TORNADO 750 $9000 (SOLD)



OK Gang

Here is a cool ride for you, this bike has 6 miles on it, its fresher than the crap on a farmers boot.

How come I hear you ask?

Well, plain and simple, the Customers wife was so pissed off with him, she has divorced the balls out of him.

Here is a little web address to watch a Video of this cool Machine.

Just copy and paste it and you should be able to see this.

Poor fella is now flogging stuff before his Mrs gets her paws on it.

This is advertised elsewhere but as you have seen the build up of this bike, I know you may be up for this CAFE RACER.

The bike runs well and is only just run in, it handles nice and has a deep Bark from the 4 into 1.

A really cool head turning machine that is ready to have fun on the SUMMER.

Have a look, as you are the only one that can decide.

This has full registration and is a great Motorcycle.

There is $12K in this bike and he will take $9K so a steal to be honest.

Look at the build up page on the main website page and you will see what I did to this bike.

I said I would advertise it here for him, as I feel sad for the fella.

So, if you are looking for a cool Cafe Racer, here she is.

Of course I can change things like tank, shocks, seat or what ever but this bike is complete and ready to have a great time on.

Call me on 714-598-8392 if you would like more information.

Peace and Grease


Cool Cafe tank that is Metalflake Silver and gloss Black.
Stealthy and a great looking Motorcycle.
Great looking Fender.
Bobbed rear end.
Great for this Summer.
Check the main website page out for full build details.
Metalflake looks great.
Look at that gas tank, No glass one here and NOT made over sea's, all done by Me.
Cool front end with the Classic touches I enjoy to show.
Full Metalflake Silver frame, a great color scheme and shines like a diamond in the Sun.