Every town has a snotter.

            OK Gang

A humerous look at the snot that is still laying around the place.

How about this then? I think this is one piece of Iron ready to be a boat anchor, how people let these get in this condition is beyond me, I got it back to the shop and had to take some photo's to share with you.

I have bought many in as good as condition as 5 week old milk.

Handy for parts or even like me, strip and rebuild to a cool cafe.

Send me some snot pics and I will add them.

Always brings a grin to see such terrible snot and rot that was built 20 years ago.

I myself have added some of my Snot that I Just bought.


Love that front rim.

All the snotters are a good thing, as we all can use these as parts bikes.

Or, like me, I  have completly changed a snot box, to a cool classic cafe Racer.

This is really a page of fun stuff , as I know you have seen or owned these.

What gets me laughing is, some of these bikes were still on the road.

Man oh man, the rake is all over the place and even the "Praying Mantis 2" I just bought had handlebars that were so swept back, you justy cannot turn.

I take my hat off to you people who still ride these classic snotters.

So, have a look at some of this snotters, wether they are snotters, grotters or shitters, they were once New 750's and I enjoy the challenge of building cool Cafe's out of them.

Check out my little stash I just picked up.

It is such a laugh to see such things and I know that I can easily change these warts, into something alot more pleasing to the eye.

There should be a Coffee table book of snotters out there , or at least in production.

If ya see any cool stuff, let me know, so I can add it on here for all to see.

I tell ya, it certainly entertains my day when I see stuff like this.

Lets see what other crud turns up in the following months.

Alot of the bikes I have stumbled across and dragged home have all been Snotters.

So this is tongue in cheek and really makes me laugh to see some of the conditions of these Motorcycles, but, the bloody things still wanna run, thats amazing sometimes.

So, if you see some good examples of snotters, just send them to me and I shall try to put them on here, although my Webmaster is having a cow with all the traffic.

There is always a fun time for me when i see any of these rides.

Side cars make me crack up laughing, the one below is as Aerodynamic as a brick.

Here is another Classic Snotter, but this was a supernice bike until it caught fire many years ago in the United Kingdom..

Lets have a look at some more old rides that have been put out to pasture, have a look at this then, a really classic but it has a tracy Race body, an RC Engineering distributer and the like, a fast bike years ago.

Yeah, even a boxed swing arm with adjustable shocxk mounts, looks to be a RC1000 Motor as well.

Still, - what you enjoy is looking at these as much as I do, here is a classic shot of a few cool CB750 parts laying about.

How many of you start of with a project like this one Below?

Such a classic shot of snot that is awaiting to be brought back to life.

Here is a classic Snotter. But I want them Invader Magz!!!!!!!!!!
Easy Rider? I think not. Diving board seat cracks me up.
This is MY snotter I bought yesterday for parts. The Praying mantis 2.
There is always something like this around for sale.
Even a 3 wheeler snot box. Could be cool if rebuilt.
Snotter Motor I just bought.
Welcome to Snotters Corner.
More snot than a stuffy nose.
I have more snotty 750's round the corner too.
Some geezer using the correct tool to remove the seat.
This is truley, a SNOT BUSTER, I almost squeezed an onion out my arse when I saw this.
The color scheme is about as enjoyable as foot fungus.
what WOOD you call this?
Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? No, it's What the hell?
The Purple people eater is still alive.
This is probably the ULTIMATE SNOTTER.
Here we go, just awaiting a wrench or two.
Looks like an accident waiting to happen.
Now thats a snotty seat.
More garbage collection.
SWEDISH SNOTTER, such a Prime example of Snottsville.
1976 Snotter from the Jolly shores of the UK.
A pile of snot that someone is trying to sell, man! Someone must be desperate.
This color scheme seems to be a great addition to Snottersville.
Now there is someone with way too much time on their hands.
A DOHC snotter.
Snotter in Australia spotted.
Get Ya Granny to Knit a cover for your snotter.
More style here...........NOT !!!!
I love looking at Snotters, just cheers my day up no end.
Just left to rot to snot, shame eh? the old Tracy body is now stiffer than Old glue.
What are people thinking, I wonder how they can manage to ride it to be honest.
If your snotter has rotted but still have the Motor, here is a use for your inline Four.
Hhhm, I think I can save the wiring.
Easy rider? Easy back ache I think.
This poor old READ TITAN is as torn up as an old candy Wrapper.
Now, here is a regular scene you lot must see like me all the time.
My mate Tim sent me his own Snotter, before he builds it into a Cafe.
Yeah mate, that stuff will just wash off no problem.
This is my 1975 CB750F Turbo I just picked up, a CLASSIC case of being a Snotter.
The poor thing sat in the swamps for many years.
1971 Snotter spotted and sent to me, love this look.