Readers own Rides Part 2


So here we go with some readers rides, Keep em coming, as I really love to know what you lot are doing in the garage with your own creations.

OK lets see, I look at Danny Cafe and the photo just grabs you by the wobblies and screams, "Look at me!"

Very cool ride Danny, I really Dig  that machine.

Russ Stewarts Racer-, this really is a Stealthy looking Motorcycle, great Job Russ.

Look at Rob's Classic looking 500T and parked outside a No parking sign, that's a tough looking sickle ya got there mate.

Then we have Don's Silver Dunstall style cafe, Revved up and ready to race, Cool pic.

Mike the Bike- from Indiana has this Superb  Black CB750 that screams to be ridden, full marks there Mike.

Topher has a cool 1978 CB750 cafe Racer and has pounded the tank more times than ya Mum trying to get you out of bed when you were a kid.

So many to choose from I love every bike sent to me and glad you get to look too.

Rob Crash Pursley, what a cool name, dont let it get to ya head though, as thats a shame to drop that 500 pounder.

Look at Cade Whittles 1977 Cafe racer, this is an Aussie Built bike and is a real head turner, lovely job mate.

Matt Wright built it, CR carbs too.

Alex Baxter from my home country built his First cafe and done a bloody good job, what ya think? Thumbs up Geeza!!!

Victor Savilla definatly has the Carpster styling, a nice Gas tank and the look of speed, like the look of it my friend.

And have a look at this time Capsule, this is all the way from the Land of Cheese and windmills, this 1978 F2 was painted from the dealership for the guy, this truely is an original CB750 cafe racer.

I dig this, great find Ernst.

My ole Mate Tim McEmeel, has been building this for a little while and it sure turned out sweeeet!!!!.

Another Buddy and long time emailer and Purchaser, sent me this recent pic of his 78 Cafe, Looking tough Jay, great work.

Jerry v from up on the east side in NJ knows what he likes, he built this little 500 Four and boy is it tough.

Looking at Alex Baxter from my Home Country, the Cafe lifestyle is continuing as strong as ever, his little 78K cafe bombs about the streets and he is having fun, Nice one mate.

Gordon Cini from Australia sent me this picture of his CB750, I saw this for sale some time ago, but the shipping was out of my reach at that point, but a very cool Original Cafe Racer and hope to get all the information on the bike when Gordon emails me again.

Custom Body work and 800 cc and triple discs is a cool set up and would love to rip that down the tarmac for sure, Nice ride Gordon.

I get a few emails from HOLLAND and this one is from Zjeeke Ofjoiets and loved the look of his Dunstall Honda, very cool my friend and am sure you get about Amsterdam quicker than them bicycles.

Check out Greg's "lil" Cafe, as he is 6 feet tall, but seems to have a blast with this machine, the 400T is a strong Motor for sure and you have some great idea's on that bike Greg, great job mate.

Zack Hafler has been riding his freshly created CB500F, the 1972 motor purrs along nicely and when he wants to get on it, I hope he puts some long pants on?

Ok here we go, Back in 1974 WINT Goelz Built this oh so cool Cafe at his place and Custom made the whole body.

the headers are custom made and has an early 836cc mil, with Manley stainless valves with Titanium Retainers etc.

Polished and ported head and everything sat on a pair Of Borranni's, the Barnett Clutch, launched the bike he called the "Cafe-Roadster", I love this bike and of course, it is period perfect, Man what a cool and unique ride WINT.

Ken Johnston is building a nifty 1978K Cafe Racer and it sure is taking shape nicely, keep me updated mate.

Up next is a read titan kitted 750 that was built by Robert Simpson, these kit swere made and approved by Phil read back in the 70's and when I was a Kid I used to look at these parts for sale at the Race track.

I now own a Read Titan and love rifding it as mine has a Jerry branch head on it and lights the tire up in 1/2/3 and fourth gear.

Alfred Del Castillo from Daly City . Calif has started on his 1975 Cb750F and is a novice at this, but he has done a great job, it is always great hearing from you all and seeing your own creations, I love ALL the styles and rides.

I then look at Andy from Australia and his KILLER 750.

Check that ride out, it is a period piece and comes complete with a FULL and I say Full Yoshimura built Motor, as wellas cool Morris mags and the Triple disc set up.

Racer1 full fairing stops the wind and it is equipped with a full set of M/C rear sets, love the bike Andy and am envious, in a good way, maybe when I get to Visit Oz again, i can take that for a belt on the Hume highway.

Gotta watch out for them Toe-cutters though.

Well next up is Marco Noll, all the way from Germany, he built this Cafe Racer in dedication to his New Born son, how cool? And the Bike turned out really well Marco, good job and all the very best with your New Cafe Racer loving Son.

Check this picture out, this was taken in 1971, Don trospers Dad raced his Sand cast at the drags and actually won 1st place with it, what a cool Photo, hope you still have the 1st place Elimination trphy, he still has the bike too, Man that is so cool.

Danny Podowa's Awesome Cafe looks superb in sepia tone and hauls butt as well, Nice shot mate.
Russ Stewarts Cool Classic Cafe, very simular to the infamous red devil iIbuilt, cool set up Russ.
Rob dress has a cool 500T Cafe, I dug you parking next to that sign Rob, cool ride mate.
Donald Butz (Yep thats his name) . Has this Bitchin lil Cafe and I take my hat off to you Sir.
Mike Leasure from King Custom Indiana, sent this pic in of his sweet Cafe ride, COOL! Iron there Mike, love the stance and color combo.
Topher edwards from Colorado, built this awesome Cafe and needs to be on here with the ather great rides.
Looks tough as nails and has mac-1, Dyna Coils and Beemer seat with hammered gas tank.
Rob "Crash" Pursley loved the RED DEVIL and built his 93 CB250 in it's honor, Great looking cafe there Rob, alot of cool work, well done geeza!!!
Cade Whittle's 77 Cafe is looking the tits, in Australia they build really Great Cafe's.
ED Picketts Classy S.S. is a superb Cafe, built by a mate of mine Matt Wright, this is a top notch ride. CR carbs,Dyna ign and Kerker set up, bloody nice guv.
Gregg Jones from Alburquerque. NM. Has built this Awesome Cafe, tough ride with the right attitude, hat's off to ya gregg.
Alex Baxter from Back home in the UK has started his first Cafe, looking Good.
Victor Savilla has a cool looking cafe he has almost completed, looks abit like the Carpster's style eh? Very cool!!!!
Ernst De Moel from HOLLAND, has this Original Cafe from 1978, the F-2 was painted back then and sure looks Original.
Check out Tim McElmeel's 77/78 cafe, Nice job there and the Gas tank looks killer!!!
Jay Kolaya's 1978 cafe from Chicago, show's them how it is done, looking tough JAY!
Jerry V and his 1972 CB500-Four, rear sets and cool exhaust with glass seat and hammered tank, Nice work up there in NJ.
Alex Baxter from back home in the UK, is creating his 78K CAFE RACER.
Brian McCkeeries K3 is starting to look like a Classic Cafe Racer. Nice one mate.
GREG WILKIE from HESPERIA CALIF. sent in his 78 400T, He is 6' tall as well.
WINT GOELZ , Built this incredible "CAFE-ROADSTER" back in 1974, using a 1972 CB750 and he went to town on it, 836cc, Manley stainless valves and Titanium retainers etc. Cutsom made header too, Very Cool Wint. He also HAND MADE the bosy and tank to look like the Tracy style as well.
Ken Johnstons 78K is looking cool, keep it up.
Robert Simpson has a Read Titan, These parts were made back in the UK when I was 16 years old.
Alfred Del Castillo sent in a pic of his 75 CB750F Cafe, good job mate.
Andy from Australia has a Bitchin Yoshi motored Cafe you see here. Envious Mate.
M/C rear sets, and a cool set of Morris Mags, make this a Nostalgic ride for sure ANDY.
Marco Noll from GERMANY built this for his New Born Son, thats dedication for ya.
I love this photo, this is Don Trospers Dad back in 1971 on a SANDCAST at the Dragstrip in Kansas.