This is gonna be a Nostalgic looking Cafe Racer.

Hey Gang

So, here we go with another cool build, amongst the many others I am starting to get through now.

This time I am using a 1973 CB750K model, its all in bits and pieces right now but I know it will be a very cool, Classic ride with my signature styling.

The bike will be British Racing Green, hence the title BRG73 and will have Black rims with accents, polished stainless spokes and big rubber to hold onto the Tarmac.

The Motor is in bad shape now -  but I shall strip the thing down to the crank and, like the six million dollar man, rebuild it into a snarling 750 Cafe Racer.

I will be making my Cafe style gas tank, from a stock one, but adding my touches.

Follow this build and maybe give you some idea's of how you want to go.

So, here we go and the start of another great Cafe Racer motorcycle, with more guts than a man with 2 stomachs.

I am thinking that once I have taken all the crap off thats sticking out, I shall reweld some of the ugly factory welds, as there seems to be more blobs of weld on it than an apprentice welders table.

Then I shall bead blast the frame and look for any imperfections, I shall run a flat file over the frame and then bake the whole thing in an oven for a day or so, as this will release any oil residue that is hiding in the joints that the naked eye cannot see.

Once I am happy with the frame, it will then get a coating of Silver and then clear coated to keep that shine in.

I took the triangles off as you can see and grinded all the old welds that were too high or jagged.

This should look good now all is clean and I will of course, will wash the frame a few times with thinner and then bake the chassis in the oven 3 times, just to make sure that all the oil deposits that sit behind welds etc, from years of riding, finally get cleaned, or burnt out, as Silver will show any defect up.

OK, here we are then, the frame is now Silver and boy does it look good, I am impressed by the depth of the color and almost looks chrome, and I know that this will turn heads.

I am now getting into this frame and tonight I will probably have quite a lot done to this, as many people email me about builds.

I have now wiired the frame with a NEW harness that I had to purchase direct from my suppliers inJjapan, but this is the only way to go with a frame up build to be honest.

Looks good though, I repacked the swing arm pivot and that is now all fitted with new shims etc and looks great.

Almost 10pm and I am knackered as I have been flat out doing cafe stuff all day, but a little bit more to do tonight and then I am gonna block the crapper and then come home.

This is how she sits now but a bucket load of things done to this.

Make sure that you re-tap all the threads when you powder coat the frame or any part. Even though the holes are plugged up , sometimes powder can still get in, so, to save any stressful issues later on, I  always run a tap through the holes for peace of mind.

I have the wiring harness in, the battery box and also I added a new Solid state regulater kit, as the old ones are always playing up and this one will stay at 13.5 volts constant, so a good charged battery.

The front end has new bearings and the the lower tree I powder coated Black, whilst the top tree I polished and added new Stainless bolts etc.

The Gauge bracket is powder coated and I just fitted my tradional clubman bars on as well as the GT Grips too.

This really looks god and the silver is a nice effect, I created one simular before called the Green Hornet, but this frame has more bling in it.

The front forks I took completly apart, polished the lowers and respringed, this has new gators and new chrome clips etc.

This came out well as I removed the rusty chrome from the head light ears and painted them BRG and this should look really classic when all together.

I polished the forks as best as I could and they really do stand out, I am happy I did this and it is always great to see something snotty all cleaned up.

New fork top nuts also will embelish this Cafe Racer machine.

This looks to be coming along nicely and I am happy the way the bike is fitting together,as I always re-tap all the threads before I assemble, as it saves a bunch of headaches, crossed threads and thrown screwdrivers across the workshop.

The bike will start to come along now and this will be a really fun ride to hit the Tarmac with.
If you look at the pics on the right, you will see whats going on here, many of you email me to ask questions and I try and show what I do, that way it helps you out as well.
I am restricted by my bandwidth on photo's - otherwise I would add bucket loads more for you to see.
But at least you can get an idea of where I am going and what I am hoping to achieve on this build.
The brake hub I always hand drill, as that goes back to the older days of racing and I enjoy doing stuff such as that.
I try and do what ever I can to get these bikes to look in the style of yesterday.
Hopefully I have accomplished some of that in this BRG73 Cafe Racer?
The bike has some Old rims to get the thing rolling etc and make sure all the parts fit how I want it too, but this really is taking shape and will soon be tearing down the highway .
The Motor needs some work and that will be my next project, this will have a mild tune up but will run hard and well, I shall paint the cases silver and the Barrels Black, as this is a nice color scheme, then make sure I polish the Valve cover and add all the touches that have my kind of signature to the bike.
The caliper is now all rebuilt and everything I polished to a Chrome finish, this thing is way clean and to make sure on this, I wanted to use one of my New All stainless steel pistons, that are machined from soild Stainless and will now Never Rust and cause that usual sticking, if left for a while.
How many times have you had to kick, thump, bang, wack, or belt the hell out of the caliper body, to be able to move the bloody bike after sitting for some time.
Next up was the rear wheel, I bought a Harley rim, stripped the chrome off it and then powder coated it high gloss Black, then I used polished Stainless spokes and spoked the polished hub to the rim.
Then I bought a new tire and tube and here we are, .
I also needed to purchase New Cushman drives, I never use old ones as if they are worn, when you open the throttle, the slack that may be there with old cushmans, may indeed break your main drive shaft.
So I ordered New Genuine Honda Cushmans.
I ordered New brake linings and springs etc and cleaned up the pivot shaft and made sure I had new cotter pins etc.
I then put this all together and made sure they functioned correctly, and was happy with the outcome.
Next up is too then turn my hadn to the sprocket carrier, as the hub needed to be polished as it was a dull as a Welsh Summer.
So, after the buffing wheel and cleaned the snot off it and now shines like a new toy, this is ready to be greased up and assembled.
I also went and powder coated the new rear sprocket, this time I opted for a 45 tooth set up, as I want a little more top end out of her, so this seemed like a better way to accomplish that.
With the Sprocket on and new bolts and nuts tightened etc, I assembled the hub and then, trying not to push the Cheesburger I just ate, out of my Colon pipe, I went about and fitted the rear wheel.
Lucky for me I have a Table Lift, so it was quite easy to line all the stuff up and plop it in place on my own.
New chrome adjusters with new hardware was a must with this too.
Next up was to make sure everything was hooked up, I used new hardware for The brake rod too, so this is like a New bike.
  I really think the rear Brake hub looks Cool as hell.
OK, now I have a few things to get in order, as I have the Motor ready now and this transplant can be a real pain in the arse.
Sometimes the Motor will plop in like a cock in a sock, then sometimes you will be fumbling and cursing, like an Eskimo, trying to undo his Button fly on his 501's  to take a quick piss.
Now, as the frame is silky smooth and looks almost Aluminum, I wanted to protect this like a Older brother does his kid sister.
So, I taped the frame up with Duct tape, and then bought some rubber mating, this was cut into strips and then taped onto the frame. thus, if a heavy boat anchor of a motor bangs against the frame whilst I am sweating like a rapist to get the thing in the hole, then the Rubber strips will cushion the motor and not dent or chip the powder coating.
This time I had the bike on the bench so it made it easier to get the Motor in the frame, and with the help of a mate from across the work shops, we slung this puppy in, easier than I ever have.
The motor looks great and now I can take the old snotty covers off and then I shall buff them to a chrome finish, then use new gaskets and new Allen head stainless bolts and put it all back together.
I also added some of my new parts too and thought it would be a good idea to fit my cool oil filter Cover and that looked great once I had titghtened that all up, and this will be a real head turner .
Next up was my sprocket cover, and I did the usual with my signature drilling pattern and then buffed it up, looks really good now ad am glad I spent the extra time doing this.
I also used one of my New rear engine mounts and that worked a bloody treat and looks cool as well. I am happy the way this BRG73 is turning out as it has some nice touches and many more hours of work than a lot of people even realise, until of course, they have a go them selves.
The Motor will now get my Cool touches and this time I changed the breather cover to a Gloss black with one of my decals on the top and think it works really well with the Motor.
I shall be adding one of my Yoshimura exhaust later on too so this will growl like a mad Dog.
I spent a lot of time on the Motor today, taking off all the old Aluminum covers.
I also removed the gear shifter cover and polished the bollocks out of it, as well as removing the stator cover, which is always a messy job, as there is still oil in the bottom end of the motor.
But, removed all that, took the stator winding and of course the infield coil and then buffed the casing up.
Added New genuine Honda gaskets and New Aluminum High strength Allen head bolts and bolted her all back up again.
Now the left side of the Motor looks great, as I want this to sparkle in the sun when it gets to where ever it ends up.
I took the old foot pegs apart and powder coated them, and then refitted, as well as adding Genuine Honda Footpeg rubber steps to make sure this all looks cherry.
I also Then purchased a set of Genuine Honda Coils and leads, as well as plug leads, as this must be reliable as hell.
So they are now fitted and wired up and look great.
Here is a small vid I took on my little camera.¤t=P1170136.flv
And another.¤t=P1170137.flv
OK, I have done some more the this Classic Ride and things are going well, the bike is all wired up, everything works from horn, starter to lights and turn signals, so thats always a sigh of relief.
New battery fitted and of course a Battery tender on all my bikes are added for extra assurance for starting if left a long time.
I then went and got my NEW ( NSC)  4 into 1 exhaust system, powder coated it high tem Black and fitted New Copper crush gaskets, fitted the exhaust system and this looks great.
I also fitted my New relocation bracket, so I could have the key in the middle of the bars and then have 2 display lights, a Oil Pressure and of course, a neutral light.
I shall extend the ignition switch wire to allow me to make sure nothing snags or pulls out the back of the switch.
This is really getting together and will be fun to ride, there are still a few bits and bobs I need to get too, but will be making all the changes this week.
I will be painting the gas tank Green and adding my graphics, so stay tuned on that, it will be Black and Gold checkers with Silver pin lining.
I shall add some leather to the seat base with the classic snaps, this always looks cool.
Of course I will fit one of my rear tail lights and wire that all up.
I have checked the electrical and all works already, ie turn signals, lights, horn and starter and there is a big spark at the plugs, so we shall soon be all set to rock.
I still have to powder coat and Lace the front wheel and will do that next week and transfer it all over in one swoop.
The carbs are now being dipped and will be gone through and totally rebuilt and set. New intakes of course, with stainless clamps so no rust or corrosion on this puppy.
The bike is a really great example of the fun days of motorcycling, what it can look like from a dull and oily rolling chassis, to a cool Jewel such as this.¤t=P1170420.flv
I am working on the Gas tank as it was in a very poor state of affairs, and as you know, finding a clean gas tank is a hard task these days.
So I had to use what ever I had, and this was a snotty old 71 gas tank that had been beaten like a drum in the Congo, but I had to use it.
It is now taking shape as to how I want it, to look.
As you can see, quite a transformation.
I am now happy how this is coming together and the new buyer is really stoked with it too.
I am also working on the seat and upholstery to make this stand out.
Next thing is to make the Gauges look cool and chrome the old rusty items up and make my gauge faces in Silver Flake.
These really came out well.
I powder coated the brackets and the underside of the cups as they were really rusty.
I also had chrome covers and of course painted the needles and re did the faces in a Silver Flake.
I am happy as to then outcome of these, and of course, these will have new cables too.
I also now need to work on the front wheel and get that al sorted, of course this will be Black with stainless spokes to match the rear, new bearings and of course, tubes and tires.
Then I will take the Rotor and hand drill it on my press, to get the 140 hole pattern I like to do.
This takes some time but I really do prefer the hand made stuff to too much automation to be honest.I like using the drill press for this effect, sure it takes a long time but I do like working with this style of building.
A CNC is cool, but expensive as hell and well. impersonal.
So, I have now drilled the Rotor and is now ready for the front wheel.
The bike is almost completed now and will soon be on its way to the new owner.
Now this does look pretty cool, and Monty is gonna be stoked with this bike.
There is quite a lot of detail on this Racer and I am happy with the way it turned out, this has the Mettisse look of days gone by.
I hope you lot have enjoyed this build too? I get many comments on the stuff and am super stoked that you dig what I do.
This machine runs great and I love the way it sounds on idel and of course when I rev it.¤t=P1180639.flv
This is a cool litle vid done with my little phone camera.¤t=P1180629.flv
This is a Superb machine and it now resides in Kansas City, and Glad that the New Owner likes the creation I have made.
Peace and Grease as always.
This is a 1973 CB750 K frame and Motor, but have a long way to go right now.
The frame is pretty good and rust free amazingly enough, but I still need to cut the tabs off and hinges etc and a few little touches I usually do to these machines.
I think I am going to do the frame a old School, Silver color and the tins will be British Racing Green.
The old tired motor is trying to hide from me in the corner, but not for long.
A box of odds and sods that came with this relic, I shall use some but sling the snotty stuff right over the fence.
The head stock bearings were as siezed up as an Eskimoe's, toilet seat.
Frame is now void of all the parts that were bolted on from the factory, just now have to grind all the tabs and brackets off that I really do not need.
The front end is left to look sad and lonely for a little while, but will soon whip that thing back into shape and this will be a killer bike again.
The seat is as tore up as a crack head prostitute and to be honest, I am gonna sling this right in the dumpster, its about as much use as a Chocolate Teapot.
Here is the frame on the way back to my workshop and as Silver as the tin Mans Underwear.
This frame looks like Chrome now and it really will make a great Cafe Racer.
Fitted battery box and now starting to get this project going.
NEW wire harness from HONDA in JAPAN.
New battery terminals and of course, Genuine HONDA.
New fuse box too, as they are a must on any wire harness.
New race and top nut for the steering set up.
New bearings and lower tree powder coated, and now all assembled and smooth.
I polished the top triple tree and thats as cool as the frame is, new stainless bolts too.
Powder coated the Guage bracket too.
Fitted my traditional Clubman bars and GT grips on this Cafe bike.
All the top end is now secured and looks great, this is a cool set up.
NEW left side control switch, boody expensive and from HONDA in Japan.
Right side control switch is even harder to locate these days, so had to pay the price and ship it from the land of the rising sun.
Rebuilt and poilshed master cylinder, and now ready for fitting on the Clubman's.
Here I am drilling the hub that has my signature style to it.
Well here she is and I have added a few more touches.
Now, that looks kick ass eh?
Polished all the caliper body and parts and now ready to assemble with new O-Ring, and one of my Stainless steel pistons, so no gummy brakes anymore.
New pistons fits snug and wont rust like the stock ones, causing brake to stick.
New Braided hose brake line for front and this is always nice to have, and cleans the front end up.
Brand New Chrome front fender, will really make the front end shine and looks Classic as hell.
I put all the caliper back together and added new hardware too, looks killer.
This front fender is nice and clean.
The fender is now on, I am using a Mock up wheel until I powdercoat the new one.
The rear rim is now all ready and I have New rear tire mounted, looks Great.
Bought New Cushman drive rubbers and fitted them, and this is always the best thing to do with any rebuild of a rear wheel.
Rebuilt brakes and fitted NEW linings and spings.
Fitted New 45 tooth rear sprocket and slung the wheel in the swing arm.
The rear hub kicks ass eh?
Motor is all ready now and can sling it in, once I have taped up the frame, so it does not get all chipped and scratched, trying to shoe horn this bloody thing in there.
Using Duct tape and more rubber than a condom Manufacturer, I wrapped the frame up like ya grandma does your Sandwiches.
Well, This time my Arse grapes stayed inside, and I managed to get this Motor in with a little help from a mate across the road.
Fitted my custom oil filter housing and now starting to Button stuff up on this Cafe Racer machine and soon be off to the races.
Bike is now starting to go all together nicely and the frame is smoother than a fast talking italian briefcase salesman.
My New rear engine mount looks great and stoked I am now making these, they look cool.
Painted oil tank and now getting everything bolted in place again.
It's a lot easier getting all this done on one of my Benches.
Polished the Cam chain tensioner, this has al new cam chains and rollers too.
Made a cool little breather box for the top of the Motor.
Here it is, mounted to the Motor now, so all looking good.
Polished valve cover looks sharp, got to polish the caps tomorrow.
Sprocket cover got my signature styling and of course, polsihed the gonads out of it.
Removing the gear shift cover and the stator cover, and will buff these right up.
I completly polished the stator, whichmeant having to take it all off and the infield coil as well as the stator winding, being careful not to damage them.
Now with new gaskets and all buffed, this side of the engine looks really good.
I also powder coated the foot peg and added Original HONDA Rubber step.
Brand new Genuine HONDA coils, not cheap at $300 but the real deal.
New intake manifolds, as well as stainless clamps, plus I polished the Tappet covers too.
Polished up the oil lines and fitted Allen head stainles bolts with new O rings too.
I polished the clutch housing and fitted a NOS chrome ponts cover that I have owned for many years.
My New Yoshimura styled 4 into 1, ready to be fitted.
New crush gaskets and New stainless Allen head bolts and she is in, no worries and fitted in about 15 minutes on my own.
Here is where she will kick out by the side, this is a awesome set up and sounds bloody great.
New Clutch cable, Adjuster and lever for this project.
Gas tank has the knee inserts I put in by hand, I also have painted the tank British, Racing Green and then added the classic pin line to show a bit of Nostalgia.
Added the old style Checkers and pin lines and just needs the logo and she will be ready for clear coating and buffing.
Here is the logo and the style of the old Vincent, this is a great looking tank and am happy I went this route.
This is all now ready to be clear coated, I have nibbed it down and soon it will gleam.
Now all clear coated and buffed, she is looking Great.
She also gets a new $250 X-Ring 530 chain.
This is a good strong chain set up I always use on my machines.
New Gas Cap and lock from Japan for this puppy.
New Chrome Gas cap is now in place and the lock too, a good Original part for this Thorobred.
Next up was to make my Beeza style light fit and it always looks great on my rides.
Getting a lot of this all tucked away now and soon she will be all set to go to the new owner, who is itching to ride it.
New turn signals of mine will now be wired up and tested.
I always add the correct color code, so that if you ever need to take stuff apart, you know how and where it goes back together.
I even use Correct HONDA connectors and Plastic covers.
Looks Great from the frint now.
This is a great stance and love the look of this Cafe Racer.
A Classic looking Cafe Racer and something I really enjoyed creating.
Soon to be leaving the California shores and off for many hours of riding.
I love this machine, its just the way I would want my own ride.
OK, here we go, lets see if she wants to run.
Yep she runs alright, a great Cafe Racer and sounds awesome.
Enjoyed building this machine and sad to see it go.