Well, here we go once more.

This time I thought I would use some of the rarer parts I have accumilated over the years, and build a bike to reflect that technology.

Today, a one 1000cc engine in a motorcycle is no big deal, but, back in the mid 1970's it was not heard of much, especially a HONDA.

So, what I am building here is a 1970 CB1000 Cafe Racer.

This motor is an old RUSS COLLINS engine and I am sure who ever owns this ride will love the look of this 70's iconic Cafe Racer.

With a One liter motor, this has more torque than anything of its day and would still turn heads on the get go when you wind the  throttle open.

I will have all sorts of things on this Bike that will make for an adventurous ride, thats for certain.

I have rebuilt the front end, New bearings, Powder coated the frame with a High Gloos Black finish.

Then I laced new rims, brand New chrome 19 and 18 " with polished hubs and of course stainless spokes.

I also drilled the brake cover and fitted new actuator and brake shoes and springs inside.

Also a New brake rod, spring and adjuster too.

Set of cool piggy back rear shocks that i managed to lengthen and this will sit well with the New Tires i have fitted and of course, new X-ring chain and new sprockets are a must with this machine.

I rebuilt the front forks and polished the lowers and added New gators and seals.

I will have Brand New bar controls, as well as new wire harness, new throttle cables, clutch cable and braided hise brake lines.

The caliper will be rebuilt and polished to an aluminum finish too.

Chrome Clubman bars, and a New Master Cylinder from the UK will be added for making sure this beast can stop in a hurry if it needs too.

Right now I am not sure what tank and seat I shall use, as well as the exhaust right now, but thats all part of the fun of creating right?

I fitted new Tarozzi rear sets yesterday, so you will have that race feel to the bike now.

Also I drilled and polished the front sprocket cover, as well as fitted new sprockets too.

This is an original Russ collins built Motor. 1000 CC of Madness.
I ran this motor last year and it was a really Torquie engine that pulled like a Bull.
Rebuilt the front forks, polished them - New rims with polished hubs and I drilled Rotor.
New bar controls too and a New wire harness will be fitted to this Monster of a bike.
Yes, thats an original R.C. Engineering Distributer you can see and works well.
Completly stripped carbs, rebuilt, polished and fitted New intake manifolds.
This is going to be a head turning machine and could be yours !!!!
New Non maintenance Battery and tender added.
New right side control switch, new throttle cables and grips too.
New tarozzi rear sets are now added to this Cafe Racer Motorcycle.
This is coming together and a great bike for some one.
New wire Harness now fitted to make sure all is last for many years to come.
Solid state rectifier also fitted, no more flat batteries.