The K.0. CAFE

The K.O. Cafe is a cool Classic machine. $4500

Hey there Bike fans, OK, here is something that will turn heads right out the gate.

Well, I am putting together an old K0 bike, The date on the frame is December 1969, and I am gonna have this ready real soon.

16 inch rear wheel with early 1969 swing arm.

I have just added a Goldwing front end and double disc set up.

The Motor I have just rebuilt with new gaskets etc and am going through the carbs right now.

This has a 4 into 1 Ceramic header too.

I will make a cool tail pipe and jet accordingly as well, as I am sure this will reall sound as mean as a Scottish Banker.

The gas tank I shall hammer and paint a Candy RUBY RED with candy Silver inserts with tan lines. I think I shall do the side covers and the rear seat cowl the same way, and then paint the headlight bucket Candy Red too.

This has a genuine Pink slip (title) and is clear.

I shall be adding clubmans today and will polish the valve cover to brighten the motor up.

So a cool  bike for some one very soon.

OK, back again, Now I have just taken some pics of this bike and she is looking pretty cool.

As I said, i did indeed go with the color scheme that i thought would best suit it, kinda going back to hondas early Candy Antares red with metalflake in it.

The seat base is one of my Rocket Fours and it will have a cool rear tail light in it soon.

The side covers are KO ones and they are really nice and strong, you wont break the tabs on these babies.

I am just re-wiring the old harness, as the Original one was a shot as Bonnie and Clydes 1932 Ford.

I have used a 1975 harness that i had sat in the bottom of my snot box and ressarected it and buggering hell, she works pretty darn good.

I have the lights working, spark at the plugs and the turn signals even work, how about that.

I have still to add pod filters to the carbs, Mabye fit a better rear wheel and a new chain etc.

I have fitted a $100 Non maintenenace battery and will add a battery tender on it, so no bad flat beatteries ever.

I am going to rebuild the front calipers tomorrow as I found a set of calipers in the bottom of a bucket, but, it was filled to the top with water, so these are going to be a real pig to clean up.

but alot of the body is Aluminum, and that can all clean up, i shall hone the Gally and then fit new seals, clean the piston and bleed the thing more than a Butcher cleans a deer.

I have Black Clubman handlebars on this and I am going to make a custom Silencer that is baffled and of course tuned to the carbs, as i shall sincronise them.

This will be a great ride for someone out there, so I hope you like how she is so far?

I had a bunch of re-wiring to do on this and use Original HONDA connectors.
I shortened the wires, cut the ends off so the copper is nice and clean.
I use the Correct crimper from Japan to bend the clips over for a snug fit.
There ya go, good as new and I push the Clear Genuine Rubber cover over the end.
I did my magic on the tank and have just clearcoated it and ready to fit on the Bike.
Yep, that is candy Ruby red and silver with Gold pin lines, wicked eh?
See, the Tank looks really cool, the lines look Great, I am so stoked with this look.
Here she is so far with tank, seat base and side covers and headlight painted.