Bikes for sale

                OK Cafe gang

Lets say you want a Cafe Racer Built, I can be commisioned by you to build a Complete Ride, ready to go and have fun.

Well, depending on complexity, my show bikes are $10,00-$12,000  You may crap your pants when you hear that, but my prices have gone up for a few reasons. I dont sell shit.

You get so much detail thats it is still at least 50% cheaper than the cheapest Show Harley by far.

But my Base price for a Cafe Racer is $8000 and thats pretty much the same as show but not all the bling, as you can do that yourself.

Others are doing it but do not spend the attention to detail I do.

I have seen all the big heads saying they built theirs for less, and that's cool but then they blow the Motor up as they did not go right through it.

Every Cafe I build is different and to your style you ask for.

Parts have gone up, these are a 3 decades old Motorcycle and now parts are getting expensive as every Tom, Dick, Harry and Aunt mabel is having a go.

But I will help where ever I can and this is all about having fun with bikes and I really have no time for big headed knob Jockeys.

I do not do restoration any more, frankly, too much time to do it.

I get emails from restoreres saying it is sacriligeous to tear a 750 apart and make a cafe.

Well they are my bikes and this is how  I  like them, they are snotters when I get them then I soon get emails from restorers asking to sell the rare parts and I do.

I always help in email and I try and keep these cool old 500 pounder going for as long as possible.

 I have got a good and trustworthy name out there and people know how much of a laugh, motorcycling can be, you don't have to be some Bad ass.

I have a honest name and ask anyone about my service, I will help anyway I can.

The more that prices for internal parts go up, the more mine have to, but take a good look at whats out there and see my Quality and attention to detail.

My parts are not made in Tawain, or the phillipnes, like so many other style that are being banged out and full of Bondo and bad welds. Mine are built in the Good old USA.

I bloody hate to blow my own trumpet, but you get a Bitchin bike for a bloody good price and is unique to others.

So, don't be all mainstream, have a Cafe.

Remember, it is you who agree's for me to build it, so the price must be fair.

I see so many that have just had a tank and seat done and they sound crap.

But, I can build parshall Cafe's too, which will save you dough, and you finish it off?

Also with my parts page, I will be selling gas tanks, seats, bars and all sorts of dress up goodies Just for SOHC Cafe's.

So, remember to check the website regularly as I shall be adding parts alot, also the Black Rocket will be completly finished next week and that too will be up for grabs.

You can always email me or sling some shrapnel in the ear trumpet and give me a holla.


Remember though.

I am on the WEST coast, Please, no 4am phone calls, I almost shit my bed this morning when the phone screamed.



    Another Cafe Racer ready for the road.
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This 1976 Cb750 Super Sport, will be a Fast and head turning Red Cafe.


                This CB500 CAFE RACER is Now up for GRABS. $4800 !!!

SOLD !!!!!!!!!


CB550 CAFE RACER $3500 SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How about this Stealthy Black Cafe Motorcycle.

TORNADO 750 $9000 (SOLD)

        This Thundering Tornado is up for Grabs.  $9000