Carpy’s Cafe Racer Meetups- First One on August 16th.

Welcome, Motorbike Enthusiasts!


Just something cool to check out.  Thought I’d schedule a meetup and go with other motorbike enthusiasts.

It will be a fun event to watch and , maybe  next time build a bike to partake in some oval track racing, although the no front brake rule is a little scary but its all the same for everyone.

So- On August 16th at 1pm I shall meet here at my shop at 3305 East Miraloma Avenue- Unit #172 and ride out to Perris Raceway to see whats going on there, hoping to have regular rides too, so keep checking the website for more info . Everyone is welcome, what ever machine they ride , its all good.

Hell on Wheels Hot August Nights presents:  Run what you brung flat track race. 

Gates open at 2pm, practice at 4pm.  Race anything!  Mini bikes, Scooters, Brake-less, Vintage: 1974 and earlier, Bomber: 75-80, Modern: 80+.

• East Side Moto Babes Ladies Only Race.

• Vintage Hooligan: Open twins and British singles.

• Pro Class: Flat track bikes and riders who actually know what they’re doing.

• Whiskey Challenge: Run What you Brung.

Spectators:  $10 admission

Should be entertaining!


Hope to see you at the shop, or at the event, drop us a line here if you can make it or go to our meet up site below.

Peace and Grease as always.