Dakota wins the final and the Championship !



Sunny Morning as we headed off to irwindale, to Support Dakota Kai as he hopes to wrap the championship up today, I am hoping to bring him some luck being My birthday also, so a positive attitude as we head out to the boondocks to get to the drag strip.

First up is Dakota in the left lane and his Dad Aaron “Twist of the wrist” Pine takes the right lane. both bikes are sponsored by Kawasaki, Lucas oil, Mav tv,MTC, Shinko Tire and muzzy performance as they take their ZRX1400 Kawasakis to the line.

Great little battle with his old man too.

Someone has to win and its always fun to watch Father and Son race against each other.

Below, Dakota and Troy line up and kota takes the win.



Next up is Aaron Pine and Tony    as they battle it out on the 1/8th. too consistent riders and champions at that.




Dakota sets up for the next race and feels pretty confident as he has just got the Championship.


Its on, like Donkey Kong, Dakota is up against Tony P    and this guy is as fast as they can be, gonna be a tight race as always.



Tony and Dakota line up for the Final, these guys are right on the money and this will be an entertaining race for us mere spectators, but this is a tight race and can go either way, if Kota wins this he gets to take home the Trophy but, he has Just won the Championship so its a win win so far.

In the Background is Brockman Roberts, the fastest Sombrero in town!


Here we go, sound up and watch the race.

Yep thats the time right there on the right.

What is that in Miles Per Hour on the 1/8th?

Kota on his way back from the final, the win and of course now the Championship, great job kid.


Below is kota as he came back and was as hot as a stolen car in Compton! As Tony Congratulates him on the win against him.

Dakota and his little brother Gavin celebrate, Gavin just won on the weekend in his little Dragster and his trophy was as big as him, a cool racing family.

Adam Lavelle of Loose Nut Photography has taken brilliant shots of the guys racing, if you ever need photography at an affordable price but top notch quality, Adam is the go to guy.


Grandad, Dad and little brother all take the shot to celebrate this great occasion, job well done!

This is the whole crew and they got the job done once more a cool bunch thats for certain.

Here is everyone that helps and supports these guys and I love attending and being a small part in this meet.

Yeah I look good in a Cowboy hat! LOL.




Cannot thank Lucas oil enough for sponsoring Dakota and Aaron pine, a winning Formula.


Here are just a few more cool shots for you to look at and it turned out to be a brilliant Sunday.

At the ready and dialed in.


Dakota’s dad Aaron ” twist of the Wrist” pine lights them up!



Dakota Kai obliges too.


Love ya dad- yeah- Love you too Son!


Hear the Rev limiter coming in, Dat Dat Dat Dat!

Kota takes off in the final as his Crew and family look on from the start.


Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!






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