Cool Videos that I dig

OK, every now and again I make up some cool listings of Music Videos that I personally like.

Now I know you may not like them all, but this is the stuff I like and gives you an idea of what turns my dial.

This video that’s now up is from Norway, boy- they have some wild women there by the sound of it.


Now out into the dry lake bed for some smooth Rockin Sounds.

Ok, time for the Reverend to teach you how to eat.

The Baboons with it’s Dark, I have no idea what the song is about really as the video is unusual but a smoth track none the less.

Junior and the Cell mates play a cool set of licks and sing great in English.

Now back to my Home Country and a fella named Ian Bowerman not only can play the guitar, he is a one man band and cam blues like the original Doctor Ross,Lightning Hopkings and Howling Wolf.
This guy is awesome to see live.
Check him out, he goes by the name of “Dollar Bill”