This old 72 CB500 will soon be a great little Cafe bike.

Not a show piece but just like the 550 I have on here, a cool Classic that someone is gonna get a kick out of.

Right now, what you see is a sad 1970's chopper attempt and common in that day, and soon I shall turn this into a fun Cafe Racer with cool styling and fast curves.

Ok, a few days have gone by and I have started to transform this old 1970's Chopper into a Cafe Racer.

I had to remove the 6 inch over front forks and I had an old 750 set of forks that needed to be gone through.

So, I clean all the snot off, removed the seals and fitted new ones.

Polished the fork lowers to a chrome finish and inserted them in the triple tree's.

I then turned my attention to the front Brake Rotor, and drilled the balls out of it, now with all these vents, this will dissipate the heat fast.

, and fitted that to the fork leg.

Then the front wheel.

A 1974 CB750 rim, that I powder coated, then I polished the front hub and fitted new bearings.

Stainless polished spokes were laced and a cool bridgestine tire fitted and balanced and then fitted into that void, and now looks a treat.

I am yet to work out what I am going to make for the fender, but I know it will look cool.

I have spent more time on this 500 and want it to really turn some heads.

Who ever gets this is going to have a ball.

I removed the old sidewinder exhaust and header, and cleaned the area up around.

Then I turned my attention to the rear end.

The rear wheel was removed and I polished a hub from a CB750 and then did my trick stuff to it.

The rear wheel is now a 16" Black powder coated one and polished the stainless spokes, then fitted a Fat rear tire to make sure there is plenty of rubber on the tarmac.

I also used my finned aluminum spacer and drilled rear brake hub and put her together.

Then it was time to lose the lowering Blocks and the shocks and fit some taller ones.

This makes the ride a good height and will be a very fun ride in the twisties for sure.

Next up was to remove those hideous handlebars, they were way too high.

So they were taken off and a set of my famous bars fitted.

I am now ready for mock up of gas tank and seat.

So, with one of my race tank and a cool old 1970's Race seat on there, this is now looking mean.

Stay tuned for more......

Here is what is on the bike and reads as follows.

All these are New.... Or just freshly made.

New Yuasa Battery

New plugs, new points.

New oil filter.

Powder coated oil filter cover.

New 530 chain

New 48 rear/17 tooth sprocket powder coated too.

New bearings in rear hub.

Polished hub.

Stainless polished spokes and powder coated 16 inch rim.

New rear fat tire.

New Custom finned aluminum Wheel spacer.

New bearings in front hub.

Polished front hub.

Polished stainless spokes in front, powder coated 19" rim.

New 19" tire and balanced.

Polished brake caliper bracket.

Fully polished brake caliper.

New O ring and New bleeder.

New braided brake hose.


Drilled front brake rotor and painted with New Chromed bolts and stainless nuts.

Polished Head breather cover, polished cam ends.

Drilled and polished sprocket cover.

New jets in carbs, sincronised too.

New throttle cables. New clutch cable.

New Clubman handlebars.

New Tomesselli Gt grips.

Polished front forks with new oil seals and New gators.

New turns signals,.

New Chrome visor.

New Tribar headlight.

Racing gas tank, Racing seat.

Finned tappet covers. Finned alternator cover.

Finned points cover.

Finned starter cover.

New Black 4 into 1 exuaust sytem (Mac)

Cool old style LED rear light.

Soft racing seat pad.

Cool front fender with Old style Licence plate.

Stainless braided hose speedometer cable.

New Black Master Cylinder with braided hose.

New brake and clutch levers.

Polished speedometer drive.

This really is turning into a great looking CAFE RACER, and I am sure you will like what I have transformed, from this old 1970's Chopper.

Gonna sure miss this as it is a bloody cool ride.

Alot of Blood, sweat and hard graft have gone into this Motorcycle and I like to show people what they are getting when they get a bike from me.

Nothing made  in some other coutry or sweat shop for peanuts.

I am the real deal and help where ever I can.

Thank's for all the great emails and phone call I am receiving, it just encourages me even more.

Even Chica loves the Lil 500 too, now that guys is totally cool.

Look at the details I am still adding, there is more to do and hopefully in the next week or so, this puppy will be up for grabs and I am sure you will dig this ride.

What a great Machine this turned out to be?

I have now completed this tarmac chewing monster and right now she is up for grabe.

but I have also slung it on Ebay too.

I have to move some of my bikes out as I am running out of space.

This is a fun Cafe bike and should give you loads of laughs.

It is not a show bike, but it has all my features on it.

Remember, this time I have not rebuilt the Motor, or powder coated the frame and replace the wire harness, but, the price reflects this.

Be sad to see her go, as it is one Tough looking Motorcycle.

I do this for fun and get a kick out of it when people tell me how much they like what I do and they purchase one or have a go them selves. Cafe's are never completed, as you always change stuff around, from color to styles etc, a great hobby for all ages.

The bike is on EBAY right now here is the item number 260129694037 you can copy and paste it into the ebay search bar and up she will pop.

I have had many emails regarding this build and I think it is good that you have taken your time to follow the build and see what entails in this bike stuff.

Cafe Racers are fun and I know this will inspire you to have a go at something and enjoy life without the bad ass attitude that so many people seem to have when they jump on a 2 wheeled machine.

714-598-8392 if there are any questions you would like to know about this great machine.

This really has been alot of fun and I am not sure what the next project is but I know it will be Crazy for sure.

Here is the Auction on Ebay June 17th 2007:

4 inch extended forks, Camel back king and queen seat and sissy bar, have all gotta go! This is gonna change alot that's for sure.
Remove those ugly crash bars and cruise pegs.
The exhaust headers will need to go too, to allow a cool 4 into1 system.
These are coming right off.
Forks removed and polished an old 74 Honda set, then drilled the Rotor.
Rear tire had more cracks in it than a San Francisco side walk.
Finned speed equipment and then I took action on that clutch and sprocket cover.
Looking more like a Bobber than a Cafe right now, gotta loose them bars.
Painted the oil filter cover and new filter added.
Polished hub, new bearings and stainless spokes on a powder coated 16 inch rear wheel, and a fat rear tire, makes this ride look tough as old boots.
One of my cool Cafe tanks should sort this puppy out.
Now this is looking like a Cafe Racer, tough and menacing for sure.
Still alot more to do as yet, but taking shape.
Mean looking Machine. Good enough for a Mad Max movie.
This is turning out very cool and stealthy as hell, what ya reckon?
I think this will get a semi Gloss Black with a couple of stripes down the center.
3/4 shot, just a few more bits and bobs and she will be almost there, just waiting on the New 4 into 1 exhaust system for it.
Now this is taking shape and looking mean.
Black and Orange styling this time and a great combo too.
Now the tank gets some stripe work.
This color style works great and I just masked and shot, no sketching, just straight into it.
Now, this is starting to really come together.
Everything gets a bit of detail on this Suede Chisel.
Maybe adding a little bit more and she will be done.
This headlight will burn the tarmc at night.
My New Cafe fender gets the cool treatment.
Now the fender is dressed like the Original ones from London in the 1950's, cool eh?
Check out the little detail points I have created for this Cafe Racer.
Check this, Braided stainless Speedometer cable.
Great and aggressive tank by Yours truely.
This Race Horse is almost ready to be taken out to stretch it's legs.
This would Give Mad Max a scare for sure.
Black Suede, what a Great color.
Just a little more cleaning up and she will be ready to Rock.
Birds eye view of this Tarmac Tearing Cafe Racer.
Sitting at the start line, ready to go.
Thanks for watching this Cafe come to life.