59 Club Ride in the Morning!

Hey all !



Well, tomorrow is Turkey day, so- at about 7am we are going to meet at Alea’s Cafe on Miller and Miiraloma and have some Coffee and then sling our legs over the bikes and head out to one of the canyons for a couple of hours, all cafe style bikes are welcome if you have time, just wanted to stretch the old Trumpys legs tomorrow and then get back home for the festivities.

We are a fun bunch of people that have a passion for cafe Racers, brats and ton up machines that have that Old Vintage style of Great Britain back when the Ace Cafe was a place to race. We are not racing but just having a great ride into some twisties and enjoying our hobby.



If you are up for that, then come along as there is NO issue with us we love you all, its all about Motorcycling and I am looking forward to tomorrow.


It will be great to meet you and of course have a little fun on our steeds as that’s what it is all about eh?

You can check out carpys cafe racer meetups on meetup.com for any more info but its tomorrow morning and will be a tad cold at that time so make sure you wear cloting for cooler temps!