Hey Gang

Today, Dakota is at Irwindale drags, he will be racing his 2013 Kawasaki ZRX1400 on the 1/8th mile all day.

We are about to head out there and give him some moral support, if you can make it there, it would be great to see you all as the track is superb for spectators as you can get so close to all the action.


I shall take photos today and post them later when I get back, so stay tuned and lets see if Dakota has a good meet.

OK, lets see, the weather was Bloody hot and muggy, it felt like I was in Florida and was sweating like a Turkey the day before thanks giving.


Dakota has a New tire, but this time a Slick, something he has not run yet and a New bike to boot, so this will prove to be a trying time right now to dial a bike in at a meet.

Out on the track, the temperature was starting to soar and if you were sat in the staging lanes, you certainly felt the air thinning out.

Once out on the track, Kota gave it all the beans he could, but the clutch adjustment wasn’t how they wanted it for the bike as the Slick made the gearing change, due to being 2 inches taller.

So it was back into the pits, tear the clutch case off and pull the clutch plates out and set it at a different percentage ratio and hopefully this will help the bike, anything New will and always will take time to dial in .

Aaron Pine- Dakota’s dad- then sprung into action, removing the clutch casing and all the crew helped out where they could to rectify this issue.



Back out to the staging lanes and into the hot Sun, and boy was it warming up there.

Now Aaron takes his Suzuki out on the 1/8th mile to stretch its legs. This was a shake down pass and he shook its wobblies off.

Next round. Everyone in the team helps out as there is always something to do.



Back in the staging lanes and Kota gets his first round out of the way, runs a 5.8 but not happy with the clutch again, so its back to the pits and try and get the adjustment somewhere that’s workable.


This all takes time and can be very frustrating, but- that’s drag racing and will always happen, especially if you have a Brand new machine.






Plenty of action at the track today and thought I would take a few snaps of other racers there so you can see what we do.

Kota was up again to see how he would fare, but the adjustments were still not bang on.



On the line and warming the rear tire up as he gets ready to launch. But the clutch starts to play up again and a frustrating day in terms of performance for his machine.


Dakota even gets in on the action and helps out putting his ride back together again.



The clutch was only Just holding up and may have to make a few more adjustments and change the plates- but you never have enough parts, how ever prepaired you are.

Kota pours his race fuel in so he can try and get through the next round.


Aaron up again and that bike is pretty dialed in over the years and dials his time right in.




All the lads have a pow wow to see who is gonna buy lunch today.






Aaron just checking a few things before he gets on the track and hoping for a low ET.


Brockman the Egyptian Profit, blesses the track for everybody today.


Dakota on the right lane and his Grandpop’s makes sure he is straight as an arrow.

I thought I would some more photos to show you what sort of day it was, but I really enjoyed all the racing that goes on here at Irwindale as bikes ,cars and trucks all run the 1/8th.





Plenty to watch as a spectator though. Check out all the rides below.


Gassers were there and I love watching these straight axles machines boogie down the track.


These things are super fast for the weight and you cannot help but have to watch these machines fly down the 1/8th.

Tri-Chevies have always been a favorite of mine as I had a 55 Gasser in the UK in 1996.