1975 CB750 Called The Anvil

Just a quickie re-build to get something off the workshop floor.

Hey Gang

I get many emails asking about run a round bikes, so that they can do the bike up a little bit them selves, sometimes I pick a few runners up and basically re-vamp them.

This is such the case, as this 1975 turned up at my Pad on Friday, looking as shabby as it could be. the bloke needed some loot to get his truck registered, so I helped him out but really didnt want it as it was hanging its self.

I asked him to fire it up and he had no starter button and no kicker, so- he jumped the battery from his truck.


The electrical harness smoked and caught fire, holy crap!!!!

Once the bike fire was extinguished the bike sat there looking dispondent- so I still helped the poor kid out -and gave him his loot and dragged the old girl on the shop.

All weekend I spent on this until the wee hours. I removed the torn up and burnt wire harness, and slung that, I also found the reason for such a thing.

All the bloody fuses had silver foil wrapped around them.

oh well, its done now.

So, what I did was use an old K5 wire harness I had laying about, but I had many issues with this bike as all the switches inside were goosed.

So, I fitted New old stock switches, yep, these are not cheap but, had no option.

But at least there are some cool parts on this baby and will add a list of things I have done so far.

New Clubman bars

New turn signals

New flasher unit.

New GT grips

New battery

New battery strap

New fuse box

New Ground strap

Rebuilt carbs

New intake manifolds

Stainless clamps

New Pod filters.

New throttle cables

New clutch cable

New right hand control switch

New left hand control switch

New levers

New header pipes.

Custom finned Oil filter housing

New Oil Pressure Gauge

Drilled front Rotor

New braided brake line

New ignition switch and keys

Detailed starter cover

Polished K5 triple tree.

Tach elimination Kit

Single Speedometer setup

Rebuilt and polished master cylinder

Polished and rebuilt Front Caliper with stainless piston.

Hammered tank with NEW gas cap and latch.

Rocket 4 seat and pad.

Cool Rocket tail light.

This is a cool looking stealthy bike now and I am sure the owner will dig it, who ever purchases the Cafe.

This is as is, the motor is stock as a rock but runs pretty good, the gearshift cover gasket does leak and have nt had time to do it, hence the price, and only a $8.00 fix to be honest. Take advantage of the price as I have more into this bike than i am selling it.

But I have way too many projects so it has to go, and I may throw it on Ebay this week too.

I can ship to anywhere in the USA only, shipping is $500 via truck company from door to door.

This comes with a Bill of sale, I had the numbers run with the DMV and there are no issues at all with this.

A lot of parts have gone into this bike as you can see, and I know its not my usual show quality, but it was something iIhad to try and ressarect from a Snotty project and I think I did alright?

The Anvil will be a great bike for someone out there who likes to tinker. I would probably change the shocks, fit a new chain and fit new gear shift cover gasket, then just ride the crap out of it.

The bike is now on its way to Iowa and the New owner can sit there in glee at the cheap price he got this for.

Just putting a little run around together.
Stil a way to go but will be done in a few days time.
It has a NOS set of handlbar controls now too. OOOOH!!!!!
This is a running bike thats gonna be a blast to scoot around on.
Old gas tank gets a quick re-vamp.
Now this look like a mean S.O.B.
Classic look to this old snotter and now looks really the part.
This has the rocket 4 seat and my cool rear tail light.
Good looking bike now and I am glad i managed to transform it.
New old stock headers from a 1974 Cb750 was matted to the turn outs.
Completly rebuilt master cylinder inside with repair kit from HONDA and then all polished up and new lever fitted.
Nice stance and look like she wants to hit the tarmac already.
This is what it looked like when I got it a few weeks ago.
Sure was a Pig, thats for sure, but It really has been transformed into a cool ride now.
Looks pretty darn tough if you ask me.