There I was. a Saturday afternoon, and a Hot One at that, I had to go to the local box supplies shop anyway, once I dropped off there, I saw this cool Car show put on by the Aces Car Club and some cool rides to see for sure. Soon as I saw the 36 Ford, my jaw dropped, what a cool ride, so Dakota and me took a few minutes to take in the sights and the sounds of today, great little band was cranking out all sorts of cool surf and instrumental rockers to please the public, a very cool little get together and sure hope that they had a super day, you guys certainly know how to entertain that’s for sure.   Here are some photo’s that I took for you to have a look at.

The weather was perfect for this show and I sure hope many more people showed up to give a little bit of support to a cool and local car club.

Plenty to have a look at and a variety of models and styles, that’s what I like about the O.C. area, as there are many cool clubs out there with so many different styles.

I had not seen this ride before and always refreshing to have a look at other peoples rides.

More to this than meets the eye, have a look at the time that has gone into this, the Mill, the rims, the cool fire extinguisher overflow is just a neat touch to this Hot Rod.

Nice little 5 window just sitting in the sunshine.

The Step side is always a great head turner and it certainly turned my Noggin when I caught sight of this, a super cool shop truck, something I really dig.

Another really Nostalgic looking shop truck and plenty of people dug the lines on this fully fendered Ford.

Love seeing the old Flatheads and this has a couple of Stromberg’s that were gasping for air.

Small block powered Sedan looks to be a fun family affair.

Shoebox Ford looked very cool, lowered and sitting “Just Right”!

Wagons are coming back into Vogue again and this is a prime example.

 1960′s Falcon’s are always a winner in my eyes, I had a Falcon Ute in Australia and a 65 Ranchero here in orange, love the things, especially if they have a 289 in them.

Quite a turn out , for something that was not advertised and it was a great weekend for it that’s for sure.

I have seen this bombing about the O.C. and always cool to see it up and close.

Candy Tangerine is a cool color for the Custom scene and never tires.

Cool Band wacked out some great tunes in the heat.


Check this awesome 1936 Three window coupe out, it is just a cool late 1940′s Westerguard style Custom Coupe, completing this unique ride is the rare and muchly sought after ” la Salle ” grill.



The 1940′s Imperial Maroon color just knocks this out of the park for me.

The Interior really was like stepping back in time, the attention to detail was incredible.

The style of the body just sweeps and curves, I love the rear fender skirts and the added Hollywood Flipper hubcaps that really do scream Nostalgia.

 Henrys finest, sat side by side at this little get together- and so nice to see these great Marquee vehicles at one time and in one place.

The Dashboard is right out of a Dick Tracy comic, or from the Rocketeer.

This has more lines than a Coke addict and I am sure that you will agree?

 Another Iconic car out in the parking lot, but this time, a little later in the era, this was a tidy 1957 Ford Ranchero and gets to be on the road all year long, neat ride.

A five window now getting put together, I would dearly love to build a 5 window, I have had a three window but just fancy an unchopped 5 window coupe and I believe that I may build one in the next couple of years.

Yeah- Even the MAN above has his own car club !

A great little show and want to thank them for letting me and Dakota have a look around and share in their lifestyle.

Until Next year.

Peace and Grease