1938 Bagger was a feat of engineering in Germany, loved to have seen one.


Forget about the Nazi (Haunebu) flying saucer, the wildest vehicle discovered by the allies at the close of WWII was a motorcycle. American soldiers found it at a military base vacated in the spring of 1945.

The Killinger and Freund motorcycle was a concept streamlined creation developed in Munich completed around 1938. The motorcycle was a Three-cylinder 600cc radial engine mounted inside the front wheel.

The 2-stroke rotary valve engine was based on the Megola motorcycle produced between 1921 and 1925 in Munich. A streamlined sheet metal body covered a tubular frame and the bike weighted a mere 135 kgs (297 lbs).

The design was intended for civilian production but the start of World War II cancelled those plans. About all that is known post war is that one motorcycle was discovered, (possibly the original prototype) by US Army troops as they rolled into Munich at a German military installation.


Surviving photos show an American soldier posed for a picture with the motorcycle shortly after the discovery. It is assumed that the bike went home with the soldiers to the US.

The where-a-bouts of the machine are surrounded by controversy, but in photos circulating on the internet dated 2010 it appears the Killinger und Freund still exists.

You have to love that German Engineering and wish they had produced more, so we could at least look at one close up, who knows, there maybe a bunker full of them, buried deep underground that has not been located but- I can always dream.

This is one the coolest Bikes i saw in a magazine as a kid and thought that a blog today would maybe get your own eyebrows raised as mine was when I first clapped eyes on this cool Deco styled Bagger!

Maybe one day another will turn up and I sure I am around when it gets reviled as this certainly is a thing of beauty that’s for certain.

Now of course, if the GI on the bike was your grandad, start to look in the photo albums- you never know what there may be as a surprise!