1975 Triple Seven Special

This is the 1975 TRIPLE Seven Special

Hey there Cafe Racer Fan's

Join me on a little build that I think you may enjoy.

This 1975 Cb750F Super Pport was as stock as the day it came out of the factory, other than having a period Kerker exhaust system.

But, although very nice, it just wasn;t doing it for Eric Jones, and he approached me at length with a large stick, Unusual I thought but I will hear him out.

Basically, he liked the bike but it was too " Old Man style" And I totally can relate to that, looked like it had a pair of leather slippers on and a Grandad's pipe in its mouth.

So, he said, can you work your magic and make a cool Cafe Racer out of it.

Sure thing, and we got down to brass tacks and came up with a Game plan and most of it is actually going to plan.

Obviously I removed the giant handle bars, but then had to deal with all that wiring, of wich I cut short and used my Honda end connectors to be able to look factory still but just not as much wire bunched up, as Super sports have more wire than a Mig welder.

I took the tank off, and cut the top  out of it, them flaps are about as appealing as bathing in skunk piss.

So the tank was welded up tight, i then drilled the 2" hole and is ready for my Stainless steel racing Gas cap.

I did the usual signature knee inserts, makes my right arm look like popeye after hammering the gonads out of it, but boy does it look sharp when it is completed.

Then I sealed the gas tank with POR-15 and then began the body work.

Eric had his own color scheme in hand, I had actually wanted to build one this color a while ago and a great oppertunity to see how it would look like.

Eric digs the Mustang in the new Version of Gone in 60 seconds, so, I went off to the paint shop with the Dupont color code and a bucket load of Dollar bills, to match the paint exactly to the car.

The Car is called Eleanor and is a Green and Black style.

This paint was bloody expensive, but the guy wanted a cool color scheme and thats what he is gonna get, he wants the Black racing stripes like on the Mustang too, so we are all set with that.

The rest of the bike was cleaner than my cats sausage, so saved me soe time to be honest.

I took the forks aprt and cleaned them, and then I went and ordered some very cool Aluminum Racing rims, I got stainless spokes and then I polished the hubs.

Once all laced and New rubber laid on the rims, I went about and hand drilled the front and rear rotors.

I like the way they look and its all part of being part of the bike when you are done.

I took the Kerker header off and will de-chrome it and then massage it a little, then add a tail exhaust of my own style and make a baffle, once that is done and I like the sweep of the rear of the exhaust, I shall ceramic coat it.

I also had many other things to do and still a ways to go with it, the front bracket that holds the stock gauges are an ugly set up, and they have this awful instrument panel that is just out of a horror story, so that was removed right away I am happy to say.

What I did was design my own and hand cut one out of 6061 1/4 inch T6 Aluminum and I prefer that much better.

I pulled the Gauges apart and am currently working on that right now, so will add some pics as and when things get completed.

The handlebars were taken off and I fitted my clubmans.I have now just polished the stock master cylinder and took all the old fading anodizing off and added a New brake lever that I polished, as well as New Alen bolts to attach it to the clubman bars.

I also added a new clutch cable adjuster and polished the old lever and attached the cable back in place.

I then added a new throttle body, and New cables too.

It will also get a set of bar end mirrors later to fiish the look off at the front end.

I removed the Stock oil filter cover, as I wanted this machine to have my New Cafe Racer model, as this is my design that is machined out of Solid 6061 T6 and boy does it clean the lower half of the engine up, this is a good choice and am glad i went this route.

Next up, I am going to take the brake light assembly junction off and polish it, then run 2 Braided hose brake lines to finish the front end off.

OK, I am now going to drill the Display bracket and fit 2 of my custom instruments lights I shall be selling as part of my accessories kit.

The Aluminum easily drills and I marked otu where I want to put these lights, as i shall be fitting an oil light and a neutral light.

These are easy to fit and of course I wire mine into the headlight and then they join into the stock harness with the Honda ends that I use and buy from Japan.

Now the lights are in and tightened, i then hook up to harness and test to amke sure that these function correctly.

And they sure do and look Classic as they have that old days look to them.

I am now happy with this set up and now on to other things.

Here we are with the front all together now and am happy the way she has turned out.

Next up, the snotty Gas tank needs to be sorted out and here is the look at the moment.

Yeah I know, it is rustier than a lamp post by a Vets, but this will be dipped, then sealed and then i will start on the bosy work and finally paint and pin line, then lastly it will be clear coated and buffed up.

Plenty of metal work in this and more to go, but now she is taking shape into my style of Cafe Racer Gas tank.

This will be sealed with Por-15 and left to cure for 4 days solid.

See what I mean, now that is has all my styling and hard work, a bunch of House of color and clear, and of course my Cafe Racer Stainless steel Gas cap, she looks ready to rock.

The seats gets the same color and attension to detail and will of course be upholstered last, to set the bike off.

It is now time to do the same to the side covers, as these always need bodywork anyway, but I BUY new ones now from my Supplier and they are great to work with and more robust than the old originals, also the tabs are way stronger too, all the 1970's ones I have seen are brittle and tend to crack or break off all togeher with any pressure applied to them.

But sure looks a lot better now and more uniform for this special build.

New Non maintenenace Battery is in order, New strap and also a Battery tender is a must for these models.

The bike is now looking like a Cafe Racer and the customer is happy about it, something I am glad to hear about.

The tank fits snug and the bike now has flowing lines to the thing.

The seat gets a LED rear tail light, ya gotta let them know ya out there with some bright lights.

I like this style of light and am sure the customer will too.

Now the bike is starting to look almost done, I removed the old swing arm and fitted one of my Custom Box tubed ones, drilled the rear disc too and sorted the rims out with aluminum racing ones with a polished hub set up.

Also I used my New turn signals and they do look good with this model.

The triple Seven is a cool ride and I am now Glad that I got this sorted out.

I am sure he gets plenty of looks and questions about this machine and the color scheme.

And I am sure, miles of smiles with this bike?

Been a fun time but also some frustration with all builds.

But I have more simular builds to create like this and many of you email to say you enjoy what I create and some I even inspire to have a go, thats so cool to hear.

Ok, lets take all the stock crap off, we need to reshape the tank and I am going to use one of my own Custom seats, the Rocket four is a good choice for the 750F model.
I got rid of the horrible stock fork ears and turn signals and the head light buck and used a 1974 CB750K headlight bucket and a set of my custom Fork racing ears.
I managed to match the paint for the headlight bucket and shorten the wires too.
OK, I have worked my magic on the gas tank and seat and think this is now ready to try and make it look like the Mustang Eric likes.
Well, the color is done, the racing stripes painted and pin lined as well.
The top of the gas tank gets the Racing stripes and of course, the Polished Stainless steel gas cap that really sets off this Motorcycle .
Here it is with the tank on the bike, so I can see how she looks and she looks Brilliant !!!
The Rocket Four seat got the same treatment and will be upholstered in Black.
Yep, side covers got the same treatment.
The TRIPLE 7 Logo is Erics idea and it is a significant date for him.
Gonna be one kick ass ride for sure and know Eric will dig this machine.
New non maintenance Battery added and of course Battery strap and has to have a Battery tender , so no more flat batterys.
Yep, Brand new rims, new spokes and I driled the rear rotor, looks tough now.
I removed the Boring oil filter cover and fitted my all machined out of solid 60-61 T6 Aluminum one, and boy does it look tasty.