The 78 Special is a Cafe I have built for me to run around on, when I need parts and bits and bobs, it is dead reliable and a fun Cafe racer for sure.

Not quite like my Show winning Cafe Racers, but, a REAL DEAL Cafe bike none the less.

I am JUST about ready to sell now and this is ideal for the avid Cafe fan that wants something unique and affordable.

Now times have changed and the gas prices are higher than a Pot addict, this is a cheap mode of transport, no more traffic jams and you will get more looks than a Free Gas sign.

This will have 18" rear wheel and it will not be for the shorter stature rider, as this will sit high.

This is a fun bike, not hopped up but runs good, I have not rebuilt the motor but why bother when it is running fine?

Just needs tlc, all I can see from any angle is a small oil leak that is probably from the cylinder head or just a tappet cover seal, but she runs strong and i would leave alone until it got bother some.

So have a look and see what you think.

I made the gas tank and it came out great, the color scheme seems to flow.

I JUST upholstered the seat this week and it has racing looks and is comfortable too.

Bobbed rear fender and a Triumph rear light, this looks the part, I am just adding a few more things.

I shall change the exhaist muffler for one of my Signature series, I am Just changing the Gauges to my custom ones and, I have Just added my New Clubman Bars and racing grips, looks very cool now.

I have a title for it too and this is ready for you this week.

This will be a cool cafe with a little more TLC and I like the Bike, I just have too many, Summer will soon be upon ya so grab this and have some fun.

This 78 is a real fun Cafe Racer.
Look at its stance, On your Marks, Get set !!!!! GO !!!!
New cafe seat and comfier than Grandma's Chair.
This is ready to ride, great form of transport to beat High Gas prices right now.
Custom Gauge fitted, looks the part too.
My Classic gas tank, for getting your Knee's tucked in when Flat out.
So, this is ready for the New owner, a cheap and fun way to get about.