Hello Fellow Riders and Enthusiasts.



Well, Today is the day for our our meet up at the Olde Ship Pub and Restaurant in Santa Ana, and this will be a fun venue, as the Previous Meets were at the other Olde Ship In Fullerton, and even though that was great to meet up, the Venue was a little small for us, so Jennifer has got things organized for us to all be at the olde Ship in Santa Ana for 6;30 pm until maybe 9pm.




A super fun place, warm and inviting, as well as great Brit food and ale.



Come along and meet us and see if you would like to be part of this group that we hang out with, as we organize rides and hopefully events with many more idea’s coming up all the time.

We will also be going to Del Mar to the Flat Track races very son and hope we have a nice turn out for that, we recently went to a run up in the Canyons to Newcombes’ ranch and that was a Blast- with 16 of us heading out.


Then we have the Mods N Rockers event down in San Diego shortly and hope to have a contingent of riders together for that ride down and should be a fun and eventful ride and meet up as like minded people will be there.

So, if you want to come out to the British themed pub in Santa Ana, share a beer or a few stories and are into classic Style Motorcycles, then come along, go and log into and then in the search engine type carpyscaferacermeetups and our schedule of events will pop up.



This is a fun laid back group that vary in ages and of course are guys and gals so a great mixture of people.



We have planned a ride out to Big bear in the Spring and have booked a log cabin out there, so will have a BBQ there and stay over and organise a few cool rides around them sweeping curves as the weather should be spot on for that time of meet and sure hope that you can make it.

I have always had a passion for motorcycles, even as a kid in the Uk I played in the garage and I believe that petrol is in my blood. I love to meet like minded folk and its always great meeting new people.

What I love about this event and meet up is that we also have couples joining and that makes for some cool places to vist and stay, but if you find yourself on your own and have that Classic Bike, then sling ya leg over that steed and fire it into life and head on out onto the tarmac and come and see us, if you like it you may want to attend another event.

I am the president of the 59 Club Orange county section and we also have a meet up for rides, but this is for Classic bikes or Motorcycles in the style of Cafe Racers and we sure have fun in the twisties. No pressure and g at your own pace, but- we always pull over if you fall back a bit and look after each and every one of you all.

Eventually I hope to Organize a big rally  and put on live music and have booths with vendors to all share and enjoy the passion we have for these 2 wheeled machines.

Tomorrow, Andre Pine, president of San Diego 59 Club section LA and many more area’s- will be riding up to meet some of you too, a great guy and has as much of a passion for old motorcycles as any of us, so come say hello and have a beer with him.


You can contact me anytime on 714-996-4597 from 9am-5pm or call or text at 714-598-8392 and i will always reply, lets make this a fun, happening and cool place to meet and try and do a few cool rides, maybe even a Charity event later on in the year as that would be awesome to be able to accomplish something like that where others benefit.

Thanks for reading this, I know i went on a little bit but just wanted to explain what we are about.

Peace and Grease as Always.

Carpy and Jenn


  1. Olde Ship
  2. $$ • British Restaurant
  3. Pub with extensive selection of beer & English cuisine like shepherd’s pie in a comfortable setting.









  1. Address: 1120 West 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92706
    Phone:(714) 550-6700
    Open today · 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

If you need any more info just go on and look up carpys caferacer rides  and all will be revealed, or, drop me a Dime at 714-598-8392.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.