Chrome 4 into 2 EXHAUST SYSTEM for S.O.H.C. HONDA 1969-1978



What a Great start to the New year and here is our Latest Product from us at the shop.

Here we are with my New 4 into 2 exhaust systems, they are now ready to be Double Nickel plated and then they can be shipped off to anyone that has a 1969-1978 CB750 HONDA.





That’s the S.O.H.C. Machine to you and these are available in Double Nickel plating or if you want we can Ceramic coat them Black.


These are our first ones back from the platers and I am so stoked about these.

I am sure that you will agree, that these are really Nostalgic and suit the machine, especially a SOHC Model.

These are now available to you lot around the globe.

If you want a yesteryear look, these these are the puppies right here and now.

We are proud to say these are made here in the states and and none of that over sea’s issues with wrong model etc.
























These are a great exhaust and I shall be adding more photos as I go along, I shall also be fitting a set to my very own Cafe Racer machine so you can see and hear them as i fire it up and ride her around. We are very excited about our New product as the Mac style are OK but have no thickness and sound too quiet.


So many people asked me about this set up and I hope you like what we have done here as it took quite some time, once these are Nickel plated they can be shipped and that will be next week for sure, so place your orders as I only have 12 sets right now.


Have a look, you will see that these are all hand bent and welded, these take time to make but that’s how they did it back in the day and that is how I want them on my bikes and thought that you lot would also like them.

These will look in the same style as the Paul Dunstall pipes of the day and am sure that you will like the way these sweep upwards too.

Sturdy and hug the frame well, these also have a Brazed captive nut so if you want to mount your own bracket to where ever you can, it is there for you to decide.

Now, right now I have One set in Black that I fitted to the 78K model and you can use the main stand too and that’s a nice option.


Once these are Nickel plated, these will shine and look just like they were originals from back in the day, we looked long and hard at designing these ans fitted this system a dozen times until i liked the bends and the sweep etc and I am now pleased to say that this is how I envisioned these to look like. I am looking forward to fitting a set to my bike but they will be a Stainless set, but unless you have $800, we will only supply them on demand in stainless right now.

Have a look and see what you think, by next week I will have these Nickel plated and they will look great, but wanted to get these on the website for the New year and I have now managed that. I fitted these but painted this Black so you can see how they look a different color but this also is fitted to a 1977 CB750K and it fitted very well.

These are $499 a set and come complete with Nickel coating and the baffles as well, these will really set your machine off and we are proud to have these for sale to you.

Finally these are ready and I am happy to offer them to you, and yes of course we ship all over the globe too as we make all the other exhausts from cb350 up to the dohc 750, so keep checking our product lines as we are going to be making other systems too.


These Exhaust systems are ideal for you if you are building that Cafe Racer, Brat or Custom machine, or – just want to take your old rusty stock pipes off and have some exhaust that scream the style of the race track days of the mid 1970′s, and we tried hard to get these to look the part.

Please let us know if you want any more photos etc and we shall do our very best to answer all your questions. I am sure that you are curious now and as I said we only have 12 sets of these right now, we shall be manufacturing some more but have many other systems we are working on right now, including Royal Enfield too.

So- have a good look and remember, these are raw steel, 049 wall from cold rolled, but we shall be Nickel plating them to give it that Vintage look. These sit very well and give the Motorcycle a Racing look right out of the box.

We just painted these Black, so you could see them as a different color and they look pretty cool like that as well.


Also these are removable baffles too, look how thick the Aluminum end cap is. These are first class and you will see how well the systems are made when you unwrap them.

Shipping is about $45 to NY and FL and a wee bit cheaper the closer you are to us as we ship via FED EX.


OK, here we are with the Nickel plated ones and boy do they look great.

We will be fitting these to my main machine this week, that way you can see how they look and fit etc.

A lot of time went into this and I am sure that you will dig the look as much as I do.

We love what we do here and hope that you continue business with us as you have before, we enjoy making new friends and hearing of your personal builds too.