A fun evening that I was glad to be a part of as a few people got together for the first bike night up here at the In-N-Out Burger joint in La Mirada and I had a swell time swapping stories and checking out cool machines, I hope we see some of you at the next one soon?

This was the 59 Club O.C. section getting together and we are going to be doing more rides and hopefully some functions etc so come along and have fun, that’s what it is all about, no hang ups here at all and no attitude, all miles of smiles.

It was a great night at the infamous burger joint, all in all about 15 cafe racers turned up, but some declined a photo for the first time but am sure we can get them involved next time to show what cool bikes turned up for the Bike Night Jennifer, my Girlfriend, arranged for us.

A good night and for a change the weather cooled and we sat for about 3 hours just shooting the breeze and enjoying the sights and sounds of the machines as they rode in and then out.

I loved it and want to thank everyone that attended, we shall be going to the Old Ship Inn next time in Fullerton, jump on and then search for carpys cafe racers and join in on the fun night at a real British pub.

Here is just a few of the people that turned up. Cannot wait until the next time, and hope you can make it, bring ya partners too as it is always great to meet new people.




Below my Buddies CB650 Honda I created for him was great to see and hear.

Below is Steve Fellons cool  T-100 Triumph Bonneville that’s going to get some new cool cafe parts soon.


My buddy Dietrich bought up his Thruxton that has more tricks than a magicians top hat, great machine, Great guy too. And his girlfriend ” Pearla” was super fun so glad to meet you again.



This Fella ‘ Bare” is an Original and even though he is retired, bombs about on this Moto Guzzi cafe.


My buddy Gerard below, rode his CB750 Cafe i built for him 3 years back, all the way from palmdale, great guy and he has done 50,000 miles on this bike already.



Dakota Kai Sun rode the Royal Enfield down for this meet and had a blast.



This young Fella has recently acquired this trumpy and will be off to San Francisco next week, so a great ride ahead for him.



Want to thank  ADAM LAVELLE of  Loose-nut Photography for spending his time taking a few snaps. We always see him at the drags and a great guy if you want to get some shots of your machine.  Catch him here….


Lets get more people who really love their machines to come out and have fun and enjoy the same hobby as I do.