OK, here we go with another attempt at a Cool Cafe Racer.

This time we have an early model.

The good old K1.

This has been in the family since new and was locked in a shed many moons ago in the lone Star state.

Unfortunatly, Chlorine was stored in there too and the outer appearence now resembles the toilet door of the Titanic.

But, aside from more rust than a pee stained lamp post, this will have loads of potencial and once completed, will be bombing around Arizona, showing the curves how a Cafe Racer attacks it in fine style.

This bike is going to look like an Old Triumph style, like the Mettise, I will powder coat the chassis to resemble the nickel plated racing ones of Yesteryear.

The Gas tank, side covers and a few other trinkets will get the old British Racing Green paint job, with a few small graphics.

So sit back for a while and take in some of the photo's, I try and take as many as I can, so you have an insight to what I do and, I know it helps you lot out, when you are wrenching on your own steeds.

The Bike was so rusty, many bolts just broke off, and the swing arm bolt was a killer to get out.

But I carried on and eventually I got this 1971 monster apart and into a Rubber-Maid box.

Time then to sit back and take in all that is there, then make a list of things to do and start doing them.

The Motor was taken out and I had not noticed anything, until I took it apart, that the oil filter housing nech had a big chip out of it and it would leak if I used this, so, the only other option was to try and weld it, Magnaflux it and hope it lasts.

Or I could simply take the Motor completly apart and fit everything into the same year casings that were un damaged.

So I chose the latter and it all worked out fine.

Well, I tore into this build and wanted this to look like a British style old Classic racer from back in limeyland.

Yep, the color the Customer wanted was good old British Racing Green.

So, I ran with this concept in my mind and I made the gas tank one weekend whilst beating the hell out of the mailman as he delivered my Cycle World late.

The Green didn't take much to sort out, as the UK still use this color, so the Green was added to the tank and side covers as well as one of my Dunstall style seat bases.

Lots of paint was added and now there are more coats on there than Grandma's cloak stand in the hallway.

I added some Gold and Black checkers to make this stand out and sure does it look Classic, i was stoked to see the color combination work and  as you can see the tank does look like it was done back in the old days.

Now with loads of clear coat and a coo, silver scroll with the words cafe Racer emblazes on the sides of the gas tank, this really is an eye catcher.

Of course, I also fitted New chrome gas cap and lock and also a brand new petcock.

The seat needed that Vintage race look, so i opted for 1" foam and the old school snaps and Black upholstery, this really looks the part, as i added an old BSA rear tail light to finish the rear end off.

The bike had to have an original Yoshimura exhauist on it and this will sound nice, not too loud, as you dont want every car alarm going off when you ride out of your street.

But this is a Genny Yoshi exhaust and it really does add to the charm of the Cafe.

Everything looks good so far and I am doing all I can to really make this stand out. Personal gauges too, add to the owners character and make it more personal.

I added "Bollocks" to the end of the tach as most brits would say that if the Motor took an almighty crap at 11,000 RPM.

I am sure you will agree that the Green Hornet is a cool looking thorobred that is going to get plenty of grins and head nods as he cruises the roads of his area, people looking with an expression of envy, GREEN with envy....................

The bike has so much detail I have forgotten half of what I have put into
but you can see from the build up pics that this is a special build and I
know the owner is gonna be really into this Motorcycle.

All the wheels have new bearings and polished hubs as well as polished
Stainless spokes too, so even dog piss wont harm the shine.
This will be a great bike where ever you take it, from a Vintage show to a
full on Custom event, always theses bikes will get a good amount of people
asking about it and the usual proverbial. "Oh yeah, I had one of them".

The powder coating on the frame is thicker than king dongs Wang and it has
the same color as brushed aluminum, giving it the Matisse look of the
yesteryear Great Brit ride.

This has new harness and switches etc and buckets more new parts that took a
long time to get from all over the United states and the globe.
This has bit me in the arse more times than a Goat in the Jungle, but it now
is taking shape and worth all the hassle.

I have had many emails from you all, telling me they enjoy the build ups, I
try and help where I can, there are no secrets but even if there was, I
would always share it with you all.

This Cafe Racer scene is alike a big family, no attitude and all fun, I see
some bikes that totally blow me away and you never stop trying to adapt your
own racer to how you want it.

This Green hornet is something that the owner is gonna really enjoy owning
and telling people about, it is a very focal point and you just have to be
prepared to get criticism, good or bad.
But usually a swift kick in the plums sorts the bad ones right out.

These forks are all new now and good springs, try not to cut corners on
suspension, else you WILL pay for it later on when you get all out of shape
in a tight corner and start to wallow like a fat cow in a chocolate Bath.

The Original exhaust was as corroded as a street light in Alaska, and I
thought that this Cafe really needed a Competition exhaust and a Yoshimura
was purchased for huge buckets of gold, but it certainly adds to the class
of the machine.

Going the whole 9 yards on this bike and I am sure Steve (the owner) is
chomping at the bit, to get hios teeth into this Racer.

Almost there but I wanted to try and show you the things I have done to this
machine as this was probably the most corroded motorcycle I have worked on
to date.

Well the bike is now done and a really cool ride if I must say so myself.

The bike purrs along with the 836 kit and has that old British feel to it, I guess the BRG paint and the mettisse style frame sets that look off well?

This was a really rusty ride and am happy the way it turned out, as it really is such a contrast to the snotter it once was.

And at least now you can see the Gauges in front of you.

Here she is at the International Motorcycle Show for all to see.

So, another ride completed and a happy customer, boy do i love CAFE RACER Motorcycles.

Here she is, awaiting to be taken apart and slowly assembled into a Cafe Racer.
The fork tubes have more pitts in them than a young kid with Acne.
The exhausts has seen more than its fair share of moisture. And is as appealing as herpes.
I think the front rim is beyond saving as it has bucket loads of rust on her.
Old triumph style Muffler hides at the back and is as tasteful as earwax.
rear wheel adjusters are about as much use as a Chocolate Tire Iron.
Valve cover was Duller than a love story on the radio.
Cigar lighter as well as ignition switch, now ya don't often see that on a bike. Maybe the Hair dryer plugged in it?
Shock absorbers have had the rust treatment too, Poor girl needs help.
Do you think the wiring is ok Mister?
How about that, One ignition swotch and a cigar lighter.
Look at this rusting mess.
Motor came out but was a pig to remove this time.
Getting down the the nitty gritty.
OK, now she is down to a naked frame and ready to bead blast all the old paint off and crap too.
All in a Rubber-Maid box.
Here is the frame, now powder coated to look like a Mettise style aluminum frame.
Triple tree was inserted, as well as new head stock bearings.
Battery box etc got the same treatment, this is gonna look Great.
Early Triple tree was stripped of old Black paint, I then did my trick and polished the Gonads out of it, and now it looks like it should be a scuplture in the Tate Gallery.
Gas tank got my special treatment and will soon be ready for a lick of paint.
Sits on the bike well and we eventually will go British Racing Green on the tank and covers.
Not sure on the seat set up right now, need to chat to the Customer, but maybe a Dunstall or maybe a special humped seat I build from a stock seat?
Rear wheel is now powder coated Black, polished rear hub and look the part on here now eh?
Polished the Sprocket carrier and a New Genuine Sprocket from Honda, price one of those up and say good bye to almost a 100 buckeroono's !!!
Motor fitted and is a tight as a drum.
Painted Gas tank British Racing green, added checkers and pin lines and clear coated, New chrome Gas cap too.
Now look at that for a thoro-bred.
Deep knee recess looks like a Mettisse Racer now.
NEW front Fender and Chrome Visor added.
OIL pressure guage of mine is so important for these motors, DO not trust the RED warning light.
Polished and detailed engine looks Killer.
Starter cover even got the BRG treatment.
NOW!!! She is looking like a Classic Cafe Racer Machine.
Here she is, in all her Regalia, very fine looking thorobred or what?
Fitted a New $250 gold X-Ring chain on this puppy, this wont break.
Added Clubman bar end mirrors and fitted new switches too.
Hand drilled the front Rotor and it looks sharp now.
Rebuilt the rear hub and drilled and polished this up to a Chrome finish.
Front hub got the same amount of work, many hours in this hub alone, but worth it.
Front end of the bike now looks very cool indeed.
There is many hours of polishing in the triple tree's and remaking the Gauges too.
Yep, this sure looks like a Race Horse now.
A Nostalgic looking Motorcycle and am sure some of you dig this Cafe Racer too?