59 Club Induction was a Blast!

OK, in a persons entire life, there are always the most memorable times in that span of living on this sphere of madness and that can be a birth, A death, an engagement, a marriage, a divorce, a House purchase, a new car etc, and Saturday 14th march was a ” Memorable” Occasion for me.

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About 55 years ago Now, When Father William ( Bill ) Shergold, started a small Youth Club back in 1959 at Eaton Mission in Hackney Wick London, with Reverend John Oates leading the lads with Motorcycles as he owned one himself and help from other fathers like Father Graham Hullett and Mike The Cowboy Cook, these people went to the Ace cafe and handed out leaflets to have their Motorcycles Blessed by these people of God.  I wondered if they would of even imagined that half a Century later, that little Club has now turned Globally and continues to grow stronger and stronger each year!

Image result for the 59 motorcycle club Image result for the 59 motorcycle clubImage result for the 59 motorcycle club
Image result for the 59 motorcycle club


And now that I have now officially have been made the President of this Club for the O.C. Section is a dream come true, I have a huge passion with Motorcycles, all through my life I was into them as my brother too. All of my mates had bikes and we built cafe’s to make them look different and handle well and now I keep the flame alive in the O.C. and the event we had on Saturday is a memory I shall never forget!

So on Saturday I got to the shop and jumped on my Triumph Thruxton and rode up to the Olde Ship Inn pub in Santa Ana to meet up with friends that are being patched in or will soon be in this Club and a great honor for me to receive my patch and jacket.


We all met up at the pub and California president ” Andre Pine” Rode up on his Trumpy, along with members of his Club from the S.D. Area, it was a boiling hot day, over 92 degree’s, something very unusual even for Southern California – I think the Reverends were looking down and smiling and wanted to make sure the day was a good one to remember.

Everyone met up in the parking lot of the pub and the Sun was beating down, for some reason we have some really hot weather thats 25 degree’s warmer than it should be, but that will not stop us from having this day and I was looking forward to the whole event.

There was an awesome turn out and great to see friendly faces once more as out brothren arrived from San Diego, they pulled in and we all met and took a couple of minutes to say hello, once that was all done and the sun shined harder, we escaped into the coolness of the Olde Ship Inn for some good British Beer and food.




Dietrick and Matt have a chinwag as they feel the heat of this unusual weather we have right now.


At least there was a Tree there to get a little bit of shade whilst we all looked at each others motorcycles and got ready for the festivities ahead.

Jose rode up from San Diego, this guy is a funny bloke and was stoked to see that he made the trip up to be a part of this super day.


Them skies were like that all day and long into the night.


Well I think the record is 45 in a Telephone Box but I think one more and we would of been busting at the seams.


Steve Fellon Gets his Patch and Jacket and deservidly so as he has made all the meets over the months and we actually rode back from Malibu when the clouds opened and hit us hard for a over an hour, so Steve has Earned his patch for sure.  Poor fella had to lay the bike over last week as some idiot in a truck pulled out in front of him and Steve could not make the ride, he was bummed but he can make the ride on the next upcoming event.



Andre gives his 59 Club Intro and speach and does a great job as always, Andre and I have become good mates and this club is just going to go from strength to strength as we have no attitudes and all have a passion for motorcycles and the lifestyle.




Well here we are TWO presidents in one place, a brilliant start to the day as we hang together in the British pub in Santa Ana.

I gotta thank you all for making this day so special as I will NEVER forget it.




The Olde Ship is a local haunt and what a great place it is, hope to be having a Motorcycle show here at some point and hope some of you can make it out here? as this venue is perfect for what we are all into and I know it will be a success.



Here I am, showing off my New 59 Club Official Jacket and was pretty overcome by it to be honest.

Scott th Baker, getting up for his patch and jacket on this fine weekend.

Big D getting all his stuff from the 59 club, a great moment in time to enjoy and be a part of.


A super afternoon with great friends and we had a brilliant time, the Beer was awesome too.

I love this pub as so many signs that remind me of back home and if you get the chance, have yourself a pint at this Classic themed public house.

Well, as the Sun started to melt the tarmac, we got ready to go on our ride as we have planned on a trip out to Cook’s Corner and then into the twisties a little, before heading to my shop for food, beer and a band with a DJ.


Plenty of Motorcycles outside and more turning up all the while. as we get ready to make the start of our ride for the day.


What a Great Turn out from Long Beach to San Diego, a really special time and am so glad we got some photo’s taken to always remember it.

Steve Fellon and His Girl, as Steve gets his well earned 59 Club jacket.





We stayed for a couple of hours, trying the local brew and having a little bit of grub, then we got our patches and had a small chin wag about the club, what it stands for and what we hope to do, its a big brotherhood and we promote everything about the spirit and Culture of the 59 club were ever we go.


It was so funny now I look at the photo, as we are leaving the pub not the Clinic !!!!!



Then we met outside for a few photos to show that we were all there for this great day and then ready to go for  a ride as part of the charter you have to ” Do The Ton” at some point, of which we all did and complied to the 59 club initiation.



Tomas broke down on hid 500 as the battery took a dive but with some borrowed jump leads, he managed to get it going but we took this oppertunity to take some photos as it got to 95 Degree’s.


Boy was it hot but we sat by the tree line for a while until Tomas got his bike going again.

Yeah its hot alright- you would think it was the middle of August as we were 25 degree’s hotter than Normal but we still wanted to ride.

Jose is all set to jump on his steed and get some miles under his belt in this Jungle type temperature.


Lined up at the side of the road but getting ready to hit the Ton and make sure that we comply with the charter.

Big Zach is all set to jump on his Candy Orange CB750 Cafe and enjoy some riding in the countryside roads. This was our first stop after doing the TON as we pulled over at Cooks corner.

Yep, it was getting hotter sand Hotter, most unusual weather but we ploughed on and a little later we were back on the road. We just regrouped at Cooks Corner and then headed for a little rip into the twisties.

Back at the shop and our litle clubhouse, Jenn got us a 59 club Cake and it was good too.

People pulling up as it was now 5pm and still bloody hot, but looking forward to the next part of the night.

Just some of the Motorcycles on the run today as we all hang out and enjoy food, drinks and a band to rock onto the night.

Stil in the 80′s people rest up and listen to the Rockin tunes of Buddy Lee and the Dungaree devils and boy were the entertaining.

Buddy Lee gets to grips with his guitar and playing an old Crazy Cavan numer for me named ” My Little sisters got a Motorbike” Classic tracks and they wet down a storm.

Yep, even cool sounds from this girl who belted out some cool classic sounds.

And Below!

Dan’O from the Dynatones gets all Pulp Fiction on us with a killer Link Wray track!

Below, an infamous fella here, the genuine Gene Romero the Flying Burrito came and stayed for the whole event.

Gene Romero’s career spanned sixteen years starting in the late 1960s until his retirement in 1981. He won 12 AMA Nationals throughout his career including the AMA Most Popular Rider of the Year Award in 1970.  He was one of the first racers to attract sponsorship to the motorcycling sport from outside the motorcycling industry. For one season, Evel Knievel was Romero’s primary sponsor

Gene, who is of Mexican American descent, was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1998.

gene romero triumphs champion122_0706_01_z+icon+gene_romerogene romeroGene Romero, Jim Rice, Dave Aldana

Gene has become a great friend of mine and he really enjoyed the whole event.


He chatted to all that came up to him, Dakota is chillin with him and my friend Lance here.

Get the Party going.As the evening cools just a little but with a keg on tap and plenty of soft drinks, everyone was happy.

Look Below, the Drummer of the band rode up on his Indian I love this machine!


Dakota and Toma the Handlebar discuss idea’s to change his CB500 Brat bike in detail.


Chips Harley was awesome too and cleaner than any I have seen.


My mate Chris looking rather Perplexed at the Festivities.


Shop set up for Flat Top Tom to spin some wax!



I have known Flat Top Tom for 15 years and was great to hear some classic tunes being played by this fella, thanks a lot Tom, great job.



We got many people in the shop for these great photos and as you can see, a great time was had by all .


A brilliant night and something I will never forget, I think that I will make this an annual event as it was such a great night.


The Lads- Big “D” to the left, then Myself, then Gerard, who is sporting his Cafe Racer Tattoo, then English Mark and then James , we had a ball!


We have great commeraderie and I always look forward to seeing these guys as we really have a fun and unique bond that makes everything fun.


Love Chips machine and it kicked into life and was great to see a few more 40′s machines here.

Feast your eyes on this Early Harley.


Classic American iron made an appearance too and loved it.

Some wrenching going on with Zach’s machine but he sorted it out.

Below, Chips hanging out and listening to some classic sounds.

Stepping back in time as Pearla stands in front of this cool 38-39 Beer Barrel Pick up!




Steve Dennish and his lovely wife carol came out from la Mirada, in there all steel, all real 32 Roadster with Daimler Hemi Motor, such a sweet ride.

Below is the BB machine that I have created for a customer in Australia, almost ready to ship to the otherside of the globe.

So cool to se people having fun and taking an interest in other peoples machines.

Twila Ingram and her T100 Bonnie as she gets ready for her ride to Long beach.



Lets pack them in for a photo opportunity.


Some more shots of the shop that people took for me.


The Cake was great and to get a cool clubouse plaque from back home was the icing on the cake!!!

The workshop where I do my stuff every day, people seemed to like the look of the shop.

The front will call area where i have some of my Tee Shirts and parts on sale.

The good old 500 pounder in P-40 colors.


So good to see people having fun with their machines and look forward to our next ride.


Come out with us if you are into your classic machine and love to go out and check cool venues out!



My Thruxton was so much fun today!



Yep, thats had the tires run off it and I am fitting new ones for him this week.



Twila’s T100 she has clocked over 4000 miles on it, in just a few months.


Zach’s trusty CB gets him all over the place. A big fella with a big heart!



Scott the Bakers Trumpy.




James Triumph hauls balls and is a sweet ride.


Big D’s machine has the best paint scheme I have seen.


Mark Bakers BC Trumpy in British Racing Green!



Matt’s trumpy and gets some miles on it too.

Gerard’s CB750 has now over 50,000  since i built it 3 years ago.

I am proud of this Club and hope at some point you lot can at least come along for one of our many rides that we have planned.

A big thank you to you all, but a very big cheers to Andre Pine for arranging all this for me to be president and of course, Nina, Jose and Paddy for riding up from San Diego in this crazy heat, Kirsten for bringing all the jackets and patches up, we love you so much to the Sandra in the 59 Club back home, I am sure we will make you proud and thanks so much for letting us be part of the History, lastly, to Pearla, Dietrick  and , Jennifer Sun my Girlfriend for helping me make this event come to fruition, a lot of time and hard work went into it but it was so worth it. Also to my Little Bully ” Bailey” For entertaining everyone.

Of course a huge thanks to Buddy lee and the Dungaree devils for their great set and Flat top Tom for spinning the wax, I hope to make this an annual event, so hope that you can make it for the 1at Anniversary?


Peace and Grease as always