Dakota Becomes Double Champion !!!!

Dakota Sun Becomes  a Double Champion as he not only wins the Championship, he won the Final yesterday at Fontana.



Well, what can I tell you, they say you cannot get struck by lightning twice, well, there was a huge storm approaching on the Sunday and Dakota not only won this event, he won the championship -and was a few points behind when he began on Saturday, to become double champion is as rare as getting struck by lightning and, at just 20 years of age Dakota Kai Sun will have a great future in Drag racing- if he gets picked up by the big wigs so he can race all around the globe.

 20 years old and cant even go to the Bar and buy a drink, but lately he has had more champagne poured over him than Michael Schumaker.

 Numero uno- Thats the best digit to show and this kid has the best attitude in anything he does.

  Dakota looks on as he was on his A game and taking on all contenders when you are on fire- you are on fire.

 Dave  Miller and his Mono-Octo is one of the quickest bikes out there, just pipped at the light but this guy is amazing to watch!


 What Kota does best, on the line, waiting for the tree and if you lapse- kota will be 60 feet in front of you.


 School buddy Dillon helps him gets set and puts him on the line on the track, a great mate.


 Dakota has a great stance and is more focused than New binoculars!


 Staging lanes were over 100 degree’s but, a storm was approaching believe it or not!

Dillon Taking Dakota out for another round as today was Kota Kai’s day and he was in the groove all weekend.


 Look at them clouds, as gray as a summers day in England and heading this way fast!


 Dakota Suits up and in the hot temperatures the Organizers got them lined up as quick as possible.



 Dillon points the way as Master Sun gets ready for a Championship run!

 Dakota’s Mum- Jennifer- Always gives her boy a pat on the back and wishes him luck, it worked too!


 On the line and the Final as Dakota gets into it and takes the win for the race win, the event  and the NHRA SUMMIT Championship!



 The old man- Aaron “twist of the wrist” Pine gives Dakota a champions welcome as the bubbly flows on this super hot Sunday!


 With Massive thanks to their Sponsors-Lucas oil, Kawasaki, Penske Shocks, Muzzy Performance, Shinko Tires, MTC, MavTv , Dynatek, on another Championship team that loves what they do-especially winning and i have to agree, this is a winning formula, well done!!!!


With the ominous clouds fast approaching we managed to get the job done before any H20 turned up.



 Time to reflect, for me – I am so proud of Dakota Kai Sun and everything he does, he is a Winner in everything he does, he gives it 100% in everything.

Below How is this shot I took from my Phone!      School Pals doing what they love!




 We had a brilliant time watching these races and hope to see some of you out here, everyone is so nice and helpful, not many sports like that these days, so come and support drag racing and try it yourself, its addicting!!!!!


Below are some cool shots that Track photographer Adam LaVelle took, this guy is one of the best and if you need ANY photography done, this truly is the Go To guy at Loose Nut Photography.   Check his link!!!    https://www.facebook.com/Loosenutphotography


Below Dakota and his Dad get ready to head back to the Pitts.

A racing Family.

 Dakota and multiple Champion Tony Pellettera get it on at Fontana in over 100 degree’s.  Tony has had more wins than Tea Biscuit!


Both launch hard and they both Hook well, Kota just gets the deal done but these are all great racing friends and race all the time.



School chums Dakota and Gaige Herrera get into it as they have frequently and this time is was Dakota that took the win, these kids are the future and boy do they run hard!


There he is, your NHRA double Champion Dakota Kai Sun as he lights the Shinko tire up and gets ready to get another win at Fontana!




Grandma is so happy that her grandson took the Championship.

Then as grandma takes Dakota’s gaze away from people, the old man gets into it with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the win!

A great racing team and they get results time and time again. From left to right, BOB, AARON, DAKOTA and DILLON.


Family and friends all gather, as we celebrate the win, a superb day and something that I shall  never forget!

So-try and come down to the drags as it really is a fun family event.





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