A Royal Enfield kinda day!


These bikes have really come a long way and that’s why we actually purchased one and in the last 2 weeks we have been changing a few things to make this stand out from the crowd, as this will become a popular choice I am sure.



We have already changed the shocks to our own style (available here) and love it way much better on the road and for looks as I just didn’t like the Yellow on the factory ones.

We shortened the front fender and took the silly reflectors off the sides, as well as then looking at the machine and decided to lose the big bulbous headlight and fitted our Classic chrome version (available here) and that’s way cooler.


As you can see, our prototype Megaphone is on the bike and I have run it for 159 miles with no issues, so now it is time to make stainless steel versions and they will be offered as Raw stainless or super highly polished stainless, either way a very unique look and sound.


This is a long stroking motor and when you run our system its sounds pretty darn cool, like the days of yesteryear.



We shortened the rear fender too and removed the huge Euro license plate surround and fitted our own and that’s way better.

Next up was to remove the big plastic turn signals for some cool steel/chrome versions and I am just about ready with the New Stainless mounting bracket that will be available next week.


Of course, I had to have some sort of pin stripe on the Red, just to break it up, and also painted the fenders RED to match and i think it works very well indeed.





we still had other things to do, I removed the stock Mirrors as they were ugly and the right side I couldn’t even see out of, so now replaced with our version and love these, available through us on the website right now.


I removed the safety switch from the bloody side stand as it was a pain in the arse to be honest and so much better now but i am changing- or-reconfiguring the side stand next week, so stay tuned on that.

Still more to do, as I will remove the Charcoal box at the front of the bike so this bike breathes a little easier.


She pulls pretty good and will eventually do some hop up on the Motor when she is all run in and I am happy with it, small steps until I get t know my way around this bike.



But I am happy with the outcome already and wanted to hsare some photos with you lot so you can see what we have created here at CCR.

Next week the Stainless Steel megaphone will be on and a few more cool parts added to increase the styling of this Red Rocket.


Many thanks for stopping to look at the bike, i shall be taking sme videos soon , that way you can hear how she is.



Enjoy your Royal Enfield as they are a blast to ride.


We love Our Royal Enfield Continental GT and we hope to be producing many parts for these machines, so stay tuned to the website.