1928/29 Closed Cab all steel body is available from me for $9,950.

Here we are now with a New product that all goes along with Motorcycles.

Ahh yes, the good Old SHOP TRUCK a very cool truck this will be too.

I am going to build a 1928/1929 Model A Pick Up truck, to run around and deliver parts etc.

If you want to build a cool Old style Hot Rod for your shop, or just to scoot about and have fun, you have come to the right place.

I now offer all parts for this, the Model A cab is ALL STEEL.

This is a great set up and a few options too.

if you want a stock Cab or like me, want the 6" extended cab, giving you more leg room and overall and very cool looking ride.

The Cab bodies are now available through me for $9,950 and ready to bolt to a stock model A frame or a hot rodded one.

This is such a great way to begin your project, it also is a very cool business card for your shop. Just paint your company logo on the door sides and there you go.

This one I shall be building will be a fully fendered Model with a shortened steel bed, running a cool set of rims and a Logo on the doors.

You can follow me with this build and if you would like to build one for your self, you can simply purchase one from me and yes, I ship all over the globe.

Here we are with a Plethora of parts, all laid out on the floor in the shop to see what we have for this project.

To start with we are using a New chassis, this is set up for a Model A and I shall be powder coating this a gloss Black.

All the parts are here to get this rolling.

The rear end is a 9" Currie set up and that too will be gloss black and coil shocks to hold it in place.

The front end is a chrome drop beam axle and will have all the cool hot rod parts, along with Finned Buick style brake covers etc.

The truck will be a 28/29 and have that old time Hot rod look and feel to it.

This is going to have a set of RED steelies and black tires to start with and may change as I go along from time to time.

OK, the chassis is now powder coated Black, as well as the rear end.

The rear axle is more than ample enough to handle the drive train, as we are going to use a 289, thats the old Tri-Chevy motor.

The front end is a drop beam and shall have chrome where we can to show off against the frame and fenders.

This takes a little time but looks great when completed.

I shall be selling this kit that will be available to everyone soon, so stay tuned.

The front end and rear end are fitted, the front brakes will be all new and running the Buick finned style covers.

The rims will be res 15" steelies with blackwall tires.

The truck will be used everyday and I am gonna have fun delivering my products to customers and just generally going to shows etc.

I got the engine from my buddys Dad up in Tahachapi -California, its an old Tri-Chevy mill thats 90 over and was his dads engine for his panel truck for many moons, so, I will clean her up add new carb seals and dress up parts and paint her and then fit to the frame.

But must make sure you have a degree finder to get everything lines up from front to back.

This truck is going to be fully fendered, also, the cab and the pick up bed are going to be unpainted, and shall clear coat the whole thing to show all the cool welds and the body suage lines off.

The Motor went in, using the fork lift as a hoist and now everything needs to line up, take measurements etc and get this all together.

The rear drive shaft needs to be made, so take a measurement from the end of the transmission , to the differential, there is a local company that can make them in 1-2 days so we are on track with this now.

As we are running the full fenders, this truck will have a set of side tanks under the running boards, about 7 gallons a side, and the dash will have a by-pass switch to flip from one tank to the other.

These things are fiddly and the hair pins had to be shortened to make these work for us, and was a royal pain in the arse, but we got there in the end.

Now this is all going to gether, once the Cab arrives, we can go about fitting that to the chassis and then she will start to look like a Hot Rod.

The chassis is now all plumbed, the brakes are bled and the steering box is all done, now for the body.

The body is all hand formed and put together from Roadster Ute in Castlemaine , on the other side of the world in Australia, this is first class work and as I chose to use the 6 inch exteded cab, I can now sit behind the steering wheel with no worries.

The body is complete and thats the floor and fire wall as well as the doors too, a great set up and easy for anyone to plop on there model A frame.

This will be clear coated and as you see it, that is how she will be, although we shall add a new Steel visor to the front for that added classic look.

The truck will really be a head turner as this will not have any paint on it this year, just clear coat to show all the steel is real. Click on the section Below to see more.........

Here she is.

This is a fun truck to blap around town and even on a run it is a good strong and reliable Pick up.

I am putting plenty of miles on this Speed Shop truck.

Keep your eye out for me at shows, swap meets and any other cool stuff that may be on in the O.C. Area.

I hope to build a Motorcycle trailer for this too, that way I can take stuff to shows with no issues about delivering Motorcycles.