The Ducati 1000 Sport classic, a cool NEW Cafe racer.

OK, here we go, I can hear you scream? WTF?

Well, I have always loved the duplex cradle frame of the Ducati, ever since I was a kid and rode my mates 250 desmo, I loved the way the Ducati handled corners  like a streamlined go kart.

Yeah, I know the servicing is more bread than a Baker can make, but, to me and this is true, these are the Ferrari's of Motorcycling.

Love it or hate it, this is something I dig, modern contemporary, with a sprinkling of the 1970's when I was a teenager, the Rickman style 3/4 fairing is so cool.

Obvioulsy there are alot of late touches and I am taking off later, this was Brand new last week, but I have already pin stripped the tank, fairing and cowl, to my style, other modifications will be a different light on the front and lose the horrible rear mudguard and light display for something more in my guise, so will have to get the drawing pad out.

I wanted some Classic lines from my Cafe Racers on this Duck and thought that I would add White One Shot to go with the flow of the stock racing stripes, it looks pretty cool now.

But My Cafe bikes are more comfortable than this and I was suprised, although, Ducati designers probably have never bloody ridden a  genuine Cafe  - and think that having a set of clip ons will be ok for Joe public if they are just going to the local shopping market for a packet of wine gums.

A few unforseen design flaws i can see but will rectify that as I get used to the 1000 moster, but boy is a fun to ride.

I saw the Paul Smart when it came out and should of grabbed one ,but I do like this and it will serve me well I am certain.

I know these will go through more belts than a fat man, and will have to be serviced every 7500 miles, but there ya go, thats a duck for ya.

A touch of yesterday, in todays motorcycle industry, I love this machine.
Taped up some lines to see what this would look like, and not harm the paint.
Used White One-Shot paint to match the Racing lines already on the bike.
Front fairing got the same treatment and now it looks Rickman style of the 70's.
Now this has flowing lines and slowly I shall change a few parts as I get some more miles on her.
The bike handles like a dream and gonna be fun this summer in the Mountains.