The Start of one Cool Cafe Racer for O.B.B.

Well, here we are, in the stable again and trying to think of how to pull yet another crazy build off.

This time, it is for my old mate BARRIE, aka Bear, of OLD BIKE BARN.

Me and Baz have been good mates for many years now, we kinda started off the same time over here promoting Cafe Racers a decade ago and still going strong today.

Many of you know OBB for their cool Parts for Cafe Racers and Baz is the owner of the Gold and Black Cafe Racer that I created for myself many moons ago, and now adornes his show room for all and sundrie to check out.

So, this time we are gonna try and push the boat out a little bit and have another great Cafe Racer for his stable of bikes  - and with his help in what he wants , and me with the Magic wand, I think we can create a real head turner of a bike that will be alot of fun for OBB to ride around and show off the parts he sells and promotes.

Right now this is in the design stage but I am trying to get something started and from my SNOT pile I dragged out some parts and will begin this transformation. This will not be easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it and then there is no fun in that.

So, the Game plan is set, I shall cut the frame up and weld brace supports and a few other trick things, iI will also bead blast the frame and then add some dark Red to the chassis, to give it that pop.

Plans to build a Mild but no child Motor, port the head and maybe a medium camshaft will be required.

I am gonna let my creative flow go soon but still have the yes or no from OBB as it is Their machine and I want them to be happy.

OK, here we are and as you can see on the right hand side pictures. I stripped the bike down to the bare metal, so much oil and grease on the frame that it had to be done a few times.

But now the frame is clean and good enough to weld etc, I wanted to clean some of the Original welds up, as they are a little scruffy back then.

The frame needs some extra bracing too, as they do flex in the cornering and the Racer look will flow all through this build.

I thought I would use the material I cut off the frame and that way its all the same Gauge steel and contour.

The front and rear of the frame got some more strength from these bars.

Now this is starting to take shape, I am gonna clean all the welds up and then wack some cardinal red on this puppy.

That is a great RED and would drive any 500 pound snot Nosed BULL absalutly bloody Crazy.

The gussets are bigger than a grannies arse Biscuit catcher.

This will really look like a Winner when this is completed.

This will have a lot of detail and plenty for people to have a gawp at and comment on how much bloody work has been put into this Cafe Racer.

Now, I have started a New line of swing arms, some will be the same as my old Dresda's I had in the Uk as a youngster, some will be 2" longer and some will be 4 inches longer, also these will be available for the 750K and the 750F as they have a different set up.

The cool thing about these swingarms is that I use NEW HONDA Bushings, so all you do is swap you shit one out for a cool racing one, mine comes complete with New longer axle I now machine and supply, chrome adjusters too, wow.

Tese are great and I am fitting one to this bike to show it off, as you can now run a wider rim and bigger tire, as well as having some good rigidity to the rear section of the bike in cornering.

Oh yeah, these come with the New axle and new nut etc.

OK, this fits in the frame so easy and look so much better.

As you can see, iIhave also added rear sets to this ride, a full Cafe Racer machine.

The brake hub looked as though the local homeless dog brigade had been out and pissed on it for 5 years.

It stank like Grannies handbag and looked like the inside of a smoker lungs.

I took it apart and slung all the crap away, cleaned the hub up and polished the gonads out of it, but this time I wanted a real Classic set up and decided on the older BSA days of racing and this was something I have done years ago and tought I would make another one.

As you can see, I have now fitted a wider rear rim, I used a Drag specialties 3.5 rim and polished the center hub as usual, and stainless polished spokes with classic rubber to fill out that swing arm.

It fitted easy and boy is it killer diller.

OK, next up is for me to get the front end sorted out.

I had a really snotty pair of front forks and when I mean they were snotty, well an old man with a cold for 3 months and no Hankerchief  would have nothing on this set up.

This was about as attractive as Essence of Herpes aftershave.

So I took them apart, cleaned the crap off them, stripped it all, even down to the dampners, removed all the guts and then I  worked out how much to machine the lowers and did my Signature design.

This came out great, I then Magnafluxed them to make sure of no cracks or bad pourosity in the casting.

Whilst I was in a Distingtive design flare, I decided to change the boring rear stabilzer bar and have something that would jump out at people when they see the bike in the flesh so to speak.

I got some 60-61 T6 Alloy bar and had it waterjetcut and then milled the excess and then did my polishing, and after all that i simply cleaned it, painted it RED and then cleaned once more, but Boy does it look killer.

This is the New tail light that i am now selling and boy is it a cool style, with a chrome surround and 40 LED's that are brighter than a Degree student and shines more than a polished Alloy Gas tank.

The ride is now taking shape and I am happy with the outcome so far, still a few more tricks to accomplish on this creation and keep coming up with cool idea's as I go along.

This frame had more oil around it than IRAQ.
This would never of rusted with all the spewed 20/50 covering the frame.
Time to clean it up and then start to chop a few things off.
All the crap blasted off and now I am gussetting the frame for strength.
Front Gusset will help a lot and make the cornering less stressful on the chassis.
Braced the rear of the frame so no Flexing in the corners, like they did at the races in the 1970's.
Now looks Killer in Red powder coating.
Now on my Bench and slowly will start to get together.
Chromed top tree, Black Clubman's make this stand out.
Shall run Rear sets this time to give that great stance of the Clubman Road Racing days that I grew up with back in the United kingdom.
My latest creation of the dresda Rear swing arm, this allows you to have some rigidity in the back and of course, you can now run a much bigger rim.
The New swing arm comes with a longer rear axle that is made from mild steel and turned down to fit the 750 Hub. Also has chrome adjusters and is the dogs wobblies if I must say so.
Here is the quality you get from me, these are JUST feshly turned and ready to mail.
New wider rear rim that is chromed and polished the hub as well as the sprocket carrier, all cool details on this bike for OBB.
New tube and tire and this looks great sat in the New Racing swing arm.
Look at the great Chrome Adjusters and everything is sturdy, Quality all the way.
Looks great from the Arse end eh?
Chrome Headlight Bucket, Painted fork ears and Black Clubmans, looks sweet.
The New gas tank, the T.T. looks like it was from the Race track days.
Rear stabilzer bar is solid 60-61 T6 and machined with the Name of Barries Shop.
Top of the T.T. tank is very cool and of course, a polished Stainless Flip top Gas cap.
How about my New rear brake hub to help cooling.
Cleaner than my Cat's Sausage for sure.
here we go now, I am into the lower forks now, cleaned, milled and ready to go back on with new seals and oil.
This has more ribs than a New Orleans Restaraunt.
New oil seals of course and I always fit my own and you can too simply.
Just use a 2" piece of UPVC pipe from home depot and a rubber Mallet, this slides over the fork tube and is perfect for fitting OIL seals.
Of course, Brand new fork nuts and O-Rings too.
Fit New Rubber gators, as well as New chrome trim for the fork ear lowers.
Now this is really looking like a cool set up, what ya think?
This is gonna be a Old style Cafe Racer.
Here is the light I am going to use, the newest in my parts line and boy is it cool.
Yep, sure does look the part and of course it is a stop and tail light and has 40 LED's.
It suits the lines of my Clubman seat and I do think the style is of days gone by.
This is really looking like the Bike I wanted to create for OBB and its gonna be Killer.