Bar End Mirrors for Royal Enfield Continental GT $99


Many people ask me about the stuff I do on my bikes and I tell them that one of the first things that get slung over next doors fence is the bloody Elephant ears mirrors, obnoxious looking things that are about as adjustable as Chastity belt.



So I took the stock ones off and have fitted our CCR versions and they are wickedly cool and I really dig the way they work.


3 1/4 Machined Aluminum, these tasty mirrors would really set off your Royal Enfield, or ANY 7/8 Handlebar set up to be honest.


The stock mirrors were terrible and could not even see out of the right hand side mirror as the perch is in the wrong place for a full rear visual.

These are really good and I have used them for over 100 miles already, a far better set up and More cafe racer to boot too.


Have a look and see what you think, these not are functional, adjustable and cool looking, they fit well and work and are great on this bike as this is my personal machine.


We can ship right away, but maybe check our other parts for the R.E. as we shall be making many more things.

These come as a pair and ready to go, you will love the ease at how these Mirrors fit and work.


Thanks for taking a peek at just some of our parts, we strive to help you the best that we can, this is not just a job, this is not just a shop, for me, its a way of life.


Grab these and you will be glad that you did and say good by to them Elephant ears, get ya skid lid on and go for a ride.