CB750 CHOPPER with R.C. Scorpion Motor


Ok Gang

Many of you ask me about Big Motors that were around in the day, well, here is an IDEAL project for the CAFE RACER builder.

Or, build as a classic Chopper, up to you.

Have a good look at the Motor, as this is a Russ Collins engine.

It is believed to be a 1170 motor and I have only seen 3 1170 Motors and all them were back in the UK in about 1975.

Not to say this is not, but have not measured its bore and stroke, simply no time right now.

Check out the mikuni carbs and stacks.

Also, it has a R.C. full exhaust system too, this will really help with that Scorpion Motor.

I personally believe this is a 1080cc Mill and this thing in the wrong hands will pull your arms out of their sockets.

This was bought as a non runner, and was put in storage not far from me and thats how I have it.

The motor has not run for a while and there is compression there. it has all sorts of goodies, big cam is just the start, high ohm Coils and a cool Dresda extended swing arm too.

Also has Chrome front end and Custom rear wheel thats is cool for a Cafe Racer or a street Chopper.

Early Hard shocks that are a sort after item on the chopper forums.

This really would be a great Cafe Racer Project to the right person.

It is worth the money all day long and if it does not sell, I shall use the engine in one my my Projects later, maybe for the Isle of Man next year?

This bike does not have a title as the frame was bondoed and the numbers are super hard to see.

I would say the best bet would be to strip the bike and start again, or build a cafe and flog off the rest of the parts to the Chopper guys who could always do with the bits.

None the less, you are looking at a great project, if you want a rare motor like the Scorpion, then this is the baby to keep.

$2700 is what this is up for, grab it whilst you can.

This is a MONSTER motor for sure and is an Original, not a mew motor, so, grab a piece of History.

Call me on......... 714-598-8392 and if ya want it I can give you a great shippers number to ship anywhere in the Lower 48.

Thanks for looking.

The R.C. Exhaust is a great set up for this SCORPION MOTOR.
Yes, you are correct, thats is R.C. Russ Collins on the Block.
Has a BIG camshaft too, look at the extenders ontop of the Valvcover, another Russ collins Signature.
Keep like this or like me, use the parts to build a kick Ass Cafe Racer.
Grab this whilst you can gang, you never find these Scorpion Motors.