Classic Footage to get your Thursday going off with a Bang!

1962 was a good year for Ton Uppers and also, it was the year that I popped my head into the world, so I had to be part of the Motorcycle fraternity some how way or form and below you will see another bunch of Ton Uppers getting ready to ride with their Vicar and check the Main road out, No cars on the road compared to today.

Early footage here for you lot. This was just in Archives and no sound but great to see, notice not much traffic back then.

Rockers in leather, gathered in Henley on Thames town square. Riding motorbikes. In a photographic studio in their leathers presumably for a photo shoot. 1960′s

More Archives and some Ton Up riding.

Below, this Young East End Girl competes at brands hatch, good on ya Girl!

Ok, last one for today and goes back to 1958 and these Girls are racing their machines at 18 years old at the infamous Silverstone Racetrack.
As a Teenager in the 70′s I used to hitch hike to these type of Clubman races and dreamed of racing around, I never got the chance but funny to think I build racers now.

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