Anyone fancy a quick ride on Turkey Day Morning?



Well, I know it is a little way off, but Jennifer designed this great flyer for me and as Turkey day will be upon us faster than you think, I thought maybe a morning ride somewhere before I head home and celebrate the festivities of Thanksgiving.

This wont be a long ride but figured it would be a good thing to do to celebrate this tme of year, so if any of you know of somewhere intersting that we could scoot too, have a little break and then scoot back, I would like to hear from you.


This may also give YOU a bit of time to get that 2 wheeled machine up and running and give you a goal to head for, what do you think?


You can drop us a line at  [email protected] and we shall see if there is a small ride that we can cruise to and enjoy this time of year, weather should be cooler by then thats for sure!!!!