Cool Artwork by David Cran


Davis Cran is a great illustrator up there in maple Country, he is in Vancouver B.C. and I wanted to share this with you, I cant draw using a Computer, I have to d it by hand- but sure wish I could do Photoshop and illustrator, look at the great job that Dave has done on this CB350.

Top marks mate and keep it coming,.

Here is the website for any more info on him.



  • A cafe racer (/ˈkæff reɪsər/kaff racer) or (Ca-phay racer), is a term used for a type of motorcycle, as well as the motorcyclists who ride them. Both meanings have their roots in the 1960s British rocker or ton-up boy subculture, although the type of motorcycles were also common in Italy, France and other European countries. The term, which originally arose as an insult from motorcycle enthusiasts towards riders who they thought were playing at being a road racer but merely parked outside cafes, refers to a style of motorcycles that were and are used for fast rides from one transport cafe or coffee bar to another.





Just a neat look at a cool early Cb350 with Drum front brake .

Captures everything right.


Great detail he has shown on the Motor too.

I only wish I could do this on a computer or my Mac.

Brilliant job Dave I am well impressed with what you can do.

This is how he does it below.