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Practice and Race Schedule






This is the full qualifying and race schedule for the 2013 Isle of Man TT fuelled by Monster Energy. The schedule may change due to weather or track condition delays.  For up-to-the-minute information please check our facebook and twitter feeds or listen live to Manx Radio TT.

Further details may be added to this schedule as they are confirmed.

Saturday, May 25
18.20-18.45 – Solo Newcomers’ speed controlled lap
18.35-19.00 – Sidecar Newcomers’ speed controlled lap
18.50-19.50 – Lightweight TT/Newcomers (all solo classes)
19.55-20.50 – Sidecar
Monday, May 27
18.20-19.55 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20.00-20.50 – Sidecar
Tuesday, May 28
18.20-19.05 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
19.10-19.55 – Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all solo classes)
20.00-20.50 – Sidecar
Wednesday, May 29
18.20-19.55 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20.00-20.50 – Sidecar
Thursday, May 30
18.20-19.10 – Sidecar
19.15-19.55 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)

20.00-20.50 - Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all solo classes)
Friday, May 31
18.20-19.10 – Sidecar
19.15-19.50 – Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all solo classes)
19.55-20.25 – Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
20.30-20.50 – TT Zero
Saturday, June 1
15.25-16.15 – Supersport/Lightweight TT Qualifying
16.15 – TT Zero Challenge Qualifying
Monday, June 3
12.30-13.00 – Sidecar TT Qualifying
15.45-16.30 – TT Zero Challenge Qualifying
Wednesday, June 5
15.50-16.15 – Senior
16.20-16.45 – Lightweight

Saturday, June 1
11.00 – Dainese Superbike (six laps)
14.00 – Sure Sidecar 1 (three laps)
Monday, June 3
10.45 – Monster Energy Supersport race 1 (four laps)

14.00 - Royal London Superstock (four laps)
Wednesday, June 5
10.45 – SES TT Zero (one lap)
12.00 – Monster Energy Supersport race 2 (four laps)
14.15 – Sure Sidecar 2 (three laps)
Friday, June 7
10.15 – Bikesocial.co.uk Lightweight (three laps)
13.00 – Pokerstars Senior TT (six laps)


Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Full Roads Closure orders list here


There is nothing on Earth quite like the Isle of Man TT Races. No other motorcycle race is held on such a challenging track as the 37-mile plus Mountain Course with its seemingly never-ending series of bends, bumps, jumps, stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles.

The skill, bravery and concentration levels required are immense, with speeds approaching 200mph, and, while difficult to learn and even harder to come first, the rewards for winning on the world famous course are like no other.

No other motorsport event can boast more than 100 years of such illustrious history, rich in tradition and legends, and to have your name inscribed on a TT trophy is to sit with the gods.

TT racing captures the imagination in a way no other race can and its sheer spectacle and uniqueness ensures thousands of fans flock to the Island every May and June for their annual fix.

No other motorsport event attracts people in great numbers for an entire period of two weeks except the world famous TT Races, where fans can revel in the Island’s special mix of incredible racing and world class entertainment – and all set amongst the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Man.

Here you can find everything you need to know to experience the Isle of Man TT for yourself, whether you are spectating, racing or supporting the event in another way.

If you are considering a trip to the 2013 Isle of Man TT then why not start planning now?

You can start arranging your trip to the 2013 TT by contacting the official travel partner of the event, Regency Travel, today.

Plan your trip now by contacting the Travel and Accommodation Telephone Hotline on +44 1624 694 456 or visiting the website.

2013 TT Festival Entertainment

As ever there’s a packed programme of entertainment for race fans starting on the 24th May and running through to Sunday 9th June.

With ever-green favourites such as the Douglas Promenade TT Funfair, the Laxey TT bikeshow and the noisy Ramsey Sprint there’s something for everyone.

Download your full 2013 TT Festival Entertainment Calendar

You can also download the Official Events Schedule which has everything on one page. It’s easier to fit in your leathers but it’s not got quite so much detail.

Sidecar Parade Lap

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first ever Sidecar TT race there will be a sidecar only parade lap on Friday, June 7, prior to the Senior TT.

The parade lap runs 90 years on from the first race for three wheelers won by Freddie Dixon and his passenger Walter Perry on the innovative ‘Banking Sidecar’.
More details can be found in the official Isle of Man TT 2013 Programme

Roads Closed

It’s vitally important to pay attention to roads closed orders - if you are on a public road after it closes you are committing an offence – and you may put yourself and others in danger.

A full list of the road closure orders can be found here. Be aware they can change, listen to Manx Radio TT for up-to-the-minute information