New Rims and tires on my Thruxton and Now available to you!

Well as of Right Now- I am a Dealer for the infamous Canyon motorcycle wheels, these are the best in the Globe and fit so damn easy too.



These aint cheap and don’t expect them to be as they are Quality all the way from the tires to the sprockets and rotors.


I have fitted the TT wide set to my machine and am happy with them.

This bike now really handles well and having 5.5 in the back looks so much better, I for one like this set up as these sit inside the stock swing arm, so easy fitting and I am sure that you have to agree, they sure do look the part on this Trumpy!

I have New rims, tires and the hubs are offset as well as the sprockets, they all line up so easy and this really does transform the bike.

New Wave Rotors make sure that I come to a safe and controlled stop and nice to have that reassurance when the tie comes to rely on it.

I made a bracket for my Go pro and was amazed at how cool it actually recorded, modern technology really does rock!


You will also notice my Bash plate is my Own design and sits well in the Thruxtons cradle.

I also made a New Fog Light set up and that’s a really cool set up and in Polished Stainless steel too.

Yes, she has a nice wide rear and and I am stoked at the way she fits and of course it rolls into a corner so much smoother now.

Its all their the cool seat with a Compartment in the Cowl, the Fog light, the Bash plate and the New rear shocks, all help this machine get to where its going smoother and more stylish too.



Come and join us on under carpys cafe racers as we do regular runs to cool places and always great to meet new people.

This will be a pleasant sight for you as I enjoy my Thruxton and the twisties.  This is an easy set up for your machines and can offer a bunch of different set ups for your Thruxton Or Bonneville, just let me know what you are looking for and I will help you out.

Thank’s for looking at my machine today, still more to do as I hope to paint it Black next week, so keep checking back with me.


Until next time, have a great weekend.