I am sure, like me, many of you have had a fascination of the two wheeled variety for many moons?  And today I thought I would just spend half an hour cruising around the net just to show some of the cool stuff that I dig and other people build.

I have always dug motorcycles for as long as I can remember, me and my brother loved them and still do, I just think that it is something that’s in your blood and no real honest explanation or theory can truly explain why things like this make us tick.

I wanted to see if you like what I like and throw some up on the Blog today and see if I get positive feedback, and I am sure I will.

Some will be modern, some will not, but some will be old with modern parts, I dig it all.


These are all very cool and of course, unique and has someones own styling to their machine.

Everyday I have something to do with motorcycles, whether it is designing a new part, polishing an old one, answering the phone to a customer that is stuck on their project, or simply me playing with my own machine in the shop.

There are so many people out there creating their own cool rides, and i love seeing it all, in any guise or form of repair.

Obviously, if you are looking at this page right now, then you are into it and into it deeply and I thank you lot for being as crazy as I am in the Motorcycle fraternity.

I am stunned by the cool styling of what people accomplish and love to share my interest with others as I believe we are part of a global family.

It is so nice to see many motorcycles being built from old to new, this keeps the passion for these 2 wheeled beasts on the road and of course, in the public eye.

So, whilst I am here having a cuppa, I am adding photos for you lot to have a beek at and see if anything turns your crank.


Every day I see a motorcycle round where I am and can see they have modified it from stock, that’s so awesome to see.

I will always be into these machines, too long in the tooth not to , and I sure hope it is the same for the many of you who are reading this right now?


many people would bag you for not having a Brit bike maybe 10 years ago, but things and views are changing as I spoke to an original 59 club member back at the Ace last year, Mark Wilsmore told him I built cafe Racers, he was all smiles, but then Mark said mine are predominantly Honda Fours.

His smiled went away and almost scowled me as he said they will never look like a Cafe racer motorcycle, so I showed him a magazine and on the front was a Cafe Racer that I built and I was riding it, he said. ” Now that’s a Cafe Racer” looking at me with defiance.


Well sir, I said, that’s me and that’s My CB750 Honda, he almost spat his tea out and now has a different view of the rice boilers.

So I am glad that many people look at the other brands of motorcycle that have been turned into a cafe Racer and look at it as if it were from back home in Great Britain.

I hope to finish one of my own and start to get out of the shop a bit more as i need to stretch my legs and get to meet a few more people etc. there are so many cool builders out there and love what they do.

I always stop and look at anything that has just come out of the mold or someones garage as I know how long, hard and frustrating it can be to create your own motorcycle.

Just enjoy Motorcycles and the lifestyle, you will be amazed how friendly people are.

For me, its the designing and also, getting something that has been sat many years and is a rusty and corroded mess, then transforming it into a head turning piece of art, It is a great feeling.

I enjoy watching all the tv shows and right now I am watching the T.T. as that just blows me away the amount of speed they carry in the bends and on the straight away, so all motorcycles I like but the cafe style is what floats my boat.

There will always be Motorcycles in my life and am sure it will be the same for you?


So enjoy these photos and keep doing what you lot do.

I am going to get back in the shop as I have to fit a Gas cap and lock on a Bike I am building and sending to Korea of all places.

I never know where a customer is going to call from, and I hope it continues, its hard work running a shop and you never really understand it, until you end up owning one.

Enjoy these photo graphs and I shall try and do another blog later in the week.