The 750 METEOR is out of this world.

Now  SOLD and living in Las Vegas.

Ok Gang¤t=P1110215.flv

I am putting an old bike together to get some space in the garage, not finished yet but this will be up for grabs and known as the Meteor.¤t=P1110214.flv

Not a show bike but a cool project for someone.

I have to do some work to it and so far I have rebuilt the carbs and added a new set of my Dunstall style clip ons.

And I am fitting an Original Dunstal gas tank, along with my New Duckbill cafe Racer seat set.

This was a basket case and I hope to get running by next week, but want it to look cool and shall add more as i go along, as I add stuff in between other customers full builds.¤t=P1110237.flv

This will have a finned Stabilzer bar, cool Vintage tail light, it will be upholstered and maybe my new fairing and maybe custom exhaust.

The more I do, the more the price will increase obviously.

This will be a Mean looking ride and I am sure some of you will dig it.

I can't locate the title yet and it will most probably come with a Bill of sale, so that gets you covered.

I think I may make an exhaust for it but time will tell.

As I said , no show bike but a good Cafe Racer none the less.

Not sure on price yet but figure about $3000, because the gearbox has a 2nd gear issue but still rideable and fun.

Well I did some more to this today, I try and get some work done on this, in between working on customers machines.

As you can see by the photo's over there to the right of this text, the Cafe Racer is starting to look like a ton Up machine.

I spent yesterday making an Aluminum bracket out of 6061 Aluminum and polished it, fitted it to the top of the tree's and then added a cool looking Old style Mechanical speedometer.

This took some time but I think it fits right in with this bike and am happy at the way this has come out to be honest.

I also rebuilt the front Brake caliper, as it was sticking like an Egg to a pan with no oil.

So the Caliper is now great and, I also got rid of the boring old rubber hose and replaced the whole set up with a New braided hose.

And now, when you grab a handful of brake, you stop faster than Broken piston in a GP bike.

So, that's is now a good selling point is the front brake, its a really strong caliper now.

From that, I then went about sorting some of the elctrical out, the Starter button is not there, someone had buggered it up years ago I believe and I am going to wire another one so you can use the kicker or the button.

I Fitted a New Battery and squirted some gas in the carbs to see if she would fire, and sure enough, she coughed into life pretty quickly as the Fuel filled her veins.

This will also have a Battery tender attached at all times, so no more flat batteries.

Always a good feeling when the bike fires up for the first time in years.

The bike will have some more work done. I went and fitted my old Triumph tail light assembly to the back of the DuckBill seat and, I think it suits it well.

I think I may swap the rear wheel out and make the brake hub look cooler and hope to get that done this week, as well as add a cool stabilizer bar to the bike and a powder coated Mainstand.

I will also drill the front sprocket cover and drill and polish it like my other bikes.

I took the starter cover and stripped the Rusty chrome off it, powder coated the thing and added my Cafe Racer Logo to the top and fitted that with polished stainless allen head bolts, looks good now.

Motor will be painted up and I think I shall remove the exhausts and take the old chrome off and powder coat it Black with a chrome end on her.

So, keep checking on the progress.

Well, I managed to do abit of work on the Meteor in the evning, its about 9:30pm and just got in from turning the wrenches and though i would try and show some of the progress that was made today on this Mad Max styled Bike.

I did not like the look of the rim, so, I took it apart, removed the bearings as they seemd to be sticking a little too much for my liking.

These are sometimes a pig to get out on your own with NO press, but I have the Motion pro tool to at least belt the bollocks out of it and make the damn bearings give up the Ghost and come quietly.

With that done I got the bearings out and bought New ones.

I then took the wheel apart and powder coated it, as I want this bike to be Black and stealthy looking.

As you can see, i also removed the swing arm, bead blasted and powder coated that Black too.

The rim looks great and I stuck new tube and big 130 tire on the rim to make this hold the road.

I have to get a chain for it this week, and shall add that over the weekend.

Also the exhaust looks killer now as it has a longer rear end and baffled and is very Mad Max.

It should sound awesome.

OK, a bit more time and what I did was Powder Coat the front wheel, and fitted New bearings, then polished the speedo drive unit and then new inner tube and tire.

Then, once the front wheel was in place, I fitted one of my bobbed front fenders and that looks great with the rest of the bike.

I like the stance of the bike and very reminisant of the old Mad Max era.

I have also now done more work and will take pics later on, for you too see.

This is a cool looking Mad Max style ride and I know you will dig the sound of this machine?

I am going to add an Oil pressure Gauge today and a Powder coated brake pedal, as well as New foot peg rubbers.

There is only 2 things this needs and thats a title and New steering bearings, I simply have no more time other than today to get this to how I want it.

I just stripped the front end and now has NEW bearings and is smooth now to turn.

This has some great parts on it.

  1. Dunstall Gas tank.
  2. Custom 4 into1 thats high temp coated.
  3. Custom Duck Bill Cafe Racer seat.
  4. Triumph rear tail light assembly.
  5. Powder Coated rims.
  6. New tires and tubes.
  7. Custom rear brake hub.
  8. Custom staiblizer Bar.
  9. Cafe style Chain Guard
  10. 10 New chain.
  11. New battery and starp.
  12. Custom bobbed front fender.
  13. Rebuilt front brake caliper, stops on a DIME!!!
  14. Custom Speedo mount and So-Cal speedo.
  15. Custom Oil Pressure gauge.
  16.  Bates front fairing.
  17. Custom Clip on's.
  18. New ignition switch.
  19. Rebuilt carbs.
  20. pod filters.
  21. Powder coated main stand.
  22. Custom Side stand.
  23. New Steering bearings.
  24. Now a 836cc Race/ Track Motor.
  25. Also original YOSHIMURA 4 into 1 Exhaust system.

She fires right up on the button and you can ride away Now.

714 598 8392

Right, I have had enough of the old Motor and I picked up an OLD Race bike engine today, this will be transplanted in the Meteor this week.

I sat at the workshop tonight and though it was time I should take the motor back out of the Meteor.

The 2nd gear issue is now gonna get fixed and no more worries, but, in the mean time I need another motor.

So this one is now out of the bike, I kinda sweating getting the bugger out on me own and no main stand, but she is out and time for a new motor to go in its place.

A cool guy I know was selling his old Race Motor, this is a later 750 motor looks to be an 836 with a Camshaft and a set of cool aluminum retainers in the head.

This motor is gonna be a Rocket, no doubt and am eager to fit this new Heart and get the thing running.

This could be a wee beastie and tear ya arms off, so stay tuned.

Here it is, I dropped the Motor in at 6am this morning.

This now has a hopped up Motor, 836cc with a ported and polished cylinder head and aluminum retainiers on the tappets.

As an added Bonus too,I  have fitted an Original 4 into 1 YOSHIMURA exhaust.

Now this is a running bike with all the gears now and its a great motorcycle.¤t=P1110995.flv

I like this set up and you will like the bike even more now.¤t=P1110996.flv

All the gears function on this puppy and she has some zip too.

This Motor originally was a Race motor built my M3 racing, so its a great set up.¤t=P1110997.flv

All this needs is a title now, as i rode it and all the gears are great, changes good and smooth and the clutch bites really well.

Start first go.

but, this was from a race bike, a track bike actually and the Kick starter is not on here, just electric start.

So if this is not for you, no worries.

Its a fun bike and looks mean as hell.

yep, thats an Original Yoshimura and wanted to make sure the motor had the exhaust that was on it, cant be fairer than that, this is a piece of old racing history now.

This bike is now in the hands of the New owner in SIN CITY.

An Original Dunstall Gas tank, My NEW DuckBill seat, My New Dunstall style Clip ons, changes the look of this ride for sure.
Still a little ways to go but looks cool already.
Bikini fairing adds to the Nostalgia.
Setting everything up to see how she will look.
Made up a thick Aluminum Bracket fo Classic Speedometer.
Sure looks cool now eh?
Kind of sets the Olden days look of the Gauges of yesteryear.
Back of Duckbill seat gets the Triumph Taillight set up.
Now it is taking shape and looks to be a cool TON UP machine.
Dug up an Original Ignition switch Bracket and powder coated it and added NEW ignition switch.
Rebuilt the Caliper and added New braided Hose brake line, Stops on a Dime Now.
Powder coated Starter cover and added Cafe Racer logo and polished allen bolts.
The exhaust is now cleaned and powder coated with 1000 degree paint.
Totally Mad Max style eh?
My British rear tail light with the Aluminum housing goes well on the Duckbill seat I sell.
The rear wheel looks so much Better Black, and the big 130 tire hugs it like a bear.
Yes, the Exhaust Does have a baffle in it, thank you very Much, All mine do.
I powder coated the front wheel, fitted new bearings, new tube and New tire, then I also polished the speedo drive unit. And lastly I fitted one of my bobbed front fenders to the bike.
I like the way the fender hugs the front end and completes the front end.
I fitted a Custom Chain guard, just to Mix it up a bit.
This is looking to be a Mean looking Cafe Racer.
Not too much more to do now and can take it for a rip.
My NEW Oil Pressure Gauge, makes sure you know how the motor is doing.
Drilled and polished Sprocket cover is my usual signature.
The exhaust is High Temp Powder Coated and really has a Great Sound to it and yes, it does have a removable Baffle and is tuned to the carb.
Powder coated drilled chain guard looks trick, New Chain too.
Powder Coated Side Stand with NEW foot rubber, helps this sit correctly.
Cracking looking Cafe Racer now, all Mad Maxed out.
This is an old hopped up Racing Motor, this will haul Balls.
The Meteor will have a new life and no bad 2nd gear, this will be a hard fast and scarey ride for sure.
So, by mid week I will have the Monster engine in here and will soon find out how fast this thing is, the motor I think is a 836cc or maybe a 900 and has a few bells and whistles on it, so stay tuned on this......
OK, old Motor out and now getting ready for Race Motor.
Plopped her in on my own, I will be crapping Grapes for days now.
Time to start to bung it all back together.
Fired up on the first touch of the button.
This now has an Original 4 into 1 Yoshimura set up, it was on this race motor, so thought it best it stayed with it.
Fun to ride and all mad Maxed out, could be yours !!!!