SOLD to a cool guy in CANADA.

Of course I WILL ship worldwide.

OK, here we go again, as if I have not got enough to do, I got a call from a breakers, asking me if I was interested in an old 1973 CB750.

Seeing I was less than 5 miles away and in my Snotmobile, I thought why not have a goosie Gander and see what they have.

Sure enough, it was just as I expected, it was a Snotter but with a little bit of color to it.

The last time I saw a Sissy bar that high was some tumbling Clown act at the Circus, same as the paint scheme, I think Picasso must of masked it up for the guy.

Usual crap on it and they said it has a Flat Battery, usual story I thought, but as it had a title I thought I may as well drag it home and see if I could transform this, along with the other bikes I have at my place.

First things first, get the battery out and sling it someone elses Garbage bin,.

ok, I took it to my local Honda dealer, and threw it in their bin.

Next up, another battery, new fuel and plugs and some oil.

20 minutes later I am ready for the big fire up.

I managed to get her to run on the 1st kick, now theres a cool feeling when that happens.

The  the lovely aromoa of 91 Octaine gas, pissing all over my right foot, the carb floats had kindly said Bugger this, we are sticking and thats that.

Still, the good old end of the screwdriver sorted the bowl out and I had it running smoothly a few minutes later.

Anyway, I ran her around up town, getting all sorts of gazes from pedestrians to old Fruit sellers on the street corners, so made a B line for home and thought I had better strip this thing before I get a ticket for being a cheeky wanker.

So, I started the process on the drive way in the morning, although I forgot to look at the weather, 103 today, Jeez, now thats a challenge.

Well today was indeed a challange, the temperature crept up like a tax bill and by the afternoon it was Hotter than a stolen Radio.

I was sweating like a Rapist but, carried on working, as I wanted to get as much done as I could.

I powder coated some rims a Golden Orb Color and used stainless spokes laced to a hub I had polished up like chrome.

Then I stuck a brand new 130 X 18 tire on the rear and a 110/90/19 front and put them on the Cafe Racer.

This changed the bike completly and whilst I was at it, I removed the old snotty caliper from the front Rotor and stripped it as naked as a Birthday suit and polished the balls out of it, fitted a new O-Ring and slammed that back together, polished the bracket too and added NOS springe and Adjuster bolt.

Polished the front forks too, and the front fender, this is looking like it will really turn some heads when I am through with this.

The triple tree was removed and I gave that the Alladin look and fitted it back to the bike, that really freshens the top of the bike out and then I removed the hideous handlbars and fitted My Clubma bars with MY handlebar clamps and that is the best way to have these cafe racers set up, looks very clean and as crisp as a new Dollar bill.

I then took the rear apart, the sissy bar is now in the local Dumpster and thats the best place for it, it looked about as comfortable as shoes filled with marbles.

The Camel seat also went to the same place and I am glad I don't have to look at that stuff again.

I cleaned the frame up and removed the gas tank, that had more colors on it then a graffitied wall in L.A..

I threw one of my old tanks on there and my New Rocket four seat and boy this looks cooler than a Eskimoes Swimming pool.

I am totally stoked how this looks now, a few hours before it was as appealing as Herpes.

So, I now have to do a few more things, but as you can see by the pictures to the right, I have done alot to this.

I JUST fitted a New chain  this afternoon too , and I hope to do a way lot more as I go along over the weekend.

I am sure that who ever gets this particular ride is going to be as happy as a dog with 3 Full bladders and a forest to itself.

I shall add a Cool Black headlight bucket with one of my Signature Tri-Bar headlights and maybe a Visor too, new cool turn signals and a bunch more.

This will be a better package than an over stuffed Bra.

The Golden Orb is a great machine and by the time I am completed I am sure i will have a few emails asking for it to be theirs.

I am not too sure what exhaust system I am going to run yet, as I have a few options to condiser and will wait until I knw where I am with the bike, once I have painted the tank and seat I want to put on this Cafe Racer.

I really like this bike and will actually take it to Sturgis for the big bike show up there in South Dakota, so, keep ya eyes peeld for it on Chica's Custom Cycle stand, with another of My cafe Racers and I will also be taking my Triumph Thruxton Cafe too.


OK, I have done some more work to the ORB, the Gas tank looks Killer, having the recessed racing gas cap, sets the style of the bike off, right from the get go.

The ORB is a cool logo that I wanted to look like the days of old like H.R.D. etc and this came out really well, I still have to pin line her as yet and may go for a white line, but shall see.

The Seat base go a good sorting and now has high density foam, and upholstered with Skin from a cows arse and it looks very trick.

I think I am going to add fork Gators to the front end, for that period look.

The rear light may be a rectangle or a round, not soo sure whick one I shall go for as yet, but both styles will look really nice on this ride for sure.

Still a little way to go on the build as i want to start to clean the aluminum up, as well as the frame, clean the carbs and sincronzie them and then take her for a long spin.

I just paid for the registration and that will be 2 weeks before I get the title in  my name, but this is easily 2 weeks away from completion.

OK, I am now Done, complete, Finito etc.

The GOLDEN ORB is now finished and ready to ride, where is it right this very moment?

Well, it is now off to South Dakota to go to the Sturgis show, with 3 of my other Cafe Racers, I have them on board with Chica custom Cycles and shall be at Sturgis to ride the Cafe Racers around amongst the Harley guys.

Chica will ride my Cafe and the orb as well, so there will be a bunch of us in August having a blast.

Soon as the bike is back, it will be for sale.

Now, I have done alot of work to this and the price reflects that.

Here are some of the things I have added this week alone.

  1. New $100 non Maintenance battery .
  2. New battery tender.
  3. NOS Fuse holder and connector.
  4. NOS $240 set of Coils and Caps.
  5. New ignition switch assembly.
  6. New $250 Gold X-Ring 530 Chain.
  7. New Irridium spark plugs.
  8. New Oil filer.
  9. New braided Hoses for the oil cooler.
  10. New 1969 Handlebar switch.
  11. new Throttle cable.
  12. New clutch cable.
  13. New speedometer cable.So just a little bit more eh?
  14. Look at the seat, all covered in leather and look great, comfy too.

The bike sounds awesome with the RC exhausts and barks really deeply.

The bike pulls nice and hard and is fun to ride.

Check out the Custom Cafe Guage I made, along with the aluminum hand cut bracket as well as the custom brackets for the exhuats and the engine.

All made by me and polished by hand and now looking the part on the bike, and very cool it is.

the GOLDEN ORB is a great bike, I have JUST received the title and now registered until JUNE 2009, that alone cost me over $400.

Have a look and see what you think?

It should turn heads at Sturgis thats for sure, or at least raise an eyebrow or two?

Thanks for watching this build, I hope you enjoyed it.

I move into a new workshop where I hope to increase production of everything and make available for you lot.

Peace and Grease once more my friends.

OK I took this to Sturgis and boy what a HIT it was, loads of people talking to me and quite a stir for sure.

The exhaust really sounds awesome and plenty of power to boot.

This bike is a cool looking ride.


Thanks for looking.


That Sissy Bar is Higher than a Dope Addict.
I think the seat came off a Pakistani's Racing Elephant.
Looks like Darth Vaders mask from here.
This was painted back when Slinkys were the rage.
I took the old rims off and made some Killer looking Golden rims with stainless spokes, and pol,ished the hub to look like chrome, New 130 tire too.
Polished the triple tree and of course fitted my Clubman bars, a Must really eh?
Polished the front forks and also added 19" fromt rim thats powder coated, polished hub with stainless spokes, this looks cool as hell.
Removed exhaust and highway pegs and started cleaning Engine area up.
A Classic looking stance with my Seat and tank set up, this will be a Great looking CAFE RACER.
Put a cool set of rear shocks on this and it will corner like a Dream.
So, look out for a very cool paint job on this ride.
HOLY MOLEY, this is looking KILLER eh?
My usual signature style loks great on this bike, I am sure this is going to be as knockout as al the others I have created.
This Cafe Racer will definatly turn heads when this blasts by them.
I tricked out the gas tank and really am happy with the outcome, still a little more to go though.
Taking shape now eh? A very cool stance and looks KILLER !!!
Black 4 into One R.C. Exhaust system from 1975.
Actually RARE NOS 1969 Handlebar switch.
My custom touch, the O.R.B. OLD . RACING. BIKE.
Gettimng closer to firing this puppy up now.
Seat now Upholstered with real Cow's Arse.
I shall add pin lines shortly to coplete the gas tank and seat combo.
This is going to be one Cool Cafe Racer.
I drilled the crap out of this and polished it like the top of Iron-Mans Head.
Sprocket cover got the same treatment.
Hand made Aluminum bracket for custom Speedometer, looks Classic eh?
The R.C exhausts got some cool bracketry and I love the look.
Just look at the stance, a very cool CAFE RACER, The GOLDEN ORB.
Now the tank, seat, covers are all pin lined with White and really stands out.
All tagged and ready to ride.
So, another Cafe Racer is completed and now ready to go to STURGIS.
My Gas tank came out nice, I had an arm like Popeye for about 30 minutes though.
My Rocket seat and light set up is the Dogs Wobblies and so many people have bought my seat and light and informed me how cool it really is, thanks you lot.
Sure is a cool looking ride eh?