Busy day here at the shop.


Well its Hump day and I don’t mean making them cool Guilarri style seat bases either!

I have a few things to sort out but 2 bikes will be leaving the stable and I am glad to get onto other builds in the shop as that’s what we do.

So I thought i would add some photos of the 3 bikes that are getting the C.C.R. treatment and show them on here for you lot to have a peek at.

The R.C.Special is going to Texas and the guy is super stoked to be getting it, as this has so many tricks, it should have its own magic show in Las Vegas.

The other bike is the Cafe I am sending to Korea to Seoul, this has taken some time to get it right and the motor is a 915cc and should be a lot of fun for the Jazz Singer based in that part of the globe.


The middle bike is for the CEO of the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona and what started out as a 70′s chopper is slowly resembling a Cafe Racer motorcycle now.

This will be a fun ride for him and, totally different to the chopper that he dropped off.

All these bikes have their very own character and I enjoy creating different parts and sending new parts to customers so that they can change the look of their very own ride.

 These do take some time but- if you are playing about with your machine at home, then this is a great way to unwind after getting home from work etc.

I have plenty to do after these builds too and right now MY own bike is down, or should I say up in Sturgis. And if you can get to the show- you would dig it.

Ok, I gotta get back into the shop and get these things ready to ship,