I may do some more tricks to this before I am completed.

Once this is completed to how I want her to look, the new owner will be jumping up and down over it.

I have just taken the Rims off and I shall be powder coating them Black, then polishing the hubs and respokeing with polished spokes.

Then a New chain and sprockets as well as new tires and tubes.

So this will look even cooler, plus I shall add bar end mirrors and clean the bike up.

OK back again and I have JUST completed the last stage of this Little Cafe Racer Motorcycle.

have a look at the pictures on the right and you will now notice that this bike now has BLACK powder coated rims, stainless spokes and polished hubs.

Also she is shod with new tires and tubes as well as New sprockets and chain.

This is a real heads turner now, i will spend a couple of days cleaning her up and making sure all is well and it will be ready for a new owner.

I have a few people interested in this Cafe racer and here it is for you to see in all its entirity.

The bike looks great and it is F A S T, with out a doubt, it can stay with most CB750's off the line and gets up towards the ton really quickly.

So, if you are a shorter person and want a fun bike that you can cruise around or bomb about to the shops, the pub, the junl yard, or just to earole it around the bends of your ountry roads, this is right up your alley.

This is truley a fun but Classic looking motorcycle and looks very English in its staure.

I am sure you will agree on that and the bark of the Dunstall pipes will make sure no bugger walks out in front of you.

Thanks alot for all the cool emails on this, the encouragement is always cool and i hope to meet some of you in the future at some shows etc.

I also changed the shocks too and now this sits at a nice height and is a blast to ride.

Everything works and New turn signals as well, even the horn tells people to piss off out of the way, doesnt quite say wanker, but I am working on it.

Clean but just a stocker, apart from my Dunstall pipes.
My cool rear end and the tail light will really make this stand out.
I have to just finish the knee inserts and start painting.
Smeone is going to have some fun with this Road tearing Cafe bike.
The tank is almost completed, just need to add some pinstripes and we are done.
Sure nice to see the transformation.
Seat really loks the part and this is off my mold, so works with any motorcycle.
I used my tail light as well to set this off.
Just a few other modifications and she will be ready for a New owner.
Stay tuned on this as more pics will follow.
Now look at this Puppy with BLACK rims.
Check the detail out on the fron HUB alone, this is superb now with stainless spokes too.
The rims are powder coated and I have New Tubes and tires all on this Cafe Racer.
Other side of the rim is just as detailed, polishing really stands out.
Look at the Back hub, I added a finned spacer as well as polished it all.
She has a great stance and is a head turner for sure.
I added different shocks as well as New chain and sprockets too.
I know you will dig this little 350 Cafe Racer.
Check the sprockets and chain, all New!!!!
The gas tank is one of my own creations and all steel.
So, ends another build and i knw someone is gonna be stoked.
All ready for the New owner.