3D Printed 1972 CB500 HONDA

Well, here we are in the wonderful world of technology and look at the latest creation of motorcycle design and form, a 3D Printed CB500 Honda that was all done by Printers, this stuff amazes me and just goes to show what can be done these days.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

Canadian artist Jonathan Brand has produced a full-size 3D print of a 1972 Honda CB500.

Jonathan first got into 3D printing around five years ago and had always wanted a motorcycle.

Brand has effectively married those two passions together to produce a quite unique piece of artwork that is sure to be replicated around the world as 3D printing really starts to take off and becomes more and more economical.

Countless hours went into programming the 3D printer which then toiled away at each part individually, a task that also takes many hours for each of the hundeds of the replicated components.

All those parts needed to be made quite small so Jonathan could use a hobby level 3D printer rather than a large and prohibitively expensive commercial grade machine. The motorcycle was produced using a pair of Ultimaker 3D printers.

18 rolls of plastic amounting to 18kg of material were used to produce the transparent looking CB500 which has been made as thin as possible from translucent biodegradable corn based plastic.

Jonathan Brand told 3Dprint.com, “If you have a lot of money, you can get a pretty robust and reliable printer, but the material still seems to be a limitation,” he added.

“The biggest problem I’ve had is getting reliable quality printing materials in the US.

“I’d really like to experiment with a resin based printer, but for now it’s just too expensive for the large scale work I’m doing.”

He is also firm that the machine is an artwork rather than an engineering project, “I personally think it’s art, because I have a lot of respect for engineers,” Brand said.

We think there is a little of both art and engineering in Jonathan’s project.

Check out the video below where Jonathan explains his painstaking production methods where it took him a full year working out of his Connecticut studio.

Just look at the amazing detail Johnathan has put into this brilliant piece of art.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

It’s a really cool yet eerie look at the CB500 and be great to have one of your own favorite Motorcycle to have on the wall for all to see and a lot less than say an Original Vincent.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand


Just amazing and am glad I have now seen this, be nice to have a look in real life as it were as there is so much to look at.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

Even the tires blow me away for the detail, this is just an awesome feat and cheers John for making me a happy chap on a Monday Morning.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

Love the detail on the Motor as well as the 4 into 4 exhaust system.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

I struggle to bloody print out order labels, so this is mind boggling to me.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

What a great way to start the week by looking at this great piece of art, and will keep me happy all day now.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand


I am not sure how delicate it is, it does look like it will break in a gust of wind but then again, from another look, I would of believed it was one of those Ice Sculptures.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

I love the Speedometer, tach and Handlebar mount, so real.

3D Printed 1972 Honda CB500 by Jonathan Brand

Just some super clever people out there and the wonders of the internet have now allowed us to see what really is being done these days.

So next time you have a printer that’s not knocking out your labels, sit back and think about it for a minute and you may resolve the issue, as It will never be as much of a headache as this must of been to program the set up on this cool 1972 CB500, Bravo Jonathan, Bravo!