Hey there Gang

Well I thought I would add another page for all your cool Cafe rides, as I love to see whats going on around the Globe and see how your Cafe Racer motorcycles are doing.

We all share the same madness and I know you will be stoked to see your creation on the site, so keep building and keep sending pic's. Takes me a little time to get on this contraption but I do get there in the end, so bare with me.


READERS CAFES #2 Click on pic to view !!!

    Here we are with another growing collection of Cafe's that YOU have built.

I am not sure how much bandwidth I have, but I shall continue until this is more packed than some old Bird in a cheapmsmut movie.

So, keep sending the pics, but, make sure you add ya name, where you are from and the year of bike etc, also ALL the mods you have done, esle I will be bombarded with emails asking about so and so's Cafe and what is the name of the part on his ride.

Peace and Grease Gang.